Saturday, February 12, 2011

one way or the other

Well after day one I knew that I would either feel much better after a few more rides or would fall off a cliff. The x-training hours seem to be transferring into cycling form quite nicely. So Tristan sorry but I haven't blown up yet.

Yesterday headed out for a MTB ride led by Matt and Pete, nice(yes nice) ride through some awesome trails. Turns out some of which are off limits to MTB's Scott Kelly took one for the team and had a nice chat with the federal park rangers.

Partway through that 3 and a bit hour ride the legs really started to come around nicely and by the end I started to feel like a bike rider again.

Today another road ride north up the coast and then inland towards O.J. Got my first flat in a long time, Scott was there lickidy split with a spare wheel and with some good pace line action we were back on the group in no time. Got to lay down some attacks on Shawn Marshall, good times. And got to see a(weird) four cop cars in pursuit of one Volkswagen beetle on the highway.

Another 4 hours in the saddle, stoked,  weather looks iffy next Wednesday and if it rains I believe Matt P owes me a foot massage.

MTB tomorrow,  good times