Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nothing has changed since my last post

But in case your still interested, hours are picking up on there own without much trouble, left hamstring is a bit tight when I get on the rollers I think that's from the classic skiing which I'm getting pretty good at. And my hip flexors were officially toast when I finished another classic ski today.

Got a 3 hour skate in on....thursday? Arms didn't turn to jello until about 2:45 in, so all in all I don't think im in too bad a shape. Going into the flu I think I was a little fitter so maybe that helped this year.

A couple classic skis in like i said, started from the 5th today, headed down to the "groomed" trail to find it was really just skier trackset and 4 inches of powder. Would not have been a nice day for skate skiing, other than being soft when you fell on your face. Skied the berms but somebody had beat me to it, I was grumpy after that.

Been watching the Tudors on the rollers, about to change it up cause nothing really happens, every episode is just this king being angry at everything.

I was able to wrangle up a joyride partner for tomorrow, really just want the company for the drive down.

After this fresh snow hopefully the skiing will be prime next week.

KB and I have crushed some harry potter, I think we've seen 8 of them which leaves about 13 to go, freaking thing never ends.

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