Tuesday, February 8, 2011

blowing the pop stand

Yesterday was a lot of running around town doing some last minute shopping/banking/coffee drinking. Interrupted by having to push a dodge caravan 100meters through the snow. Back is a little sore after that.

I then settled into the process of packing two bikes up, have you seen Apollo 13 when Gary Sinise is in the simulator figuring out the sequencing for the power up. That was pretty much my night.

Took a break in the middle to Met up with the crew last night for a snowshoe in the forest.The crew was Lizard, Jacob, Tristan (still trying to put as much time in before training camp,he's going to blow up for sure) and myself.Snow was deep and the conversation was pleasant. The only thing missing was Spak,Tammy and Jer.Come to think of it I can't remember the last to I saw Spak....is he still around??has he eloped??Where would a Spak elope to?I'd probably say Victoria Harbour Or Coldwater....Gotta stay within 15 minutes of the motherland.

Jer and Tammy...I like your blogging skillZ (Please note the upper case "Z").What I dont like is you not showing up for my last snowshoe before I departs to the United States of America.How would you feel if his plane crashed and he lands in the ocean but because he is a cyclist his legs weigh more than his upper body, acts like a cement block and he sinks to the bottom of said ocean?I'll tell you how you'd feel, really offal. Or what if while riding his cross country mountain bicycle he came across a poisonous snake which was suddenly stumped by a mountain lion while on route to finish the job started by it's Canadian brother the Cougar. How would you feel then?I'll tell you how I feel.I feel like my mind has been bottled.

Got home finished up the bike packing, got my duffel packed this morning, spun the legs out on the fixie on the rollers and now im just max chillin as Ricky would say.

Looked at the weather in Oxnard, worried about heat stroke, 15 sounds bloody hot right now.


Jeremy said...

Did you just cut and paste your blog from Tristan's? Weak Sauce. You're officially on notice.

Tristan Spurr said...

My lawyers will be in touch.

row618 said...

watson- chown here

random thought have you seen the show firefly? It is really good
only ran one season then had a movie

if you haven't seen it watch it is very good ( better than BSG IMO)

see ya