Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Good week last week, not a huge amount of hours but got out(or stayed in) everyday and got some good workouts in. After a 2 hour classic ski on Sunday legs had really "come up" a lot by yesterday morning.

It was a good feeling to be pretty tuckered again from training.

Had some timing issues Saturday I was supposed to meet up with Spaker for a snowshoe with the dogs but a crappy cell signal and poor planning(not on my end) had us chasing each other around Copeland.

Big group out last night for a snowshoe around wilderness, concerns were raised and the buddy system was adopted to make sure we all made it out. Legs were tired but I tried to hide my weakness as much as I could.

Skate ski today at the shoe, trail report said everything was open didn't take long to see that wasn't accurate. It was nice to see some new trail routings there, new climb on the west side. And a new return trail from the south side which puts you straight down a nice hill, pretty sure I hit a new max speed on the skinny skis.

Again feeling pretty doneso,

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