Sunday, February 6, 2011


Is what i was saying while lying in a snowbank in Midhurst today after 4.5 hours today, 6 yesterday and 5 on Friday. Can't remember the order of things but lots of skiing snowshoeing and riding the rollers.

After the first two days I was going a bit nuts spending so much time solo, begged and pleaded and ended up Bribing some people to get out for a snowshoe today. Tristan bailed but he had some fish to fry so I can understand that. Tammy and Jer made it, Took them on a loop of some of the new trails I have found in Copeland. Including a nice romantic lookout looking over a swamp.

I said yeah just keep following the tracks which headed down onto the wetland, Tammy asked if the ice was good, I said yeah I was on it the other day. The important thing is we all made it out ok and only Tammy had wet feet.

After that I was on my own to finish off some more hours on the skis, about 90 mins into that my arms were toast and my skis weren't working well even by my standards. Called it a day in Copeland. Picked up Starbuck and headed to Midhurst for another snowshoe.

Solid three days, very old school type stuff and probably does nothing physically but helps the confidence heading into some hard stuff.

Pack tomorrow, chill out Tuesday maybe a skate, Beach house on the Pacific Wednesday.


Tammy said...

Do you think I'm Darth Vader? I'm flattered, sorta. Check the link from my name :-)

Andy said...

You wish you were as cool as Vader,