Friday, February 18, 2011

I see where this is going

First off, I'm having an amazing trip down here, I really enjoyed the technical nature of the rainy ride the other day all I was saying was Matt and Pete  were a little misleading in their climate description of the general Area.

Wednesday night we had a nice team dinner in Ventura, good table, good conversations, Pete had a Scotch, which I'm not sure is Paleo???

Now to back up a bit, we got out for our last long dedicated road ride yesterday, trying to do the bulk of a tour of California stage...but we got a bit turned around and ended up in Malibu. I'm sure there are worse places you could end up getting lost like Phelpston or Dundalk. We then proceeded to book it up the PCH in a national team issue paceline. good times. Another Squirrel tried to commit suicide by running into our group heard a Tristan Spurr scream come from a certain rider who will remain nameless.

Recovery day today, spun to Starbucks for a pike and did a little AWI interview which wasn't great, not going to lie felt off today. All that media training has my mind going in circles.

One more ride tomorrow which sounds like it could be slightly epic and then home to start getting tuned up for the fast approaching race season. Look for some new additions to the calender soon.

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