Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my reading skills would be off too if i went to SoCal and it rained every day

you know who you are.

 Made it home Sunday night via a shuttle sat beside a nice guy from Halifax, pleasant conversation regarding highway construction, trees, and the weather made the midnight ride much better.

Yesterday had my brother over for what seemed like a family day of sorts, not sure if that was a coincidence or not. Managed to get my road bike built and am ready to say yeah, round trip to LA, two bikes one bag, zero bike fee's, successful mission. Go Nighthawks.

Today I was still running a bit slower, I think the 36 hours in ten days is catching up with me. But I managed to get out the skis and head over to the shoe for a ski aka, ski for a while then almost have to walk through the sections of pine needles on the ground. Almost ended a few times when the skis stopped moving.

Made some plans with Tristan for a ride tomorrow sunny high of two no rain or hail in the forecast sounds like good livin.

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