Thursday, December 29, 2011

remember that scene

in Broken Arrow when Christian Slater puts the money under the rock in defeat? tried to find it on youtube but couldnt, anyways thats how I felt waking up yesterday morning to a nice solid amount of snow on the ground. Hardwoods open for skiing and i'm banished from the trails for the immediate future(though it is going to be 6 and raining on Sunday)

Week has been nice, just doing some random hours, some hiking, a ski today, ride monday night. Typical "do anything for 10 hours" rest week.

and a little editing, Tristan and I have started a production company called Spurrt Productions

our first film

have a few more ideas, hopefully we can get a couple more days of riding in.

But I cant lie my ski today was pleasant, knees are a little sore but thats why vitamin N was invented.

"That green blooded bastard, this is payback for all those arguments he lost"
- Bones McCoy

Monday, December 26, 2011

good tired

Wrapped up the first three (continuous) weeks of training that I can remember in a long time. Having white blood cells probably helps with that.

Confirmed its time for an easy week with an impromptu 14.5 hour sleep last night/today.

Past few days were pretty swell though, Saturday headed over to hardwood ski and bike for a little riding with Tristan and since Im a magnet for the new vr they showed up to do some shooting. One more appearance and they'll need to start paying me I think.

Had the GoPro on and got some great winter footage with the car kit as well, but need to get some software to edit it, movie maker is just letting me down. Guess you get what you pay for. Is this why people hate microsoft?

Yesterday while folks were opening their presents I was getting on my trusty EXC for a ride. Tried to explore a Simcoe county forest that Id never been in before turned into a crank the shield hike a bike coming out with burrs and my face cut up, a rear flat, and some trespassing. Noticed a couple fat bikers (fat bikes) have been in the Copeland, just when i get a 29er theres a new fad. And then saw a ninja with two swords in the Copeland as well. Great ride to finish off the week.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas,

oh yeah and give this a listen,

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry santa clause day

Well, maybe not yet for some, but since my bro is serving and protecting on Sunday we had our x-mas dinner today.

Had a great ride in the copeland to work up an appetite, Turned into a bit of a fortress of solitude ride, had plans with T-dog for a HH ride but that fell through. Headed out by myself into the hoarfrost covered forest. Wouldn't have been great company anyways. After an early bail I fell into a rythem of gliding through the singletrack on my 29er, I kept finding myself deep in thought then before I knew it I was on the other side of the forest without even remembering how I got there. 90 minutes felt like nothing.

good ride followed by better eats,

in conclusion,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

Thursday, December 22, 2011

learn-ed how to embed so this means more routes posted here

Nice road ride today, legs felt great no fatigue from yesterday. HR was low, so i'm probably more tired than I feel but I've only got three more days for this training block so thats to be expected.

followed up the road ride with some specific time on the rollers and some core.

Weather continues to boggle the mind, so much so that I have now seen it all, with Hardwood ski and bike opening back up for mtb'ing, have a ride date with T-dog there for tomorrow.

keep crushing, oh oh, almost forgot keep an eye on the team (awi) site there's some big news about to drop. Prez has been busy recruiting.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

what i would have done today

Tied a GPS to a homing pigeon and it came back with this route, I wouldn't dare do this as a ride without inviting Pete.

Would have been an awesome ride especially considering its the shortest day of the year, I think I probably (would have) rode for almost half the daylight hours today.

Would have also been awesome if Jer, Brando, and Jakob came out for a bit too in the copeland. The ground was more than likely frozen solid which made for some pretty awesome singletrack ripping.

I can say that yesterday I finally got sidetracked off my training plan, partly due to distractions and time management gaffs. Actually entirely because of that, but my ex future sister in law stopped by for tea, which was pleasant. Managed 33% of my planned hours.

Really tired for some reason, need a pre dinner nap, almost like i rode for 5 hours in freezing rain and over 75%(time) in singletrack. But I didn`t.

Seems like the biggest thing to figure out next season is whether to do the centurion, crank the shield or the world 24 hour championships in Canmore. of course there all on the same weekend. Had some (1) feeler regarding the 24 hour worlds, but CTS would be tough to miss.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

is your foot wet? Ill tell you in a minute

Great weekend to finish of another solid week back at it. Got in all my hours with only one deviation for meteorological reasons.

Did a tempo set yesterday on the rollers, zones seem to be dialed. Solid workout, lower end of the power zone but higher end of the cadence range. Re-viewed the Adjustment Bureau, Ill be crushing some PG tempo in no time.

Fueled up at Loobies for dinner where the waitress now knows my "usual" greatest eatery ever.

Got in a great MTB ride today, route displayed in picture form below. Headed out early(by AWI standards) then met up with Jer and Spak (wont embarrass the softies for bailing) for a nice jaunt, hitting all the good climbs & dh's even if it was contary to popular opinion.

After dropping the short course riders off at the cars I headed further south to sugar bush and the 7/8th line trails, a fair bit more snow than Copeland. I hit "Glassfords stump" which I thought was going to end my ride but managed a trailside fix to keep going.

5 hours later rolled back into town. Thanks to Jer for my early x-mas gift some super high calorie sugar waffers which I demolished on the ride.

"Well we can go down the berms or the 5th line descent?"
- Ride leader

"I don't know, the 5th might be sketchy today"
- Spak

"5th it is"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Couple good days leading into the weekend, wednesday I got my prescribed 3hour ride in, got rained on at the end of the ride, but it was december 14th so ill accept that.

Hit up a sushi feast and some twillight action with k bolts, sushi was amazing, twillight....not so much. Actually the theater erupted in laughter more times than i think the director/writer intended with some of the cheese being spread around in that film.

Yesterday(thursday) had the day off to give my legs a break. Got board and invited out for a I went. Kept it chill and set my hr alarm. I couldnt pass up the 15-20 degree warmer than it should be temperatures.

Coach was angry but we changed my schedy around and took today off,

On to more important seasonal matters golden globes noms came out, stoked to see Ryan Gosling nominated for two awards unstoked to see that his role in Drive wasnt one of them boooooo.

A couple long rides on deck for saturday and Sunday,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I hate to brag but......

"Heard Geoff Kabush is riding for 3Rox Racing....actually I haven't heard that but I've heard everything else so I figured I'd throw that one out into the rumour mill.

Andrew Watson, December 8th(should have put money on it)

K enough gloating, solid few days on the training front, Sunday HBCC crew hosted us "barrie crew" in a nice guided tour of the dufferin trails north of the Mainsfield outdoor center. Though for some reason Tammy and myself spent the most amount of time on the front of the ride. Followed the when in doubt just go straight method. Thanks to Pete for the invite and ride organization.

Yesterday, busted out some core and strength work with a warmup on the rollers in the AM. Core is going well, already started to up the anty, with more challenging excercises. Surprising how fast the progression can be from abs of mush to abs of jello.

Last night got out for yet another December Monday night ride. Perfect riding conditions. Ground is frozen solid, and little dusting of snow. Great ride, followed by some Macdonalds.(i go for the ambiance of renovated location)

Today was an always dreaded 20 min power test, to get my zones all set for the next while. Sucked as much as i thought it would, but the number came out have decent. I will say the wireless headphones were a wicked idea, just cranked a playlist off my ipad. Way easier to concentrate without the noise of the headwind fan.

also looks like my cts partner and I are going to have some solid competition for next year.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The first week of 2012 is coming to a close, happy to have it go well. Shouldnt talk to soon, but I think tomorrow should be quite pleasent. Got an invite to go explore the dufferin forest trails with Pete, hopefully he gets his bike tuned up tonight......

Yesterday was an easy inside day working out on the ball, and rollers for a bit.

Got in a solid mixed ride today, some road, doubletrack, and singletrack. Passed some people hiking with poles, they gave me that "your having more fun than me so im giving you a dirty look" look.

Need to hash out some new goals for next week now. To get a test on the books is one ill be aiming for. Gringe.

Also may have signed up my second coaching client.

Food saturdays, homemade butternut squash soup mmmmm. Id share the recipe but its a secret.

Stay excellent

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Steady as she goes

Back at it, goals for this week are
- To exercise everyday, body break style
- Follow my plan,
- Go easy on my knee

Need to keep reminding myself its December and I'm already better off having not ridden myself into the ground through November.

So far so good, riding is going well, and incorporating some x-training into the plan as well.

Got out this week on Monday after missing the previous week, I was on a real streak there having not missed one since August.

Highlight so far was the ride today, 29'er pure mtb no road, added to the magical loop I've put together in the Copeland, 2 climbs yet 3 awesome descents. A little bit of snow on the ground made for some nice cushy riding.

Tuesday was the BCC AGM, I passed the torch to Ben Ricetto who will be doing the clubs communications, So look forward to him spamming you, not me(if your a member)

Weather looks nice for some more riding into next week with highs in the +'s and temps barely dipping below zero overnight.

Saw Hugo last night, Horrible, almost left, hints of greatness but never delivered.

Heard Geoff Kabush is riding for 3Rox Racing....actually I haven't heard that but I've heard everything else so I figured I'd throw that one out into the rumour mill.

Music Thursday's

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gold jacket, green jacket who gives a..

Global warming, climate change, or just mild weather, I dont care what its called Im gonna enjoy it. Singletrack ride in copeland today was decidedly pleasent today.

Met up with Tristan, my knee popped on my first pedal stroke but then felt 100% just like when you crack your neck or back and its such a relief.

Tristan and Jacob got the idea to try and run a marathon without any running training to see if it was possible, turns out it is. Tristan was a little sore today so the pace was moderate.

Going hunting tomorrow for a xmas tree, hopefully gonna bag a nice one.


Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well i had to step away for a bit in an effort to keep this thing positive. But im back now, im sure you missed me.

Still icing the knee, popping naproxen like candy, and crushing some glucosamine and condroiten. but it has gotten a fair bit better with the time off the bike.

I did cheat a little and rode last Friday afternoon. But Karma caught up with me with a jammed chain, and a minivan rescue from Pine ridge. After my riding buddies, Tristan, Jeremy and Brandon just looked at my jammed chain and said "that sucks" and kept riding. Jerks.

Long hike in the snow today with starbuck, not snowshoe depth yet, followed by a spin on the rollers, finishing "The Sandlot" great flick for the rollers.

"Michael Squints Palledorous walked a little taller that day. And we had to tip our hats to him. He was lucky she hadn't beat the *crap* out of him. We wouldn't have blamed her. What he'd done was sneaky, rotten, and low... and cool. Not another one among us would have ever in a million years even for a million dollars have the guts to put the move on the lifeguard. He did. He had kissed a woman. And he had kissed her long and good. We got banned from the pool forever that day. But every time we walked by after that, the lifeguard looked down from her tower, right over at Squints, and smiled. "

Last night I headed down to Guelph to meet with my fellow members of the OCA events committee. Good meeting, got a lot accomplished, obviously cant say anything as its not set in stone or public yet so don't ask unless your bearing beer.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Putting the give back in xmas

Second attempt at this entry as my laptop got a little wonky. After checking out the deals at the VIP Sale at future shop, mmmm, airs are on sale.

No big purchases but I did pick up a set of cordless headphones for the rollers, apparently blasting battlestar to get over the noise of the krietler fan and flywheel while crushing some tempo isnt cool

Then went to walmart and filled two shopping carts with toys to donate, the family got tired of buying each other gift cards to the same stores. Figured this was a better Way to get into the xmas spirit. Dropped them off at the fire department. Hopefully they make some kids christmas's better.

"My first copies of Treasure Island and Huckleberry Finn still have some blue-spruce needles scattered in the pages. They smell of Christmas still."
~ Charlton Heston (1923- ), American film actor."

(i know there should be a second year there, but i like it better this way)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Got a little chilly coming over the pass eh Harry.

And by pass I mean the last 48hrs, the mercury has dropped below 0 overnight. But has warmed up by the afternoon

questionable quoting but Pete is back in the good books with his tales from Sunday.

Hit the road yesterday for 90 minutes on the winter bike, fenders weren't needed but wanted to make sure it was all ready to go. Nice ride, saw a giant cat near the copeland, but it was just a big cat not a cougar. Are people just seeing that cat??

Then got in the usual Monday evening "ride" this week to make it interesting we played the no light game, where the 3 guys ride in front with no lights and only the guy at the back has his light on, its fun.

In the spirit of hitting the bricks, partly cause ive been told im fat which was confirmed with the scale cracking 140lbs. I headed out for a 2.5 hour endurance ride today.

Just crushing miles, partway through got stopped by the new VR to do a roadside interview on rural road speeding from a cyclists perspective, he said he was super lucky to catch me as I was probably the only guy crazy enough to be riding today. I made a crack about their forecast(it was supposed to be sunny today) which he quickly admitted to be sub par.

Tune in at 6 tonight for that.

also spotted Jack out secret training on Roller skis, guess he took a break from sacrificing small children to the snow gods.

Rest of the week thru Saturday is looking saaawwwwweeeeetttt.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

out of towner

Another Sunday another awesome group ride around oro. We got adventurous today and left the confines of the Copeland to link in the sugar bush trails. Only made one slightly wrong turn.

Had the great pleasure of Pete Glassford joining in, which turned into a lesson on how to fix a chain and turn a bike into a two speed after his cable snapped. Props for that "tech tuesday" how to??

Last day of non structured non training, from now on head down, not looking back even if I'm dropping people.

Cooling down but the weather still looks like its favoring the wheels instead of skis for the next couple weeks.

racing news: Sudbury finally gets their o-cup, the cynic in me thinks it will be awesome, right up there with Calabogie and Elliot Lake the two best race courses in Ontario History*. But last two years after low turnouts I'm hopefully wrong. (sorry for being negative)**

*History being since 1996

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New/rebuilt bike day

Nothing better than putting the finishing touches on a new ride, even if that new ride is a bike youve had for years.

Some new bar tape, cable here and there, swapping out some fully worn out parts for 75% worn out parts. And presto a winter bike is ready for another season of salt, sand, ice, and snow.

One hitch is the cranks im running come complete with seized on worn out eggbeaters..... Awesome. Ran a single 42 last season with a MTB cassette, uped it to a 48 for this year. Other changes include a v brake up front, and an ergo bar. #frankenbike

New old bike days are the best,

Friday, November 18, 2011

have to say it, Goodlivin

yeah, really been trying to cut back on sayin it but today was so much of it. A dusting of snow overnight, a sunny beautiful day made for an awesome ride.

Jer says I was riding on the road and dived into the woods to take it, yet clearly was taken at a bridge crossing deep in the secret forest. Something for everyone today even crossed over some ski tracks. Eager beavers those skiers.

Weekend is shaping up nicely, road tomorrow, mtb sunday is the plan.

Technology: figured out how to get a tv show off my PVR onto a DVD, google can solve anything if asked.

Reading: Article about Leadville written by some joker in Canadian Cycling magazine(which also has a small photo and blurb about the hill climb shenanigans)

TV - Dexter is rocking this season with Mos Def, Eddy Olmos, and Colin Hanks as quest stars.

Film - looking forward to viewing the new HP, and yes also the new twilight, AWI endorses team Jacob. Even after my favourite author said recently "Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend"

procrastinating: getting my snow tires on, getting my winter bike ready, waxing my skis, buying my ski pass(&deciding where to ski this winter) really anything winter related.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well as I expected that snow was a little bit uneventful. That said the day was filled without exercising, headed to Newmarket to visit some family.

Reading: Sean Ruppel wrote a little article about the trails in and around Durham. Makes me miss racing in the area there were some great races held around there, Icebreaker, the Dagmar derailleur destroyer, Skyloft oh how I miss Skyloft.

Learning: Got educated on ``Spooky action at a distance``, stuff is crazy, Quantum mechanics is nuts.

more later


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feuding left and right

New feud brewing with McNeely, see his blog to get the details.

For the record I think the hammer and anvil races this weekend will be awesome. Im not attending but to be honest if provincials were held in Craighurst on Saturday I wouldnt race them. I was looking forward to heading to Ottawa for the race but its just not in the cards this year.

Instead I`m just doing some nice rides followed by lots of stretching and icing the knee. Followed by an nice application of tiger balm. AWI physio.

Cant not ride when the weather and trails are in such good shape right now,

Managed to squeeze a ride in yesterday, got lost on a new doubltrack that I found and then had to book it back at race pace to meet KB for a sushi sesh, mmmm good. Followed by a mall sesh where I was pleased to find an awesome new candy store.

Today, guess where I rode, you`ll never guess, Great ride,

a little snow for tomorrow, but looks like a few more weeks of riding still.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

waitin for the furnace guy

Just chillen like the title says. Beauty day out, was hoping the furnace repair man would be here by now so I could get out.

Lucky you,

so last night in the spirit of our founding Monday night something principles, where it doesnt' really matter what we do on Mondays as long as we get together and prove we are better than one another at certain things.(run on sentence) the new thing now is to one up our entrances, last night was no exception with an amazing pyrotechnics/stunt driving/burning car display. Well planned, execution was adequate, but after taking into account is was a tag team effort, I believe I can one up it next week.

oh and the ride was good too, not that it matters. Brandons tire exploded so loud my ear is still ringing, before I said I had a tube he was turned around heading home. I was missing Tammy, my new 29er buddy, instead I was outnumbered and heckled to no end.

plans are taking shape for next year, and by taking shape I looked at a calender and said "oh yeah next year"

Exciting news sounds looks like Ned Overend is going to be at the 24 hour summer solstice, (not confirmed just a hunch)

Adam Jamieson has joined team CHCH down in the Hammer, good news there.

Nice day outside,

oh, signed my first coaching client, he may want to remain anonymous for now, gave him his first training schedy, I think it will go well.

McNeely is trying to start twitter fights, challenging T.O. riders to come to Ottawa for cx provincials, I refrained from letting him know about 10(maybe 20) riders came from Ottawa to do them at Kelso last year.

k, starbuck is about to kill me if I dont take her outside.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13th still Crushin sweet singletrack

A little under the weather yesterday, so when i awoke this morning feeling a lot better I was keen to get riding.

Tdog, tammy and jer made it out, while others slept in and missed it. Cough parker cough

Solid figure 8, hit the best trails with a minimum of climbing, thought we were done when Tammy said nope had to do more, another few km of singletrack and we were back at the cars. Her coach would be proud, though we did lose her and had to rescue her.

Hoping this weather holds out some more, skis are perfectly happy in the crawlspace, actually come to think of it im not sure where they are.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thats the image that popped in my head while trying to remember why my knee hurts. I had a little tumble on wednesday, which i blame on my 29er, as i thought it would be impossible to crash it. never thought much of it but now the knee seems angry.

Should i take it as a sign? Maybe,

Woke up to more snow than I thought would be on the ground and doesnt seem to be melting at all. Starbuck was stoked to get out there so we went for a hike over at the sports complex to minimize chances of being shot,

Looks like a nice weekend so the snow shouldnt stick around to long. Planning round two of a copeland ride this sunday, had to make some heavty promises that i would show up. Might lose my 8/9 hour partner if I dont.

saw a deer on the tracks today, interstingly enough i didnt have an urge to pull out my gun and shoot it. But to each his own dont want to anger any cyclists/hunters who may read this. Dont want to lose 35% of my readership.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still blasted

Nice ride yesterday in the copeland, found a bunch of trails had been raked, post ride headed to Silks for a copeland forest mtb user group meeting of the world. Awesome group of vastly different people who all share a love for the forest. Not sure exactly where it will lead but cant see anything but positive things from it.

I also promise ill never try to sell you my used shorts and skinsuits, even if its simply to prove a point.

Tristan is full on training again, and on the blog bandwagon again, sounds like there was a reason behind the madness of monday evening.

Pete G and I are feuding,

I know im forgetting something,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shoxs, pegs, lucky

Two posts in a day, maybe your the lucky ones.

Legs being as thrashed as they are, taking the day off the bike.

Gave my Threshold some TLC, and thought I should share some of my thoughts, an "inside the Pro's bike" if you will. Or an inside the "4th runner up at CX Nats bike"

Its my first season on a carbon cx bike and its pretty much what I expected, refined would be the best way to describe it. Rides smooth but yet very stiff in the BB area for some great power transfer. Which is the major benefit of going carbon, not only is it lighter but the engineering that can go into is immense. Thinking if I should just use this as a road bike next season seems to have the right ride qualities.

The front end is also very crisp, with its oversize fork, turns are precise and braking is no problem with no brake chatter whatsoever. Confidence inspiring.

Another awesome feature with this frame is the singlespeed ready nature of the dropouts, swap out the stock ones for horizontals and you can even set it up with a belt drive as the frame opens up.

Used a very simple tried and true setup, 9 gears, 42 up front,with FSA carbon guards, and a 12-25 on the rear. Still have yet to spin it out, however a 27 on the cassette may have come in handy Sunday. Ultegra all around except for a 7800 dura ace crank. Using my trusty ultegra hubs to Mavic Reflex tubular s with Rhino's. And Empella Frogleg brakes, or "slowers"

Pretty awesome bike and starting at 2350 for a Threshold 2, that's a better price tag than just a carbon frameset from some other manufactures.

Its been a pleasure to ride it this season, actually just looking at it was a pleasure.


Nice ride last night, I won the "best entrance" competition with a very artistic rendition of "my bike is on fire". Worst part was hiding in the woods in the pitch black worried about being eaten by a cougar or bear. Plan went off without a hitch, pretty sure I should be a stunt man.

The ride was nice, pace was high but I had a smaller gear than a 42-25 so I was happy spinning away up the climbs without my back breaking.

Hopefully have a few more Monday night rides, before strapping on the snowshoes.

Also starting to wonder about cx worlds, now I most definitely wouldn't want to assume anything based only on a top 5 at Nationals. As its only one race, but I wonder what the criteria is? might look that up today.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Got schooled today by the Evans, or as they apparently like to be called the bash brothers.

I'm using the excuse that they only raced 50 minutes yesterday. My race was decent for the first couple laps but that hill finally conquered me and my back, my 42-25 crushed me. The venue was pretty quiet, as soon as we started Ziggy started taking down the course.

Stuck with it and tried to enjoy the fun sections as much as possible,

Highlight of my day was actually pulling of a jedi mind trick for a free tall Pike from Starbucks after sitting in park engine off at the drivethru window for 15 minutes. When the nice young lady came with my black coffee I said "Im not paying for that" She said OK here you go sorry about that. Gotta try that more often.

Really looking forward to not driving to Toronto again tomorrow.

Just crushing some MTB miles

"these aren't the droids your looking for"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

4th nats of the year,

Best one yet, results wise at least, my 39th TT was my favorite Nats this year though.

Who had me in 5th, Moote? someone had me down for that, guess what you win a prize*

So another great day for CX, warmish, sunny, nice day all around. The plan to head down yesterday paid off nicely with a nicely timed arrival at the course. Not enough time to get cold.

Warmed up on the road, a little preview of the course and lined up. Ok start better than last year. Still in a bit of traffic heading into the woods.

Chased up to the lead group, twice I had to chase back on when the last person on fell off, used 3 good matches, finally got into the mix, rode past Shep when he ran the steep pitch. and 20 seconds latter I was tucking and rolling into a conveniently placed sign which arrested my decent.

Got back on losing the lead group which I would never see again. Settled into my own groove for the rest of the race which was nice, I was able to just relax where I wanted to relax and crush where I wanted to crush. Moved up a couple spots in the latter part of the race.(fueled by a generous Kit Kat bar no doubt)

Got talked into heading back down tomorrow for the revenge race....even though I don`t believe in revenge.... "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." Confucius

Apparently Ziggy`s last race,

Thanks to Brandon and Kevin from Norco for the support, Threshold was the bee knees, I just sat back and let it do the work.

Congrats to all the Champs today.

*Prize being my friendship

Friday, November 4, 2011

"This hasnt been a blockbuster year for me financially, that and my Blockbuster stock is down."

Good day in my favorite place in the whole world, Toronto.

Got caught up with acquaintances, compared mustaches, McNeely's is horrible, but Guthrie's is killer.

Course isnt half bad, I hate 180's, and its a maze of 180's but that's my own personal feelings which ill have to live with. Race starts at 3:30 should be good times, After riding the course im sensing it could be a really Good DSJ course, we'll see.

Film review "In Time" was excellent, very layered, lots you could glean from the film, or you can just sit back and dream of driving one of the dope challenger "time Keepers" cars. Highly recommended.

Tristan Spurr is back on the blog wagon, check it,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Days

Shorts and jersey on November 2nd? Still in disbelieve that I was able to blast around big chute in that, well ok i was wearing a long sleeve jersey but knee warmers came off in a hurry.

Not having done a 4+ hour ride in a while I opted for a remote start in the Waub, just parked in a random driveway, sick ride and by sick I mean very pleasent, the new pavement partway along is super nice. I think while on upper big chute road I was passed by two cars and 10 motorcycles.

Dont think the 18 degree and sunny weather is going to last long, but the weekend looks nice for some good riding, Saturday will be a short one, but Sunday is looking prime for a nice long MTB ride.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First huge props....

To the people that drive from Barrie to Toronto everyday, cause that drive sucks. Like I almost called it a day and turned around heading to the coaching course at the OCA offices today.

Course Started at 8:30 I figured over 2 hours to drive 100 highway km's would be fine. Not a chance, left at 6:20am, rolled into the course at 9:00am.....think I could have ridden faster at least from Newmarket or Aurora. Thanks BA and MG for not locking me out...

Great course learned plenty, lots of my Peers in there it was neat to have us all switch from competitors to coaches for the day. Very different from the ski and snowboarding courses I've taken. AWI has entered into the business of Coaching officially. We have plans starting at $5 a month. (Starbucks gift cards accepted)

Last night we rode the 8th it was good, but I can never figure that place out it always seems new to me. Riding Mondays just isn't the same with Spak retiring from riding bikes.

Just finished watching the sufferfest of the Vertical Challenge up Scenic caves road on TSN2, great coverage, not to often you get 15-30 minutes of free national television coverage for yourself and sponsors.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ill fight you

A week, sorry, had some busy nights which is when I usually sit down with a bevy and update this thing.

It was nice this week not having to worry or stress about the cx race, I think everyone should get involved and help organize an event when the opportunity comes up, its very educational and makes you realize how much work goes on to put on an event.

Monday and Tuesday are a blur, rode more than I should have Monday trying to play catch up.

(wrote something but figure i should remove it) (it was violent in nature.....)

........Well, I love my Ipad and the 29er ain't half bad. I'm never wearing lululemon though, don't even go there. The Jubei 29er SL, or Team 9 as its called for next year is pretty nice, not sure if ill be racing it or not. But the possibility is a lot higher now that I've been able to put some time in on one.

Wednesday Krista took me to Hamilton for some Mumford and Sons, awesome show, Krista didn't like the vast amounts of College age females sitting in our section but I didn't mind one bit,

Thursday.... cant remember

Friday, MTB ride in sugar bush and copeland, followed by crushing some films with KB, Green Lantern which isnt even worthy of an AWI review and Bad Teacher, which on the other hand is, Mainly cause of Justin Timberlake, man was born to act, not sing.

In Time should be excellent with him in the lead role.

Road ride yesterday, great ride, rain, sun, hail, probably the last ride outside on the CRR before she is banished to riding the rollers.

Last night headed to Matt's (good guy used to ride bikes you may have read his blog) for a Halloween outdoor movie night, Watched Zombieland so that kept me warm on the inside while the fire kept my left side of my body warm.

Today was yet another perfect day for a CX race in the GBA, hardwood hosting, course was similar to the wednesday nights, advantage Bretton and Me, warmed up with Juice then he didnt start...never got the story on that one. Good race, great course. I was told i was boring to watch, but that the battle for third was intense.

**race note, Tammy wins the tough man award for racing with a bunged up wrist,

Pumped for tonights TSN2 showing of the vertical Challenge....but when I looked it has changed to formula 1 from India. Bummer, that was my 16 minutes of fame. Hopefully its still on Tuesday.

Picks for Saturdays races

Senior Men
1. Andrew Watson
2. Cam Jette
3. Craig Richey
4. Aaron Schooler
5. Chris Sheppard(if hes defending or John St Derrick for 5th)

U-23 Men
1. Evan Squared....but I'm leaning towards EM for the W.
2. Evan Squared
3. Kyle Fry, (secret training to the max)

Womens picks to come once i find out if there's a separate U-23 category

Sunday, October 23, 2011

another one in the books

The second year out at the sports complex was awesome. Had 142reg'd (139 starters) which im sure the beauty weather and October date helped with greatly. Had some heavy hitters come out, pretty much everyone but Heavy Evy.

Race was fast, too fast, lap times were perfect in the pouring rain, who new dry conditions would be so much faster. Crash of the day goes to Nathan, thankfully it wasn't in the "B" as i would never live that down.

Couldn't have asked for a better day, we have a great group of people here with the Barrie Cycling Club.


Friday, October 21, 2011

9ers, baseball, cross, baseball movie, stuff

well just got my facebook spammed by Pete talking about the rainy west coast. Figured id send out my own propaganda.

So here it is, come on out to the Barrie Cycling club's Baseball Cross, held again at the sports complex in Midhurst. Nice course laid out this year by Shane, I added s my two cents and tweaked some corners, the "run-up" is again ride able with good legs. When we were leaving, our complex contact Joe was actually pumping out a big puddle of water. Great managers out there, always helpful. Already have about 25 more people pre-regd than raced last year, so thats good.

Nathan threatened me with bodily harm if we put in a we did something better. B thats all im saying B.

Hearing rumours of Evan McNeely coming out, thats right folks national champ in da house. He'll be available for autographs. Also the Provincial Champ will be racing (might need to dig through results to find out who that is)

Speaking of 29ers, got ahold of one to see what all the fuss is about and to finally be able to judge for myself if all my wise cracks were justified.....right now its semi sweet. Just need to dial in the position a little more.

To get in the right mood for the cx race this weekend, KB and I got out to review the latest Brad Pitt(dreamboat) film, Moneyball, just like every other Baseball film out there it was awesome. Tell me is there such a thing as a bad Baseball film.

A bit dry at times, but Pitt, Hill, and Hoffman crush it with some small roles by Spike Jonze and Robin Wright Penn. Great flick, highly recommended.


see you this Sunday.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

ugghghgh **updated***

so just sourcing some info, turns out my guess of 78 being the last triple crown winner was correct, and still is.

Weekend started off well, took the win last night under the lights at centennial. Awesome event, full lighting, had a small compact helmet light but didnt even bother using it. Race was pretty straight forward almost get taken out by Zach in the start, sit on zach make him pull me around for a while into the wind, lay the smack down on Zach. Then after two laps of course my left STI shifter came loose, forcing me to ride in the drops for the rest of the race, yeah my back wasnt digging that. Though I was told I looked very aero.

Got home in good time, got my bike washed and ready to go again,

headed to hardwood way to early, race there was great also, a ton of sticks and trees down though on the hardwood side. Radical was pretty much a 15km cross course, about 10 dismounts for fallen tress. Seemed like it was going to take all day to finish that off.

Cranked good, Gnarly..... um yeah so zoned out on the fact that Gnarly turned off with radical early and proceeded to ride all the way out to the posts before realizing it and booking it back. Crushed the rest as I wasn't sure if i was still leading or not, Figure I lost 3:45 to 4:00 minutes but still had a solid course time.

Fun I pretty much completely cracked. I was hoping to go under 2:40, but with my stupid wrong turn and some deadfall it was not to be.

Great event, 50km of 98% singletrack is tough. Jumped in the car, which I was sad about missing the awards, and passed along my regrets to the sponsor(specialized) and the organizer. Plus the awards weren't for another 3 hours.

After some traffic signed in at 2:28, cutting that close, rode a few laps, lined up, thought positive thoughts put myself in a position for a triple, but the legs were sapped. It was a journey backwards the entire race, just trying to stay out of the way and enjoy the day.

Good hard weekend of racing bikes.


also forgot to say Ben Johnson sat in the next booth over at moxies last night, guy could probably still crush it on the track. Guy is the definition of quicksand but still mad respect for the one of the fastest men alive.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thats that, registered for the triple crown this weekend, When was the last time the triple crown was won anyway? 78?

CX bike is sick, super stiff and all around an awesome cx bike, nicest ive ever had for sure, Cant wait to race it.

Got my lights all setup for saturday, thanks to Zigs light rental,


Monday, October 10, 2011

B2B loans

Long weekend was great, mainly due to the amazing Gore'esque weather. Got a solid 3 hr mtb ride in yesterday, pretty uneventful.

Today was the longest standing scheduled rac...ride on the right hand side of here. The group downtown just kept growing and growing until we rolled out of town with a huge group.

had some city folk up too, well ok one city folk, Taylor but he was enough city for everyone. Guest riders Pete Glassford, Mitch Bailey, Cayley Brooks also joined in.

Solid ride over to Creemore, spooked a horse and it reared up and I thought it was coming into the group. The Lady did very well staying on the horse, one of the scariest moments on a bike this year. I hate Horses.

Brandon Exploded a pedal, Tristan flatted and Brandon crashed out Alex, great ride.

Baseball course

Saturday, October 8, 2011


good couple days of riding, three stage assault yesterday with t-dog and Brando, got lost, got found again, then got lost again, High fives all around once we made it back to the cars. Met one angry fellow while we were getting ready he was very angry that he had to ride two feet around our car to get into the trail. As vice president of AWI I sincerely apologize to that fellow for ruining his day/ride.

Got out on the roadie for a great metric century, a lot of people were stuck inside today and couldnt join in, they didn't miss anything, by the time i finished the ride i was sunburnt, dehydrated, my eyes hurt from the all the fall colours, I got passed by 20 cars, which is double the usual ten on a long ride. Had to ride fully unzipped the whole time, really a rough ride all around.

Thanksgiving dinner followed, it was excellent,

not exactly sure whats in store for tomorrow, but Monday is going to be an epic sprint fest from barrie to creemore, im pretty sure we'll just be sprinting for the sake of sprinting. mailboxs, dead skunks, really any stationary object.

I was also pointed to this, pretty much the only time Stephen Colbert has come out of character on TV. Even if it was for about 10 seconds.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

so you think I cant hack it,

Just read some interesting news re: the TO cross races. Saturday.... sorry where are my manners.

Good couple days on the bike, yesterday I jumped on the road bike for another midland rail trail adventure. Pretty much makes me want to move to victoria harbour. I also think leash bylaws should be re-written to say retractable leashes are not actually leashes and don't count as leashes. Solid road ride on what was a gorgeous day.

Monday was the usual Monday night ride, but man I have never seen anyone crash as hard as spak did. Fresh off his big win at Tour de King he was intent on showing his power. Until what a appeared to be a sudden burst of gravity hit him and there was no attempt at a tuck and roll. Not sure we'll see him riding a bike anytime soon,

Today after receiving my Threshold and having a limited time to hold it and bike lust it, I headed into town to be a "rabbit" at a xc running race. Kids were crushing it, especially on the climbs, had to dig deep.

Tonight hit up Hardwood Ski and Bike for a Wednesday night cx race. Bretton and I got away after a lap and worked together, I would lead on the fast stuff and since I had forgotten how to turn a cx bike he led through the twisty stuff. Good first real CX ride.

now onto the plan, I call it the "Cause Peter probably thinks I won't be able to do it` weekend

Saturday night under the lights CX race in T.O., Sunday morning hardwood 50km singletrack xc enduro, then hopefully if the senior race starts after 2:30pm T.O. CX day 2.

quote of the day

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs,

Monday, October 3, 2011

My legs hurt and its raining

Good times this weekend, Glassford was the first one to call my "I'm gonna race everything" goal as unsustainable, and it was at least for my head. I was hoping to get through this weekend and then take thanksgiving weekend off but without a weekend off since early August I cracked while dh'ing and opted to be a superfan yesterday at the hillbilly.

Hotdogs and Handlebars was a huge success apparently almost tripling horseshoes attendance record, lift line was crazy. Rode some "big" bikes and by the end of the day couldn't feel my arms. Which probably would have caused a nice "joey" barrier launching

After a hike in the Copeland in the am with Starbuck I headed over to the hillbilly to return the jacket, and heckle. Id say everyone who raced the 1 oclock race deserves a jacket, two years in a row its been around 4 degrees and raining. Nathan proved to be the most hardy to take the jacket. Some good battles out there, Nathan and Hughes were back and forth, Jacob and Mancini were throwing elbows, Peter G was battling himself, his chain and his tires.

I think the only thing better than winning the jacket will be winning it back......

Post race headed to the Barrie sports complex to check out the venue to see what we could do with the Baseball course. Walked around, made some plans, then I put on my runners to get a GPS track. Took me 23 minutes to run 3.41km. is that good? Didnt feel good. So the course is a bit long at the moment especially since I ran straight lines and didnt run the spirals etc. Work in progress.

Features to look forward to "Sunnidale's Revenge" Stair section, "local brewery" barriers (hopefully), "Goodlivin Spiral" etc.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Great week on a bicycle

Lots of riding, cross bike, road bike, phazer, i think on every ride i was at one point hot and also at some point rain drenched.

Highlight of the week was discovering the amazing rail trail in through midland past st marie among the hurons and all the way to penetangue. Awesome, this was on a road ride to Awenda, having used this new route I of course got lost and ended up at the prison complex which is basically a maze of separate buildings with no way out. Once i got out of there and realized I went way to far north on the wrong peninsula, my time window was a little short to get to Awenda, so I just looped back through medonte to get to my targeted pedaling time.

Also discovered some newly cut singletrail in the sugar bush area, which i trust was built with all the necessary permits and permissions.....

Tomorrow hotdogs and handlebars at horseshoe resort, gonna be a full day of goodlivin, Norco owners ride FREE, yeah like FREE, and you can try out a nice selection of the 2012 Norco lineup.

Sunday is a bit of a coin toss, looks like some BCC cross race stuff going on,(Oct 23rd be there or I will find you) as well as the hustle, may just shoot over to pass along the jacket..... or this

Monday, September 26, 2011


And thus concludes the September bike race extravaganza, squeezed in all the events I could but still missed a bunch of wicked races.

Saturday was the big day my first tag team race, and my first pulse racing 8 hour, I hired Tristan who is Ontario's finest tag team specialist, I started things off and we went straight into doubles, Which I liked my second laps always felt better and were faster(minus traffic) Tyson lead off the gun like it was a Ontario cup, I followed for a bit before sitting up and waiting for my teammate Hansel(zach) who was also going straight into a double. Started to real Tyson back in before my chain dropped, and then zach hit a tree... and then hit another tree. Super tight singletrack and wet greasy roots dont give you much room for error.

I will say I put a narrower bar on and it was good livin,

Tristan and I settled into our rhythms, we battled all day with the lapdogs, in the end they beat us with the old single lap strategy.

In conclusion I hate tag teams, I always knew i would, Solo is 10 times easier. You just ride your bike and get off after 8 hours.

Tristan was a great partner, even though he doesn't read this blog anymore.

First aid had a very busy day and unfortunately a man did have an apparent heart attack on course and passed away, despite the staffs best efforts. Thoughts are with his family and friends.

Yesterday was the final interclub, which I was planning on racing but opted for helping out with instead, did some sweeping on the corners, and scored the finish with Robb. Beauty day, safe race, nice way to end the Interclub season.

Coming events, Hotdogs and Handlebars Horseshoe Norco demo, Hillbilly hustle,

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Big day is fast approaching, prep is going well, crashed ultra hard yesterday in the copeland, foot got caught in a loop of a broken tree which I didn`t see until I crawled over to rip it out. Rode out one handed, fell better today.

Also got to hold and touch my Threshold frame, shes a beaut just need to get her built.

Turns out my partner crashed also in Orillia yesterday but got soft and went to the hospital. I opted for east side marios and the film Drive as treatment. Drive was excellent, soundtrack was amazing, everything about the film screamed the 80`s, except for the cars. will easily make the AWI top 5 list for 2011

East side marios caught up with me at 11:30 last night, yeah not pretty and never eating there again. The food is horrible anyway so i figure Im not losing out. Ìt was hard to fall back asleep with my ribs feeling like they were broken from the violent vomiting.

Also heard that many more people would have gone to the hill climb but didn`t know about it. Understandable, it was only advertised on the OCA website, Pedal mag, Canadian Cyclist, Canadian Cycling magazine website. Sent out in the OCA e-mail newsletter,

Tristan says hes good to go, start order and lap order are top secret so don`t even ask. Basically we are going to crush the Wagler team.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


just to start things off, please dont read into the "independent" beside my name in results, race reports etc. For some reason whenever I register through the OCA it is permanently set to Independent. I'm still very much a proud member of the Norco Factory team. One of those we can put a man on the moon, but I cant change a field on an online registration form? applies to Jarred and Zach too, whenever Zach does a road race I get asked why Zach isnt racing for Norco anymore, and people think we got in a fight etc etc.

On to the highlight of the year, I'm still in wondering if it really happened. So out for a ride with the usual suspects last night in Midhurst what started as a drizzle was a full blown typhoon by the midway point. Typical Monday. I was told I was "Weak and Lame" so when I was at the front I was doing my best to not get in the way.

So Tristan took over the lead and slowed things down, coming up to a little jump/huck, nothing huge but a fun little trail feature. Start to realize Tristan is braking really hard, then full on brakes, I'm in midair slam into the back of him, asking him whats up, he starts screaming and running away from his bike yelling its on Fire. I thought at first he was going to say there was a Bear or a Cougar on the trail the way he was screaming. 100% Ricky Bobby moment, I know its not as funny reading it, but watching it unfold was a sight.

he or his bike was not on fire, his light was shining off his gold cables and he thought his lights were on fire.

Good ride, I think we are going to crush the 8 hour on Saturday.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

just a bike rider

After two days of racing, it was time to just ride, early morning hit the road at 5:30, got to Blue in time to register and not warm-up.

Plan was to head out with the leaders and attack off the back of each group until I met up with Jamie and Orrin. Plan went off without a hitch, went from the lead group of 6 to the 300's. Stopped to help a chap fix a flat outside Creemore, unsuccessfully but i did my good deed for the day, then rode the last 75% ish with Orrin and Jamie. 

Not sure I would ever consider doing it as a "race", A) it would be really freaking hard and B) I think there's enough racing to do through the year, but just to get out and ride 165km on traffic controlled roads, with 4-5 feed zones with super friendly volunteers shoving gels, bottles, bars, bananas in your hands its pretty good livin.

(some) people like to hate on these types of events, but seeing over a 1000 cyclists out riding is pretty awesome and for the sport/pastime/activity of cycling I think that's pretty awesome.

time to crush some sleep,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Silly Niagara escarpment

Another successful day at Blue Mtn, crazy day, started with a pre race meeting and some interviews for the TSN show, got a run down of how the race was going to work.

I was seeded in the first heat to go up the hill at 2:00pm, Neutral rollout was good, after the flag waved it was the exact opposite of Nascar,(or any typical race of any sort) pretty sure we were braking going uphill trying to jockey for position with no one really wanting to lead or pick the pace up too early.

On the inside of the right sweeper I used the paved shoulder and a driveway to get unboxed and try to break things up a bit. After a few re-groupings and surges it was Brandon Etzl and myself off the front. With a three chasers behind, only needed to be in the top for to advance so we just made sure to stay ahead of the charging riders sprinting for 4th. Good effort felt better than the day before.

Watched the second heat come up, Adam Jamieson scored a second in that heat, Horseshoe valley represent,

Headed back down and got regrouped for the finals, Start was pretty similar nobody really wanted to lead, by the first right hander on the hill we were basically four wide. Waited a little bit longer but then put down an effort which again had Etzl and myself seperated from the group. Brandon quickly counterattacked me, and put me in the hurt locker, he just kept standing and standing and standing, I just sat and tried to limit my distance lost to him. When I could see the final bend and the crowd I clicked down two gears and stood. I was able to reel Brandon back in, and figured it was now or never attacked with a little momentum got a gap cresting the hill and I was able to not pass out before crossing the line/timing mats.

Awards were cool, we made Sam Roberts wait for us to finish before they started, suckers,

Got my second career big novelty cheque, thanks to Timex for putting up the cash and sweet GPS watches, and to Centurion Canada for thinking up a pretty unique event.

Apparently I said if I won, the AWI year end BBQ was on me so guess i need to get that fire pit done.

Also with a little cash I talked myself into registering for the 100 miler tomorrow, early morning but it will be nice to just get out of the car and ride, with zero stress.

song of the day,has nothing to do with today but I like this Sam Roberts song

Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick post

Provincial Hill climb went well nailed down the fastest time, 8.27, from South base lodge to scenic caves parking lot.

Qualified for the vertical challege tommorow at 2, kinda wish i could watch, as its really gonna hurt, but there is a few bucks on the line so i guess thats motivation.

I was impressed with the amount of people on the climb today not sure what it will look like tomorrow,

K, bed,
Getting ready to head up to Provincial Hill climb champs at blue, still no start list posted so with the centurion hill climb Im not sure if im going at 6 or 730, which would a be very cold and b require lights to come back down.

Should be good times,

Good week some nice solo rides, just getting back to basics, rode in the copeland yesterday no signs saying to stay out no big groups causing problems just me cruising around.( long story)

Found out tristan doesnt read this anymore so i can now openely bash him.....but i have nothing to bash so that will need to wait.

Orillia bike fest was fun on wednesday night, set a new record of 5.5 people out wearing the AWI kits, good marketing id say.

Stay excellent

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Find the rhythm

is the goal for the next while now that all the traveling is over. Crazy couple days, TT on thursday was a success had 35 racers out between the 3 clubs, for some reason I was staged 2nd last, which made for a lonely TT as all the guys in front of me were one full tt rigs and looking serious.  Ed Veal caught me at 2.5 minutes in(2 minutes for him) on his way to a 18:57, he must work out.

Good drive with Orrin, Champ tools designer/owner check out these stands awesome stuff. Got to the show at 2 ish in time for me to get down to work, helping with whatever I could to get the Norco booth looking good. Big thanks to Orrin for the ride,

It was really nice to meet some of the Norco Engineers, and western guys, talk to them a lot via e-mail but the face to face time was awesome. Using my superior hand talking skills to express what Id like to see in the bikes was very succesful.

Saturday was fun, signed a few autographs, and chatted bikes for a while before heading to the Airport to head home. Ran into the EMD Serono (Heavy Evy, Conor and Karl) team heading to TO also. Flight was good no delays, landed and was on the road headed home in 10 minutes.

Today was a blast, Highlands Nordic never dissapoints, the course was great, the weather was great, the Phaser was great, the legs were.... um good, actually after two laps they started to come around a bit. But started to cramp a bit near the end. Wasnt the fastest out there but It was really nice to get a nice solid 2 hour race in the books.

Big thanks to Elizabeth Ross for the feeds, they were most excellent feeds.

Looking forward to some road riding and seeing what kind of form I can get heading into the fall cx/mtb/hill climb/endurance racing season.

stay excellent

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some full weekends

Not surprisingly it seems like everything in Ontario cycling is happening in the next few weeks. Sometimes I hear how cycling is dying around here, really? I'm having trouble fitting it all in, seems like there are 4 events a weekend coming up.

Heading to Expocycle tomorrow for the Public day Saturday with Norco Performance bikes, if your attending stop by and see the 2012 lineup.

Interclub TT tonight on Ingram road which should prove to be exciting with 30 second intervals and apparently a ton of guys coming up from Newmarket (we`ll see) 

Another event coming up is on Saturday October 1st at Horseshoe resort, a Norco Riders appreciation event, if you own a Norco you ride free, and also anyone can come and try a 2012 bike. Also heard a rumour a Norco Factory Team rider will be on hand leading some rides into the Copeland.

And some bike racing in between all that. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


lounging it up before my 8th atlantic crossing since April(glad we have planes these days) Which I realize I have never been in the atlantic(probably shouldnt say that before flying) Been in the pacific and Indian Oceans. Need to put that on the bucket list right up there with a 24 solo.

Nothing much to say about the past couple days, rained pretty good on Sunday for the DHers. Spent that day packing very slowly.

Bus ride to Zurich yesterday, an all you can eat pizza and pasta buffet last night which was both awesome and super gross at the same time. Followed by a mcflurry at mcdonalds(it was a monday night) While playing gran tourismo 5 yeah who knew there was a 5,

"excuse me Miss this is a four star hotel can you get off the floor"

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slippery when wet

Well another worlds in the books, some of it went well, I had a good start considering I was on the back row, found some holes and moved up a bit without to much effort which is always nice. The climb was HARD, not crazy long but it just keeps getting steeper the further you go. Got a solid lap in, made some nice passes on the decent passing some guys who were running.

On the second full lap, heading into the drop following another rider, kinda brake checked me before going off so I had to check up and hit it with a lot less speed than I wanted, Landed flat on some rocks and my rear tire didnt' like that and said no dice. Hit it with the inflator but it was toast, It was a long run/ride into the pit. Follow moto was on my arse, but I just kept standing on the smooth sections and rode, when i hit rooty or rocky stuff I jumped off and crossed it up, which surprisingly wasn't super slow. 

Scott changed my wheel super fast, but he won't take any credit saying "it either goes in or it doesn't its not a sliding scale" but it was quick. The climb was tough, legs were angry after some good running. Thought I would get pulled on that lap but just barely got through.

K, one more, I can hammer that out, didnt' heed the warning from the swiss army dude to slow down going onto the metal bridge and had a nice one as it was starting to rain. Sounds like Burry crashed out there. Pushed through, almost caught a group of about 5 guys on the decent into the 80% but ran out of real estate.

Gonna file this one under educational and move on.

Huge props to Catherine for bringing home the Womens World Championship title. It was definitely nice taking to the start line knowing that.

So thats that, home, montreal, XC provincials, HC Provincials, then the big show 8 hour with T-dog, gonna be a nice September. 

Elbows out,

Still sunny at 1130 this morning but the weather forecast is calling for close to a cm of rain for this afternoon. Could be Nevegal time, any excuse to use that tire is a good one.

Go time is 430, or 10:30 am(home time) No excuses everybody better be huddled around a computer looking at live timing.

I feel like I need to make some bets of sorts with some U-23's they love to gamble.

Big thanks to Scott, Kyle, Justin and Adam our team mechanics for being awesome( I've never seen so many bikes get worked on and look so good after, bike lust? wax? Love?)

Wishing all the women some good luck today, smelling like a possible rainbow jersey, that would be sweet.

So 120minutes of pain on tap,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September planning

With August done its time to move onto Septembers schedule. Working from the last race to the first race seems logical so, just registered for tag team at the fall 8 hour. My first time doing one of these races. And first time doing a tag relay. T-dog is team captain and my riding partner.

The next day im gonna crush the interclub, showing no mercy in the process.  If no-one wants to work I'm just gonna gutter it, Ocup style.

Weekend Prior, Provincial Hill Champs(which I won in 98' NBD) on the Friday night, possibly uphill eliminator Saturday, then again possibly the grand fondo Sunday. All at Blue Mountain

And next weekend will be spent in my favorite city of Montreal for Expocycle.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nothing new but i said id keep this stuff updated

Really the title says it all, Champery feels like home, nice coming back to a venue you know well.

Had the team photo today, its on Canadian Cyclist, Sun was glaring off my melon pretty good ruining the photo for anyone near me, My bad,

Team relay tomorrow, gonna be sick.

Course is good, roots are slick as a button, doesn't' take long to remember to keep your weight centered and not use your front brake much.

umm, so yeah, stay awesome

Monday, August 29, 2011

The pillows are too big

In Switzerland, did some banking already had to launder that big stack from the Georgian Bay open. Crashed pretty good last night(sleeping wise not riding),

Now its time to hit the track,

More later.

View from the room, not bad, if thats your kinda thing.

Course is good, they've taken out some of the more awkward sections, added more "flow" as they'd say in Ontario. Roots are slick, im not used to sliding around, stupid nice dry weather at home.

happy birthday to Benno,

Bummed I missed what could be the final HAN, gonna need to find one somewhere else later in the season to keep the solo dreams alive.

so yeah, guess thats it for now.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Snow eh? *update*

Bags are packed, glad im not trying to fly out of new york. Reading some weather reports via facebook/juniors with wifi, i packed some extra pieces of warm clothes.

Big thanks to Havy for a last minute rebuild of my bike,

I was gonna say something else but now i forget......Now I remember I was going to make a crack about Hopefully Ontario gets to have a referendum regarding HST and the outcome is similiar to BC....but i wont because i dont want to anger any of my liberal freinds.

Oh oh, Chris Del Bosco is on the DH team, crazy, well not that crazy but cool to have a winter olympian on the team.

Also got a PK session on the new serfas light systems which are available now, crazy good value, think ill be buying myself a little post season present.


Stay excellent

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teeny Tiny race change

So my dreams of 24 hour solo glory have been put on hold. Woke up this morning and started getting things ready for the 24 hour this weekend, 2 hours later I had a ticket to Zurich in my inbox.  Very long story of how this came to be, but needless to say I'm very happy and proud to represent Canada at the World Championships next weekend.

Leaving on Saturday, already upgraded to a pod, so I'll hopefully be able to finally crush some sleep on a trans atlantic evening flight.

thats really all I have to say, guess ill just go crush some euros, cause Evan says they're no big deal.

oh oh, also quick film review, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, in a word awesome. James Franco is definitely no Charlton Heston but he does an alright job. A few throwbacks to the original storyline was nice, overall I loved it, the CGI was great and even better it wasn't' in 3D.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a bike ride

Its been a couple of crazy days, luckily i gave been able to get on my bikes for rides, not fast rides, not slow rides, not training rides, just rides.

Quote of the year

My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.

All my very best,

Jack Layton

Sunday, August 21, 2011

8 hours of the 9 hour mountainview relay

Sipping some coffee watching the Vuelta not in hd, but i will say it looks sunny and warm in Spain today.....looks like Fugslang is in the leaders jersey, side note I used to crush him at world cups NBD.

First I'd like to say props to all the Canucks for crushing Val di Sole. Especially Kika for another win and the youngins Marc Antoine and Evan for some solid finishes.

Summer seems to be winding down a little here, all those thunderstorms we kept getting promised the past two weeks finally arrived yesterday at around 12:30 in the afternoon. Day started with Matt and I arguing about where the sun will move in the sky and whether or not 1.5 liters of fluid an hour is too much. (i think it is)

Anywho got started, solo field was stacked, Jacob, Matt 24 Solo Ontarios premier endurance racer, &  Lee, it was gonna be a death match. After a few guys missed some turns I was sitting in 2nd overall. And had a little gap on the rest of the solos. It was a lot of fun just riding fast not crazy hope i don`t crash at this speed fast just easy speed.

Got settled into a pace, about 4 or 5 laps came through and Matts bike was on his car. that was fast. For the first few hours I was rocking the full unzipped jersey, so nice, then the clouds started rolling in each lap at the top I could see the sky getting a little darker. About 3 hours in started to rain, no big deal it was super sandy, but it didn`t take long to turn to grease. And then the thunder and lightning came, I was gonna pull over and sit  in my car, but didn`t have to make that call as they closed the course. I love modern day safe races. Not like the 90s where the commissars would tell us to be careful before starting in a lightning storm at chicopee.....

Got changed and washed my bike during the rain delay, Tmas figured it would be an hour. It was tough getting motivated to get back on the bike. So much so i actually missed the restart. Got on my bike, dry shoes and gloves were key, legs were angry for sure.

Managed to get another 5 or 6 laps in before 6:30, pulled the plug at 6:20, when the rain started to come down again. Took my second career 8 hour win. First being pleasure valley 1998.

In summary 8 hour races are awesome you just go out and ride your bike, and win a snow white pez dispenser.

17 laps of mountainview was awesome

22-25 of Albion might not be as awesome.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gettin crushed

Taking a day off the bike after a couple nights of getting killed on the bike. Tuesday I headed into town for the Sunnidale ride, after telling everyone how big a deal I was now that I won the ECO, everyone decided to turn the screws and put me in my the back of A singled out death line. I was dog tired but managed to hang on and have some fun.

Last night I finally got down to one of Matt P's wednesday night races at King. trails have smoothed out a ton, there is some serious "flow" going on in there. Little did I know Sean Ruppel was going to show up super fit and ready to kill it. He crushed the first lap it was all I could do to hang on, then he kinda faded and we were evenly matched coming down to a sprint finish, Im going to take the high road and not say that he pushed me into the brush to win.

Awesome riding down there, good people, super relaxed atmosphere,only downside really is that its in Toronto,

on tap is a little shakedown ride at the 9 hour, Tristan bailed on me to do a triathlon, so I guess im doing it solo.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I like to do a little editing on weekends, I recently cut three minutes out of goodfellas.

AKA alpe d'uez of Grey County, actually there are zero switchbacks and its not steep but it sounds epic. One of my favorite road courses.

The weather was a little dicey, but the rain held off and everyone who decided to get out of bed was happy they did. (i think)

There were only two of us who were keen on going in group 5, so we just got melted into group 4, didn't bother me any, with 5 minutes to group three and about 10 in each group, I figured that would be hard enough.

Got rolling, group was rotating nicely together for the first lap, everyone was pulling through and the group was moving pretty good, but maybe not as fast as it should have been on some of the flatter sections. When we got to the bottom of the climb after the first 40km loop, it was clear we hadn't put much time if any into group 3. Hit the climb, we were moving but not at "intercept pace" I went to the front and put down a nice hard tempo. I knew we would lose some guys but figured we needed to get some time into 3 if we were to catch.

Kept it rolling over the top, had 5 left from the original ten, who I think should have been group 5, but thats not my call. We settled into a nice little paceline and set off after the group ahead. Again a little too much coasting down hills and no real "chase" feel going on. Guys started skipping pulls. Managed to reel in what I thought was group 3, turned out to actually be 2. Any chase was pretty much given up at that point. Kinda just rolled the last 20km before the climb. Started to catch some of the riders I knew started in group 3. So it was clear they were putting the hammer down.

Hitting the climb they still had a solid gap, and all the guys who were skipping pulls and not working, started to try and get a chase going and shaking their heads when it didn't. A little late in my books. By the end of the climb a few of us were on the back markers from three but they managed to stay away.

The old s(andbagger) word was getting thrown around and maybe i thought so too. But thinking back, the later groups 4 or 5, just aren't chasing like we should be.

Awesome race, had a blast, thanks to Phil and the eagles for putting it on.

Fun weekend of racing all around. Pretty fried today, and glad I'm not driving to Collingwood for the 4th straight day.

on a possibly related note, my shoulder is sore and I feel like Ive been punched in the face by a tree, maybe that embryo entry crash was harder than I thought.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Countless firsts for this weekend

I'm going start this blog by saying hats off to Blue mountain and sir bikealot for being pumped for putting on an XC race at Blue which has tremendous potential to hold events. Everything other than course design/marking and maybe pre race info the weeks leading up to the race was top notch, they know how to host events.

The course was something I have never seen in 15 years of racing. Trails were amazing but the course was comprised of many loops within loops and one big loop that featured a two way out and back singletrack section. Usually this would require over/unders, bridges etc.. instead the loops figure 8'ed each relying on Marshall's to tell us which loop to enter.(and when to yield to other riders entering the criss/crossings) My hats off to these volunteer marshals who I know did their very best, and got it 95% right. But with multiple categories all doing different amounts of loops within loops into other loops there were definite errors. Again a lot of excitement for the race, they are jazzed to have an xc race but that was way way to complicated course design. I honestly don't know how that got a go ahead from the OCA commissairs. 

On to the race, small fields today I think that was owing to the lack of pre race info, laps, distances, feedzones etc. a lot of which wasn't set up till race day. I wasn't super stressed about the race, knowing how freaking hard the course was with old school type steep ski hill grass climbing imported from the 90's. The dh's were pretty straight forward. I knew if the pace was hard from the gun it wouldn't be a race, it would be an adventure with a result at the finish line. I decided on a Prefontaine strategy to make it hurt as much as possible and let the course decide how I finished. Pretty much took the holeshot and into the first climb, kept the hammer down.

Going over the top I kept the power on and opened a gap into the flatish singletrack before going back down. This was the one big epic loop we were on. I had no idea how much of a gap I had so i just kept racing like everyone was 20 seconds behind me.

Hitch number one, rolling along the flat bruce trail stuff at a good clip dodging hikers and nature walkers as they all swore at me when I went by, I really don't blame them no-one was there to tell them a 20 guys racing for more than a grand were gonna come screaming by(and masters, juniors, elite women). I did warn them all that a bunch more people were coming.

Continued on, hiccup number two, come to a three way trail section with tape all over the place in pieces. Marshall was there I asked him where to go, he didn't respond, I glanced to my left and saw course tape across the ski hill so I just bee lined it there. The rest of this loop was good the trails were a blast, Bombed down and back up the ski hill, looked back saw for a ways back and new I had a good lead.

#3, ah yes the two way out and back section, so started riding basically backwards on the course, which was nice cause all the masters I was dodging were able to cheer me on as we just laughed at each other. Some was doubletrack which was interesting but whatever safe enough if people keep their heads up.  But then I see KK bomb out of the singletrack dh, yup guy sends me up the steep singletrack, I asked what happens when someone comes down, he said tell them to stop. I kept my head up for sure listening for a bike to come, but luckily KK was last through and I didn't have to deal with dodging oncoming riders anymore.

Finished off the actually somewhat straightforward loop, which other than the two way thing would make a great loop on its own. Grabbed the one bottle I'd get for however long the race was going to be and headed down Embryo, a pretty mellow dh run, fast and fun. Hit the first figure 8, and got through ok, which had me continuing downward. Finished that up and new I would need to do another half climb back up, then descend to the finish. Thats what we were told at the start. Got into a nice goove heading back up, the second time up this grind was tough but when I got to the top I was relieved. This had me going through the figure 8 again. But I still knew where I was going.

Descend back down, thinking awesome I'm done, Nope get turned around before the last decent marshals saying I have to do another half lap. I was not a happy camper hearing that. But got back on course and pinning it, as I still had no idea what my lead was. Climbed for a bit then started crossing the ski hills to my pleasent surprise a marshal jumps infront of me and says down that trail, awesome it was like a half...half lap. Headed down a sketchy not really used trail almost smoked Etienne in another course crossing. Passed him crashed, but I was glad to be heading downhill at least. Came to the final lap point and the marshal said yeah your done finish is just down there, Crossed the line for my first MTB win since 2009 (glassford sprint provincials)

J-roc was second and Zach third so a nice Norco podium sweep.

I hope they do another xc race there, I really do I just hope the OCA keeps a close eye on it and they go with a more "normal" course design in the future.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stupid things that work

I'm talking about the laser I stole from Matt again, its this stupid blinking red light that makes me laugh whenever I consider that it will make me better. But like last year it has seemed to bring me back to the land of riding bikes.

Its like a reverse placebo effect, I don't believe in it, I throw it against the wall before using it, I curse at it, but it still works. I'm glad it works but I hate being wrong.

First ride since Saturday, minus easy spins on the rollers, I headed into the copeland for my 1 hour ish flat loop which Tammy says isnt flat, but its as flat as it gets in there. Good ride, tried the GoPro with the bar mount not bad.

Thats about all I have to report at the moment.

"why is it called the east coast open? we are nowhere near the east coast"

Friday, August 5, 2011

My knee hurts im grumpy

So Evan was good enough to cut togehter the crash which has pretty much gone viral in cycling world terms.

The part that gets cut out is pretty much this

Other than a knee which seems to be getting more bruised as the days go by, im good.

Got out to the TT last night, and i think I was able to hold Adam off, which is good as I dont like getting beaten by a 14 year old. Need to wait for the official results. Lots of race reports and other comupter/paper work so to speak this week.

Got out with KB to start getting caught up on all the films ive missed this summer. Being a sucker for the mythology of what marvel is creating with its Avenger franchise, hit up Captain America. Great flick, Chris Evans, Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones kill it.

Took starbuck for a long awaited swimming hole visit, I was tempted to jump in as well but realy the water there looks like it could have monsters in it, im not down with that.

Copeland tomorrow, then hopefully Kelso on sunday if the knee doesnt get to angry.

Monday, August 1, 2011

What this wasnt the actual Olympics?

What a month, looked at the calender today and its finally August, never thought id see the day. Final trip of the year is wrapping up, chillin with young Evan in Battlesbridge about to check out a bit of the olympics venues in the city. 

Race went really well, clean, no crashes or mechanicals. The start was crazy tons of guys sliding out. It was like to trying to start and turn on Ice it felt like. 

First two laps my legs were pretty angry at me, but we were told to just giver and if we got three good laps in good. Passed Nys early on my second lap with a flat, too fast to ask him if he was doing Cross this year. 

Got passed my japenese nemisis who is smaller than me but takes up more trail than anyone i know. And Evan, who i had yet to crush this year. Punk. 

Legs came around and before long I was moving up a couple spots a lap. Started to have a little fun out there to on the course. It was getting pretty "Blown Out" as Kabush would say.....  Big holes were forming and the pebbly rocks started to turn into big rocks littering the course. 

Another thing was the course marking was a little lax, allowing people to ride off course to gain some nice advantage. I think they want to keep the tape to a minimum for the cameras, but pin flags arent great at keeping people on course. 

I finished up strong, on such a short course and Absalon doing 12.5 minute laps i wasnt sure if id get yanked, but i didnt loose 4 minutes on the first lap like world cups so it was all good. 

team did awesome this week, easily the most amount of team training out there. Definetly no I in this team, Catherine crushed it for the win, Amanda rode strong and Evan who did about 18 tempo laps yesterday when i was in the medical tent took one for the team and signed autographs and posed for pictures for the last two laps of the race. 

Big giant thanks to Dan for giving me the oppourtunity to come here to help work towards some medals next year. If we get a medal im taking 3% of the credit. The Staff were amazing Scott Kelly, Mathieu And our COC contact Brian.

Awesome trip, nice way to cap off the international season, now to get home and consult the 8 ball on what races to do the next few months. 

And yes i need to change the title of the blog now.

" That was like a Nascar crash im surprised you didnt burst into flames "

Saturday, July 30, 2011

ATTN CAN olympic MTBers

Dont crash on the big rocks, they dont have much give. Thats gonna be one of my biggest pieces of feedback to the team.

Day on the course yesterday was smooth sailing, got some good laps in, dialed in some sections. Heavy Evy had a nice high speed slideout, but pretty much bounced off the ground and kept riding, earning him the MVP of the day. Overall i felt like i had the course pretty dialed.

Onto today, got to the course a bit earlier, warmed up a bit, then started lap one of a few filming laps. Startloop good, left hand CX turn good, waterfall decent, which is basically a ditch which is built using big stone slabs. not usually a problem if you dont crash. I wanted to take one for the team and see what it was like so i ejected myself off. Yup it hurt, funny how much softer ground can feel than rock. My bicycle proceded to bounce in and out of the course before coming to a rest at the bottom of the section. Hitting big jagged rocks all the way down. Think of throwing your bike down bonesaker or the beatrice. One scratch and thats its and a torn up saddle, have I ever said I love my Bike. HTR FTW.

Course workers were all super helpful getting me down the hill and back on my bike, actually all the volunteers and workers are extrememly friendly and helpful here.m

Kept moving to help from getting stiff, but as I stopped to group back up with the team, shoulder and back were just saying no dice. Headed to first aid, Shoulder, hip and knee are a little tender. Bummend I wasnt able to do more course work with the team.

Ill take to the start tomorrow, but the outcome is a little shady at this point.

Hoping to book some bike riding lessons with Liz when I get home.

"I need my accreditation to get in to get my accreditation?"
Rob Jones

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not training for leadville

Cause it sounds long and tiring and silly really....anyway instead I have arrived with the rest of the small beta testing team to the london olympics venue. Havent gotten to the actual venue yet, but we have gotten two nice road rides in.

After some smooth travel we arrived in Battlesbridge to our cozy accomodations. Headed out for a nice ride towards the ocean, which happened to end up at a BMX track and shortly after that we were riding along a dyke followed up with a tour through a wheat field.

After a solid 12 hour sleep and playing make sure my suitcase and cliff bars and gels stayed closed to prevent the mouse from getting to them. I awoke refreshed and with said mouse sitting on top of me looking at me. Awesome, He doesnt seem interested in the food in the cupboards which is good but he keeps trying to get my bars and cytomax.

Did a nice three hour road ride with the team today, felt sluggish to start but legs came around eventually, I used my Orrin Bowser riding skills to hang at the back until my legs came around.

Now just some max chillage first chance to just relax since travel started on Tuesday. Awake at least.

Course tomorrow Saturday and then race Sunday, home monday night for.....well a good while, relatively speaking.

"Hey Dan does the sun ever come out here?"

"only on the queens birthday"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Multimedia extravaganza

Maybe im just getting tired of here are some vids, first is what the team does when its 45 degrees out second a little ``better know a district`` segment, Featuring my Team issue Phaser.... which im gonna go ride copeland on in 20 minutes.....have to edit it a bit.

LHR tomorrow for the London Olympics........test event. Rockin some hot laps with Evan (kingston Evan not Peachland Evan)

Oh and Pete Glassford is in for a thrashing when I see him next. Three stage throwdown......

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oops I did it again,

After some smooth travel out here, the only real hitch was eating some bad sushi, but after the best nights sleep ive had in weeks, I was ready to rock today. Ive always raced well here, My legs felt good.

Course was slick but i had my secret weapons on, Karmas.

Start was good, I setlled into a nice place and just kept things as smooth as possible. knowing there would be tons of running and it would be a but if a survival race. Had the leaders in sight the entire first lap pretty much. it was just a long train.

On Peters wheel, nearing the end of the lap, made a mistake rode off the trail a bit, got back on again, in my hast trying to make the gap back up, I forgot it was slick out. Got cross rutted and off into a tree\ditch I went.

Rolled around a bit thinking im an idiot. Got up k nothing is broken check. Collected my bike, and jogged out of the section. lower back took a nice hit, but I wasnt feeling hurt really. once I got rolling again, back just kept getting stiffer and stiffer and the running really wasnt helping. Gave myself another lap to see if I could loosen up a bit. With two to go, I pulled the preverbial plug/parachute.(I know what all the AWI members are thinking right now)

Thankful im not being carried around tonight,

Thanks to Ted for the feed and 3rox for help with things here and there.

Big congrats to my Norco Factory Teammate Catherine for winning today as well as the Overall. As well as all the youngsters who crushed it out there.

Home then a fact finding mission to London, then August is really a blank slate at the moment,

Gonna crush the canada cups next year, they wont know what hit them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh baby the weather is nice

Some beauty rides the past few days, fully unzipped just crushing H2O like its going out of style, a little Q this evening post ride, a short vid is on the AWI site.

Also put together a lap of the nationals course which can be found here Nats course 

Copeland ride tomorrow, then more some more pool time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Manmore *updated with quote of the day*

Crushing a flight back to TO, flying westjet forgot how freindly they are, probably because they care.

So got some time to fill you in on the goodness that was nationals sorry canadian championships, we arent supposed to call it Nationals anymore.

Saturday was the XC, like I said before super fun course to ride, but a tough race course. Start was a bit chaotic got swarmed a few times and ended up a little further back than I wanted to going into the first piece of singletrail.

I planned on being patient so no biggy, after a lap and a half and some clearer trail I started to turn it up. Moved up well while the legs lasted but then hit a bit of a preverbial wall, and had to put it into damage control for the last two laps.

Finished off with a nice soak in the river, Canmore is good livin not gonna lie.

Sunday was my first nationals relay always wanted to do it when they used to have it but it never worked out. Catherine, Bretton Mathews(stolen from ontario for the day) J roc and myself were repping the Norco Colours. Lespy sold out and rode with team atlantic/exprezzo.

I was super glad I wasnt starting, it just looked painful. Instead I was the "anchor" everyone was having a good time, it was a really fun event. Hats off to the CCA for pulling off a great support event.

Team finished 5th, Solid finish we rode strong and I was proud of the team effort. I put some time into Lespy who started in front of me but couldnt finish it off. Guess he doesnt want to ride for Norco next year..... Atlantic priorities for sure.

Post relay we headed out with about 90% of the elite and espoir field for a session down Reclaimer an awesome flowy singletrack in Canmore. Cant believe no one bit it. Though I dont think we did a head count so there could be some kids from Squamish still on it.

While the rest of the youngsters hit the quarry for a swim, Havy, Matt, Keith and I decided to do a man ride up highline.

Another great day finishing up with a river dunk.

Sounds like the weather is spectacular at home, so a nice week of full zip road rides and pool time...not to mention MNS/AWI sushi feast tonight.

Huge thanks to my teammates and Kevin for a great trip, also big shout-out to Mark and Bretton Mathews for their help and Bretton killing himself for the team.

Two more weekends of racing/traveling, then august is full of possibilities,

"If your not 1st your 9th"
 Tristan Spur AWI president