Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time is flying

99% now took my first full day off yesterday in while. It was nice. Monday and tuesday weren't strenuous by any means but still felt a little tired.

Good snowshoe monday night after skiing during the day, Tristan had a brilliant idea to race up certain hills. Legs paid the price on that one, and netted me 0 wins.

Tuesday had me back out at Horseshoe doing a multisport or what some would call a tri-sport workout, Snowshoe with Starbuck, classic then a nice skate. An hour each, weather was super mild but the rain held off and made for some nice skiing.

Green Hornet last night it was in 3D, which i'm not a huge fan off, If I had the choice I'd stick to the old fashioned 2D. Hate the 3d glasses actualy gave me a dragons den idea but the idea of being shot down by Kevin O'leary gives me pause.

Tristan and Jacob got me out for a snowshoe in the Copeland today, figured it would be safer with all the wildlife.

Good Stuff

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