Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I welcome all constructive comments

You asked and I delivered a freaking bear in the header and the cougar well that is my addition, while searching for these pics I realized that Cougars are much bigger than I had previously thought. There like 200lbs my confidence in being able to take one down if needed is a lot lower right now.

Solid day yesterday Tempo workout on the rollers, quick change and out on the skate skis, Benefit of being four minutes from horseshoe. Tempo was good better than expected and the skiing was awesome the conditions are finally getting good with the big groomer out now. Almost feels like I'm in a bit of a breakthrough phase right now, still a long way to go but feeling better.

Capped it off with a snowshoe last night from Jacob and Elizabeth's place, Explored some of the southern terrain I tried to lead for a while but the girls were having none of it and quickly put me in my place.

Active recovery today, got out for a snowshoe with Starbuck did some deer watching, Starbuck wanted to play with them but they just ran away. 

The upcoming events section is starting to be populated, non cycling events at the moment cause well, race season still feels like its years away. I'm going to take a stab at a skate ski race or "loppet" whatever that is. Sore thumb comes to mind.

Getting this posted up before the giant storm of the century of death comes from the USA. Or as Canadians sometimes call it WINTER.

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