Thursday, January 6, 2011

Im man enough to admit when I'm wrong

Hey T-dog see this new post ........ point proven.

Those little dustings I thought would be the extent of the snowfall turned out to be more significant than I thought they would be. Almost brought out the snowblower but opted to work the pipes a bit and manually displace the snow.

Getting into a bit of a rhythm again days blend together but did some PGPD Tempo on the rollers which was good times, then did an old cardiac drift workout which I'm told is the stupidest workout on earth but I like and find it useful for getting in some quality time in.

Capped the week off so far with a 120 min skate ski this afternoon, conditions were the best they could have been with the still small amount of snow but still pretty decent. Did all that was open twice which was basically the north and west trails minus the big hills. shame cause I would have killed those climbs.

Big news, signed on with the Norco Factory team for 2011, no place I'd rather be, other than team AWI of course but I kinda have some issues with the CFO.

And they have cool videos like these made

Had the family Christmas dinner last night with my Bro and new girl, Amber, Stephanie, I can`t remember. Shes a hockey fan and almost cried last night, thankfully I`m more a fan of XC sking and had lots to celebrate with Devon Kershaw`s world cup win yesterday.

new years resolutions

1. Change the header on here to say something to reflect the full winter status
2. To win a bloody mtb race this year. I love setting records for most amount of 2nds and 3rds in a season but........
3.........ill think of something else


jvk said...

Watching that video makes me miss the green forest. Even when its raining.

velotaku said...

i think i can challenge for most non-win podiums in a season. Especially when certain unnamed national champions show up at CTS and pad their 1sts while relegating me to 2nd.