Saturday, January 29, 2011

9 days whatever

Tristan and I headed down to joyride last night along the way we both agreed blog expectations must go down in the winter, days turn into mirror images of each other.

quote of the day
I know there has been a lack of posts here, sorry, actually no I'm not sorry.
-Andrew Watson

- Jeff Kerton

-Andrew Watson

But all excuses aside, we got to work on the team for this year, jersey design is coming along strongly. It will be simple and ugly, were hoping for fluorescent, sponsors will include Zigs appliance repair(Matt its a tax write off) and Dunder Mifflin . Roster will be finalized soon, a separate blog is going to be set up for the team members to post too.

Once that was taken care of on the drive down we hit the xc loop for a while, did an hour on there, HR was jacked, probably something to do with turning and using more than just my legs.

Loving the new skinny lines, not sure if it means jack but my slow speed balance is improving. While there the 11 year kids who appear to be building the place put up a UCI sanctioned wall ride to be featured in all world cups next year, or so I was told.

Getting pumped for California, its going to be my first more than 2 day training camp, not sure what to expect, probably get my ass handed to me, I rest comfortably knowing I could probably smoke any national team cyclists on skate skis right now. I am further ahead of where I was at this point last year so that's a positive.

pick for the win today Nys, and since I bested him at MTB worlds I would convert that to I could most likely win cross worlds.....its simple logic.

Now I have to get Starbuck out for a snowshoe or else shes going to turn violent and eat one of the cats.

second quote of the day

"How far should I take him?"

"Until he stops"

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