Sunday, February 13, 2011

view from the top

After getting some interesting insights into the readership of this blog and how it has almost caused great deate. I've picked up a few things to try and make it even better. maybe a new poll coming.

Headed out for another MTB ride with the team today, led by locals Matt and Pete, two long 60+ minute gravel road climbs. First one was solid legs are feeling good, tried my best to drop Matt he was having none of it, saying he was in his element with the 29'er. I think that reinforces my latest decision ...

Quick pit stop in a town for a double shot espresso can beverage and back headed up, and up... and up. I don't think I have climbed that long since the last time I was in this state, back when v-brakes were still the norm. Awesome climb from the store to the top of the ridge was 1:20 of middle/big ring gravel goodness(very Pete Glassford esque) As we crested the top I was right on the verge of cracking, which I put it out of my head cause the last thing I would want to do is prove my haters right.

Started to head down one of the sketchier singletrack descents I've ever been down, like the kind you don't want to make a mistake on or you go off a cliff. About 9 flat tires later the group made it back to the vans. Close to 6 hours out on the bike about 4:15 actual riding time but still a long day on the MTB.

rest day tomorrow, beach, mini golf, coffee, the possibilities are endless down here.  

Max to party host
"Hey you guys having a party over there?"

Party Host
"No man, we're just livin"


matt p said...

what do you have against my blog? just sayin

Andy said...

nothing against it, just trying to get back up the ranks for referrals to Pete's.