Friday, February 4, 2011

Game face on

With Tristan killing it on the blog front its time to pick up the slack a bit. Starting to get stuff ready for Oxnard. Biggest pain is going to be trying to get two bikes down there, Personally we all should just bring 29'ers with a set of no I did not just say that, two bikes will be fine.

Wednesday was productive oil change, did some clothes shopping, while doing this KB bailed on the movie that night, still pissed I'm pretty sure she just didn't want to meet a bunch of spandex wearing cyclists. The search was on for another date. We'll leave that there. Theater was full and I heard they were turning some not to happy people away. Film was good, very well done, very in depth minus one big part of professional cycling, I was told to keep my mouth shut and not be so jaded.

Yesterday I drove all the way to Woodbridge to see Patrick, turns out he wasn't even working. Got some stuff squared away with Kev instead. Picked up a new 3/4 length freeride jersey with my name on the back, sometimes it slips my mind how awesome a team I ride for. Pretty much like playing for the Yankee's, 2011 gear is starting to trickle in.

Then continued east to Joyride for a while. Managed 90 mins on the xc loop didn't bonk this time, did hit the wall a few times but bounced off with no problems.

Home watched "Takers" not bad, Not great really just trying to be a "cool" Heist movie, but heist movies are pretty dope without young pretty boy actors in suits.

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Evan McNeely said...

I'll bring my 29er, and yes i am ready to take alot of "BIG" jokes. no slicks though.