Saturday, August 28, 2010

race report

For all those dreading my race report rejoice as it will be brief.

All was set to go nice and early, even got some birthday pie Fee was celebrating last night. Good times. Couldn't have asked for a nicer day here in new york sun was shining not a whiff of wind, warm, didn't' feel like a usual wet world cup like they usually are.

Everyone was in high spirits it was time to finish off the world cup season.

Warmed up headed to the start line, listened to the American anthem on the start line, Pretty sure Broderick had a tear roll down his cheek.

The start was for me very clean, I thought everyone was pretty keen on a clean start with no crazy take out passes. At least where I was, up front a couple guys hit the deck going under the finish/lap banner. Which in a funny way made everyone string out single file which made for a nice climb. Made some nice ground up utilizing walking over a rock that no-one wanted to go near(it was on the course don't worry)

All in all probably my cleanest and happiest i have ever come out of a WC start. I felt good, i was able to settle into my own pace and could tell some of the other guys were working way harder just to stay in front.

Like I said one of my favourite RACE courses my legs felt pretty good considering and i was ready to buckle down.

Headed into the DH and punctured I kept my cool, did a quick calculation and opted to fix it, as it was a good chunk to the tech zone, not runable(for me Pete will say different) and didn't want to destroy a wheel. Got the tube in, but as is my problem frequently co2 error. By this point the follow moto was waiting behind me, and again quick calculation, wouldn't have made it through the 80% hoofing it after trying to change it. So that was that,

Made my way down, did some cheering and reported in where the commisaire looked surprised and thanked me about 8 times for reporting that i dnf'd. Really i was just scared of ending up in an OCA communique.

I was able to see some of the race which was cool, cheered on Cam and DZ, Cam commented that he didn't know what the last lap was like, I also called Kulhavy for the W, Zack said who? I said just watch.

getting long,

Good workout planned for tomorrow then off to mt st anne Monday.

I would quote what Peter said to me on the side of the trail but this is a PG-13 blog.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I have been informed my fact checking is sub par. In an earlier post I stated that Cam was the U-25 provincial champ. When in fact it is Adam Morka, for some reason I was under the impression he was 25 racing age, should have checked the uci codes to be sure. My apologies to Adam and his sponsors, AWI will aim to do a better job with this stuff in the future.

In which case I have created a new category U-24 provincial champ.

Also first place big wheel goes to Ryan Atkins.

....Also big thanks to Matt for lending me his laser for my leg, still don't believe in it but ill be on a world cup start line tomorrow so it definitely didn't hurt.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

US of A racing

After some long days I've found out we have some interweb here at the Norco world/factory team household. The trip down was fairly uneventful zach got gloved at the border but other than it was quick and painless.

Im not going to lie, apparently ever since i broke my leg I sleep a lot, and crushed some zzz's in the truck. Jonathan is with us from out west so the navigating was in good hands.

Got on the course today with Zack for a few laps, where I realized my skills/confidence are not as high as i would like. The leg is pretty good, got a solid 2 hrs in on the tuesday nighter, pushed some respectable wattages.

Back to the course, I think I missed all the trail signs except for alp duez which I almost crashed on(its a climb) and blackout. Couldn't find the Kabush Falls section.

Kept it upright for the pre-ride, which was good there are a couple right handers that have me on edge.

Switching to the Slant 6's for Tomorrow and probably the race i was running on some low volume tires today which left a little be desired on the rocky sections.

Want to wish everyone luck racing HAN I expect some elbows between a couple solo's,

sticking around sunday so look for a post race report.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Provincials Race Report

With my betting ticket in hand I headed down to Woodnewton, to take some shots and support the team, Stu, Sue and Zack, well turns out Stu wasn't in the mood for racing so he was just chilling. It was all on Sue and Zack, told them no pressure. Ill add some of the better shots, gots lots of blurry ones, I blame my lack of skill a bit but mostly the low light conditions.

After my solid pep talks and tire pressure advice I headed to hike the course, well walk slowly, take lots of shortcuts and sit down often. Almost made it to the start line before being verbally accosted by J-Staff, I won't post those pictures.

Hiked out a bit from the start line as it appeared to be well covered by the paparazzi.

Elites went off, looked like they were just in cruise control, juniors started and looked like they were trying to kill each other. Headed out and watched the other starts roll by, saw Steve Neal out there, he was all business and wasn't taking any of my advice re:Cadence, Hydration. By the start of the 2nd lap it looked to be blown to pieces, D-rock up front who said it was ``more difficult than it looked`` (yes I was interviewing as the race progressed) Eric and Cam, then not far back Adam and Peter, with Stafford chasing them leading the U-23.

Turned into a Sam Rykoff peanut gallery out there, most enjoyed the heckling, some not so much. The rest of the laps are kinda a blur, gave some back splits, and other timing info out as the race progressed, tried my best to be Switzerland and give as many as I could to various people. I know Mitch appreciated the 1 10th of a second back split to Evan.

Stafford rode strong in the U-23 lead all day 6th overall, Heard something along the lines of apples as he rode by me.

Adam and Peter worked well together(it appeared) all day, Peter is getting out of the saddle just for the camera, I know it and so does Adam.

Derek on his way to the W,

So as for my predictions, lets just say I didn`t win enough to fund my worlds trip, but I did get the win, Eric in 4th, and Cam was the U-25 champ, and Peter did sprint for 2nd with Adam, but lost by a wheel.

I also realized that its way less tiring to just watch a race. That said I was bummed I wasn`t racing that one, course looked nice, looking forward to racing it in the future.

Heading to New York Wednesday, should be good, Leg is getting better by the day, gonna a try for a good ride today.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Leg is doing well, some good ROM on the trainer, Try for a little more today.

Yesterday I set up shop in well the shop, and got a garbage can of icy water set up, and started working on getting my bikes and wheels mounted on the wall, when i got stumped i'd ride the trainer and then hit the ice bath.

Thanks to the twins for the mounting hardware, they worked great.

Still some work to do out there but I figure it will all be done by winter when all I really use is the one bike, ok 2 if you count the joyride bike which requires low maintenance thankfully.

Had a nice dinner with everyone at the quarterdeck, had the compass rose again, Not as good as last time. I skipped the ride and opted for a drive with Tammy who regaled me with her transrockies stories. And her training for said race, which included lots of tempo on gravel roads, I asked who her coach was but she refused to tell me.

Some family time today, then head down to Uxbridge tomorrow for provincials. I was hoping to be racing this one, but watching and putting money on it will be just as fun.

Predictions, The flying Dutchmen will be top of the list but that odds on so no fun there.

Under 25 provincial Champ (yes I made that up) will be Cam Jette. Who will sprint with Pete Glassford for 2nd overall and lose by a wheel, as Pete has been working on his sprint.

Eric and Adam will race for 4th, with Eric taking some risks and Adam riding to conserve his overall title, not wanting to crash out in the final minutes of the race, cause that is very jit.

Under 23, will be Zack but being chased hard by Andrew De Cal, and Kyle Fry will round out the top three U23(10th overall).

Or Tyson, Ryan, And Stafford will just destroy everyone. Then ride by me and say how do you like them Apples. Should be a good race....actually I wonder if MTB provincial team coach will be racing?? sounds like his kind of course, to late no changies.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So this m and m is pretty good

After some running around town playing chauffer i headed out to watch the wednesday night department store bike showdown of the world.

Actually i just wanted to take Starbuck out for a walk and it was a wednesday night, two birds theory again.

Spotted some former MTB'ers doing some secret training, One Charlotte Batty, pretty sure she was doing intervals, and he blogged about it so it can't be too secret. Fry showed up on a funny looking 29'er. And led out at whatever course it was at about 50 rpm.

I confirmed my attendance tomorrow night for the peanut butter burger ride, tried to see if a chariot or burley could be beefed up by then. Answer was yes but it probably won't fit through the barriers. Darn.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

another morning post.

Doing better after some witch craft treatment with a light, I still don't believe in that mumbo jumbo but, i went from a solid limp to walking well on straight line level ground.

Nice chill afternoon, convinced Krista I was immobile and she needed to bring out some movies, brought out Gunless and the last song, we watched Gunless, great stuff again from Paul Gross. Unfortunately we couldn't watch the last song, as I had to head to Horseshoe/copeland for a Ben Ricetto photo shoot. With Cayley and Mitch for the local paper. Meant getting on a mtb and heading into the woods, i made it just not very fast. Zero pain just lots of stiffness, my knee doesn't like the full range of motion, turned it into a single leg ride pretty quick. Good shots im sure, can't wait to see the article.

Probably going to set up the road bike on the trainer today, and see what can be done,

Looking forward to provincials, it will be killer,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

going through some records

I think the last time I Dnf'd after a crash was back at skyloft when i was a cadet expert im not going to say what year that was.

Drive home was good, actually very comfortable in the truck, so comfortable i was able to catch up on some sleep. I hate doing that while Kevin is driving but really i just passed out without much choice in the matter.

Made it home in good time, even had some visitors come over, Matt and Molly, who made herself right at home, pretty much growled at Starbuck and claimed the house as her own. And continued to piss off all the neighbours dogs, really caused quite a ruckus here in Craighurst.

Put compression on it last night and slept like a baby, leg feels pretty good, if your a senior elite in ontario, you better watch out come Sunday......

Sunday, August 15, 2010

this is going to make for good photos

Well the canada cup season is over. Im happy to say i did not loose the overall.

The race was good, felt strong climbing, rode pretty clean, and stayed in a nice solid 3rd place behind DZ and Liam all day. Last lap, heading into the last piece of singletrack was cooking along pretty good trying to carry some momentum into it. Not sure exactly but it felt like and by my injures i think my rear wheel got kicked up. And i found myself landing relatively hard on my right leg on a nice piece slick rock. Skidded to a stop and immediately thought, huh is this is what a broken femur feels like? Its not but i couldn't move for a solid 30 seconds, just laid there, actually i managed to roll myself off the line.

Nice french marshal was there, he didn't' freak out which was good. Sat for a bit, was able to stand up for a bit, decided i wouldn't be able to finish it off, took all my big boy's don't cry strength to get my leg over and coast down the access road to the first aid area. They cleaned me up and got some ice on it.

Got back to the trailer where i was well taken care of by the Viponds and Bailey's.

hobbled up to the awards to get another jersey, happy with that.

Not going to lie my leg hurts, some question marks for the next few weeks, im able to put good weight on it, its not broken but, it will need some TLC.

thanks to all for their concern on the course and after,

travel home tomorrow should be interesting.


battery was running low, also need to thank the norco fella's Zach for helping out with a nice bike wash, and Kev for the feeds and picking up some dinner. Also Pete for holding down the fort.

had a cool bath, helped bring the heat down, have some compression on it now. pics to come.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Back and Atom

K, been a lousy few days, actually really since getting home. After some good sleeps and meals I was feeling a lot better today. Not sure where the fitness is but I feel rested at least. I'm starting to wonder if its something at the Craighurst house. I feel better when i'm not there. That could just be in my head.

Wednesday was a travel day/demo at a weekly series race in Montreal. I was bummed i didn't suit up for this one. Really cool short course on a small ski hill 90% visible from the main area. Tons of people out, 200 racers but a ton of families and little kids. I started to notice people walking around with some brews too, could it be a beer garden at a weekly series race, It was a really cool series. Until it got dark, then it turned into a very seedy atmosphere with sketchy people coming out of nowhere, couldn't get out of there fast enough. Until we got blocked in and couldn't get the truck and trailer out. People were trying to get us to squeeze through a space that would leave about 1/2 inch on either side of the trailer. No thanks.

Got into our place here pretty late/early, crashed for a good sleep. Hit up the metro apparently there is now a IGA in town but didn't know that. Got out for a ride legs were good but the energy level was not at 11. Had a golden retriever burger, good stuff, then the low point of the night was watching Shutter island. Can't win em all, horrible, almost had to shut it off, some like it but i can't say it was a grand slam.

Woke up thinking it would be another draggy day. Got rolling up to the course,felt ok, hit the course on the hardtail for a lap, really different course, same layout but its not covered in 6 inches of mud, actually makes for a fun ride. Then took out the new 4 inch prototype, ill save the full review but me likey a lot. I'm not a full squish guy but this could be the bike to change that. we'll see i need a little more time on it. Finished it off with another lap on the FFH to make sure i was dialed on it.

The field will be a little different, lots of riders from different countries, kiwi land, kangaroo land, british land, and even some fellas from south of the border. Havy's favourite rider Liam Killeen is on the start list, should be a wicked race.

getting long, apologies, feels like i have some energy back

oh, and im anxiously awaiting some wednesday night fixie race reports....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guess Ill update this

Been in a weird state these past few days. First I'm pretty pissed at Cam for not racing Kelso.

Been feeling a little off riding has been iffy the past couple days. Last night rode in copeland, legs felt really good, rested, maybe i just needed a couple 16 hour sleeps. We'll see how they feel tonight, not to worried have some time before worlds.

Headed to Bromont via a bike demo tomorrow. Spending a little more time in the nation than usual for a weekend race but, who knows maybe it won't rain.

Ride this evening in town, haven't been to one in a while, i'm going to take the easy route in and drive in.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

bits and pieces

Riding has been alright, think i`m pretty much adjusted back to normal I slept really well last night. After a movie marathon, first up was the new Nolan flick, Inception. Best film i've seen in years, easily one of the most original movies i have seen ever. I have a huge itch to go see it again.

Post theater it was to the couch for a triple header, the losers, pretty good. Then I found Cool world and Little monsters in my friends DVD collection, it was a good night.

Looks like Craighurst has it first MTB worlds participant. The mens team was pretty straight forward 7 spots and 7 guys in the pool so it wasn`t hard to know who would be on the team. Apparently I made the A team, though the support is dolled out via the tiers anyway so really I`m not sure what the point of the two teams is. Its going to be surprisingly expensive for a home country worlds.

Pick for Kelso tomorrow, normally I would pick Pete but hes doing a long tempo ride tomorrow, so I`m going with the Jette.

Friday, August 6, 2010

morning post

Up early yet again, i can't remember having this much problems readjusting to eastern time.

After some things around the house, I got ready to head out on the road bike for a few hours of endurance, did an "outer" loop of oro so that I could bail out if i started to feel like a bucket of hammers. Ride was going well until I hit Hawkstone, i think someone was playing with grenades cause i rode through what appeared to be shrapnel, flatted and proceeded to pick out little shards of steel from my tire. Of course I missed a piece and my spare tube went flat immediately, preceded to fill my tire with long grass to get me home while leaving some messages for a possible pickup. To my pleasant surprise I had two people stop and ask if i needed help.

Didn't have to ride my vegetation filled wheel too long before I was picked up in the AWI team van, even Starbuck came to make sure I was all good. Thinking back i should have just had my spare wheel delivered, maybe it was my subconscious allowing an easy out.

I got through most of the ride, made the executive decision to call it a day. A little garage organization which i quickly abandoned. A few errands in Orillia and i headed to the TT to watch the boys, may have invited myself to some tree top trekking on Sunday. Could be fun.

today will be a reattempt at the same loop backwards, minus Hawkstone I'm going to bypass that somehow.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


The journey home was great, first leg was a 7 hour drive over 4 mountain passes to get to Zurich, awesome for the passengers i think a bit exhausting on the drivers,except Scott he loved every minute of it. Made it to Zurich Bee line to the pizza place for what is becoming the traditional trip ending Calzone.

Flights home the next day were good, As Mitch said it best its like going into grade 9 you don't know what your going to get. As in the person or persons around you. On an 8.5 hour flight it means having a good flight and hating life. A quick transfer in Frankfurt and we headed for TO.

Breakfast in Switzerland, Lunch in Germany and dinner in Craighurst, long day.

Spent some time giving the FFH some TLC a good solid wash she was in need of. The bike lust came out too. The maytag repair man stopped by and with a little prodding convinced me to head down to Albion for a lap of the HAN course, Im not even racing it and I don't think Matt is either but really it was an excuse to ride somewhere different and with people.

Loaded up his family sedan with the bikes and we were down there pretty fast, I couldn't see the speedometer and that's probably a good thing.

Solid ride with the medium fast Sean and Adam group, highlight of the night was watching Kelsey and Corey just try to take each other out every 5 minutes, basically Jacob and Tristan when they were younger I imagine. And I got worked pretty good.

Having some troubles getting back into this time zone. Im hoping big bodems of coffee will help.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Valley of the Sun

Well it was sunny and hot today for sure. Second hottest race of the year. And lots of open climbs to soak it in.

Standard world cup day start at 8 pm, at least it feels like it. I think between Derek and I we have killed some serious sudoko.

The temperature climbed nicely into the high 20’s at least if not a little hotter. Again sun peaks esque for sure. Got warmed up, some advice from EB female as she is called apparently. Warmed up on the road legs felt good loose, didn’t take to much to feel ready to go.

Lined up in my typical 70’s position. The start was the usual, I got caught up in one pile up, didn’t go down but had to put my foot down. Got on the good line so saved some energy there, The rest of the start loop went pretty well, I could here crashes behind me so that was good, Found myself not to far from DZ, we always joked about Canadians riding together so I made sure to keep an appropriate distance.

First lap was pretty good bottlenecking wasn’t too bad, then it happened I’ve heard of this before, the Wolfram train. Sure enough he comes trucking by and to the front and just blows it in the singletrack. The train establishes, a little run section, I passed some people and came out behind him. Had to push him to get him to move forward. Hit the climb and he killed it again. After the first lap there was a solid 15 guys behind him. I’m sure he’s a nice guy its just funny that it always happens.

Settled in, I could tell guys were already starting to crack with the climbing and heat. Started to move up a bit. Found myself in behind DZ, damn, well that’s just the way it was. Good lap.

Third lap was my best, maybe a little too good, rolled past the k-bomb he didn’t look to hot, heard he pulled the plug just after. Heading out on the 4th lap and felt that little twinge of bonk come over me. With 3 to go I put into it a little bit of damage control, had to talk myself into keeping going a big mental game there for a bit.

Backed off a couple percent and started to feel better. Racing was pretty much out at that point it was just survival. Saw a couple guys just collapsed on the side of the course, and one guy stop turn around and just ride back down. That made me feel better,

Last two laps were solid, starting to feel the burn for sure, not sure where I finished but I think I had a cleaner race than last weekend, Felt a little stronger at the end than last week, Best “euro” world cup finish and race for sure. I still need to work on some things with these races but getting there.