Monday, May 31, 2010

Naps are good

Got some down time and used it to start uploading some pics to facebook, immediately fell asleep with my laptop on my lap as they uploaded.

Much needed, feeling refreshed back to yesterday the start was early 11:30 well relatively early for the elite/junior start. Made it out in good time to get my first surprise of the day, the Norco compound decorated in birthday garb including balloons and a wicked table cloth. Thanks Kevin.

warm up with Peter, may have played mind games, then lined up for the start right side was the key as thats where the line was. Got started thinking ok cool looks like i'm leading this out, until an f-18 came up the left side and gained about 50 meters in the first 75 meters of the course. Ok so I guess im in second.

First lap was good stuck to my plan to sit in as it was going to be a long race. It was that Guatemala thing, felt like I was going to easy but really with the heat was probably going harder than perceived. Derek, Raph and myself gained some ground and headed out for lap two.

I think I led this one for a while until I had a nice little bail, landed more or less on my feet, and continued on my way. Nothing to exciting that I can remember.

Third lap Raph went to front out pine trail, and immediately upped the pace felt like motorpacing for a bit. bombing down coffee run, Raph took a creative line and got a gap on us, then made it past a crashing junior rider on the s turn. The turn shielded our view of this, so Derek and I both got caught off guard with a rider and bike sprawled on the ground. Derek went over, I managed to hug the fence and stay upright. Took both of us a while to get moving, lost some good time.

Set to work closing down the gap managed to get back on heading into "watts on" the effort took a lot out of me, could have maybe done it more gradually but I got a little impatient. With lapped traffic becoming a factor it was going to be key to make good safe passes to stay in good position.

4th lap, pretty steady just cranking along.

5th at about 1:40 I could feel my energy level starting to drop off, and some cramps hinting in my legs. Couldn't recover at all in the first tight singletrack like other laps and thats all she wrote.

I was able to keep them in sight as they continued on, thinking it was going to come down to whoever made the least mistakes would win it. I settled into a nice solo pace, roll the outer kill the inner loop pace to hold on for 3rd. DZ took the win which actually put me in the leaders jersey.

Happy that was my best hardwood canada cup since 2004, had some demons to slay there.

My dark horse pick for the win didn't turn out, good teamish BBQ back here after with Kevin, Sue, and Alexa. Didn't take long for Starbuck to knock Alexa over and make her cry.

Today, junior talent ID camp, Ontario's juniors have talent didn't take long to see that. Good day with Dan Proulx at the helm and a few of us helping out.

storm is rolling in, birthday cake is still in the fridge. mmmm

up next, mountainview, "other" thinking the driving range should be visited,

Thanks to all for their birthday wishes,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

HSB is throwing down

Yeah just stole that title from Ben, I should really just copy and paste his post here with a few slight changes.

Planned to get up early and be on site before the crowds to get some laps in, fail #1, I rolled in at 11:30. Got ready said my hello's and headed out, riding through the tight stuff early on, not really focusing on the task at hand and I clipped my bar on the left side, Going not slow I found myself in a heap on the ground. Awesome, bar was turned fixed that and returned to base for a little first aid, Thanks to Garreth for Cleaning me up and Rob for holding my hand all the way through it. And to Carter Meeuwisse for not taking no for an answer when I said I didn't need any first aid.

Round 2, remounted and headed out with Juice for a lap. Good riding, Zach's got things figured out I think, hit coffee run carrying a fair amount of speed again trying to slay some dragons, and into the downhill s turn, Bang off the bike caught by the fence if it wasn't there I would have ended up on the 6th line of Oro. I actually somehow managed to land on my feet so really I don't count that as a crash, Finished the lap hit the joyride ramp, glad I was hitting that place up all winter. Continued on with some intensity opening the legs up.

Interview with Matt P, who was busy all day,

So 11:30 am 5 laps, will be a long and hot one, finishing at 1:30,

I need more gauze.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Plentiful Interweb

As the air is full of the stuff buzzing around my head its time to get back on the steady post train I think.

Back into the scene, One day off and it was back in the Trailer getting changed with Panda, who was safely returned by the way.

Hit Hardwood for a few laps of the course, The biggest difference from years past is just how fracking dry it is, I am almost tempted to put on a Karma up front. Bone shaker I don't think has been that sketchy since its debut in 2000. The sand between all the rocks is so loose its hard to just fly through.

Coffee run is dry and dusty, I hate to say it but there are a few corners I'm hitting my e-brake to get my bike to turn major under steer happening on the loose sand over hardpack. May need to take some wedge out.

Two laps solo one lap with Kevin, who again loves to dust me on the decents just to make sure I know whos boss.

Long course for 5 laps by todays standards, I wouldn't be surprised to see a section or two come out this evening.

Saw my trail today its on the course, my name is spelt wrong but whatever.

Oh and its hot.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

nothing better

Thursday in the AM, not not much on the docket for today after some non stop riding racing & demoing. Need to get caught up on some Lost, also just saw the robins are back, so I need to get some more stove piping.

Tuesday evening I made it to the ride for a road spin with some people, myself and my legs were craving that. Good ride & coffee afterwards.

Yesterday was getting caught up with the interweb stuff, doing some reports and pics then headed down to Coulson Hill for a Norco Bike demo at the spoke o motion wednesday night series. Setup got the bikes ready said hi to some people who raced back in the day there who have gone off started families and are getting back into the sport with their kids awesome to see. Les Suter reminded me how pumped I was when I first beat him there when I was young, I told him I'm still pumped about it.

The young contingent was out as well Jon, Sean, Jordon ready to make me work for it. Start was good settled in, first few pieces of tight singletrack had me getting dusted, i'm not used to riding in flat fast tight singletrack at 30kph. Lots of fun caught myself with a big smile on my face a few times.

last night, didn't sleep / weird dreams so thats cool,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

12th edition

Just used my fingers to count the amount of times I’ve raced Tremblant, shudder. went well not as good as 99, but im pleased with the turnout.

The week was great, super quiet in the village actually it was a ghost town all week till Saturday. Did some good riding on the course with various other cyclists from around the country. Some power rangers even grabbed my wheel for a lap. Always nice riding with the next generation,

the weather all week was nothing short of amazing, crazy nice, I kept waking up and wondered how much Interwest paid for the weather. No wonder they are in debt.

So here goes its been a couple days since the race so the details may have faded a bit but basically here's the race.

Start: called up in the primo spot again Mike G said he walked the start and said there was a tractor path just out from the gate on the start line.

Start was good settled in a little more than last week even popped out of the top ten for a bit, realized my bars were wide when I got clipped by Sneddon I was like oh yeah I take up some real estate. Roddi2 took the lead for a while and Jette also made his way to the front along with the usual's. I went into the first piece of trail behind Cody and settled in there in a train with Jette leading. Made my way closer to the front as the lap went on third wheel I guess into the dh, Max and Jette were leading the way, Jette pulled off with bike trouble Max Raph and Myself hit the pavement with a small gap which quickly narrowed to nothing as nobody was pullng hard into town. I was on the front soft pedaling in the middle ring through the village, felt like a parade lap with 15 guys rolling through.

Lap deux: A few people came by but the pace stayed the same through the feedzone . When we hit the first singletrack I went to the front and cranked it up a few notches(ok it was to 11) to see what that would do, Got a gap Max and Raph were able to match the effort and the three of us again found ourselves in the same position as last weekend.

Lap3: our trio was still together and beginning to catch a lot of lapped traffic, I took the lead again and kept the pace high into the climb, Raph fell off a bit but was able to ride back on during the main decent as we started to hit really heavy traffic probably went passed 80% of all the lappers in one lap, good in a way as the course was clearer for the last two laps. Oh and they shortened the race by a full lap plus the course was much dryer and faster this year.

Lap 4: Max took over on the front and we started to gap raph again, for some reason it seemed like max was upping the pace gradually, I came the realization he was trying to shake me off using the old Pete Glassford attack style. The 2 stage climb turned into a ramp test, made it to the top but couldn’t get the legs to upshift fast enough the gap was there into the final lap.

Lap5: 20 minutes of pain left is what I told myself grabbing my last bottle form Kevin he said some encouraging words as usual, I could see Max close but far away at the same time. Kept on the gas, rode clean and smart the gap held over the top of the course and into the DH, really only one way I was going to win at that point. Hit the pavement check my tires one last time before the tech zone and started the bike path booking into town. Checked back a few times just to see if there was a group fast approaching. Passed Brendan he swore at me and said he hated me, yeah I know, got sprinted to the line by a junior ex rider he beat me, damn. Shaked big Max’s hand and cooled down.

Evening was spent watching the red bull descent, which turned into working as a wheel changer/tech guy at the exchange point. Good show good to see Mike G and Justin brown throw down, not going to say anything……not going to say anything……they killed it that’s all im saying. Nice evening with some hometown folks, and hit the hay and got rested up for the monster bike path/coffee shop ride sunday morning with Matt P and Juice. Who both had great races as well. The DH had many visitors to the trailer for some nice people watching as the village was insanely busy.

Weekend score sheet, Catherine rode a crazy smart race to win, Sue who was still changing diapers and feeder Alexa an hour before the race pulled out an impressive 8th, with Caroline in 9th, Zach improved on his last time out with a nice round 30th.

good trip with the Norco Team as always, Big thanks to Kevin H as always, and all our help John Hughes, and the vipond family.

Demo Yesterday in the Pet, better than ever, no bugs, massive BBQ feast after put on by Damien and his Wife from gearheads

good 2 hr ride in the trails today, kinda like buckwallow just a little more spread out over more land,

Booked it back and here I sit,

stayed tuned there may be a change afoot in my website address

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

through the nose

so finally found some good interweb here, paying in gold bullion for it but whateve's I needed a good 24 hours of the stuff,

also allows me to do some video watching here are two of mine pre and post bsp, plus my favourite interview of the day to start

Pre race, didn't believe it was even filmed until I saw it

post race goodness

thanks to Matt p for doing those, and putting them on youtube without any copyright signs or anything so I could "embed" them here

rode the course with Kevin, Zach, and Jean Ann, then team Saskatchewan/Newfoundland, they might as well pave it, soon ill be bringing the cx bike out here, its all good just losing some of that tremblant gnarlyness

oh just found this description of a euro world cup start, pretty much sums it up best

"Ride for you life from a cheetah for 5 minutes. STOP!! Rock a crying baby to sleep while pounding Red Bulls for the next 30 seconds. Ride as fast as you can from a rabid Polar Bear for another 2 minutes and then compete in a jackass style slip in slide contest. Now its time to run from a fire breathing dragon for 2 more minutes up a slippery slope while jumping hurdles (bodies and bikes). Then you get tossed into the octagon for a short UFC match with some euro dude who just T-Boned you into a fence. Add in some more hardcore sprints for corners and some time spent waiting to get into a piece of singletrack while listening to elevator music. Wallah you’ve just experienced the first 15 minutes of a European World Cup."
Blog vacation

Not going to lie I’ve been taking it easy on the blog front, not that there hasn’t been anything to report but just a little time apart.

Currently sitting in the luxurious Norco team truck heading to the greater St Jovite area.

The trip out was good, I still had a bad grocery store bonk once we arrived, there was a danger of me losing it on Junior. Nothing a little store bought oven ready pizza can’t cure. And passing out at 7:30 not remembering going to bed. Woke up Friday refreshed feeling like a new man, headed down to the course after a leisurely morning at the ranch.

Course good, short, fast good “flow” Saturday was pretty much the same thing as last year tech guide says course is open till 11:00, but they still kick you off at 10:30.

Saturday afternoon was max chillage back at the ranch watched some battlestar educated our guests from the east and west on it, they re into it.

Sunday morning rolled down to the course early to make sure I was all dialed in, plate on tools in the pockets. all that good stuff.

Warmed up with Matt P, the weather was nice a hair over 15 degrees sunny and dry. Got lined up after the old 1 minutes till call up…for about 6 minutes until Raph got there. Good start got on Sontag’s wheel into the headwind campground start loop. Came by not to long after that into the first piece of singletrack. Popped out with a bit of a lead I think into the double track climb. Then into the next piece of singletrack I jitted out in a rut and heard what sounded like a grizzly bear coming out of the woods at me, sure enough Sneddon comes trucking by, he continued to kill it to finish off the lap.

Lap 2 Took back that lead and got another gap to Max, who closed that up over the course of that lap, by the end it was Max and I together, starting our best pass competition, kinda like zombie kill of the week. Im pretty sure I took that with a nice double consecutive apex inside passes on two juniors who were duelling.

Lap 3-6.5 Pretty much just weaving through people left right and center, started double and TRIPLE lapping people, most were nice and left some room on the wide stuff, a select few have no idea and try to ride you into trees twice. I eased up and took some wide lines seeing if Max would bite but he had his thinking cap on and we both knew he has a strong kick, If I played around Raph would have caught us, the ball was in my court to just stay at the front and try to Steve Prefontaine it, and hope I could wear him down. The course started to thin out a little with some of the junior girls finishing.

Lap 6.5-finish, Heard some clicking behind me on the third last climb tried to respond but legs were already cranked to 11, Max put in a solid 1 minute effort to get a gap which he was able to hold to the finish, turns out we both had issues with the finish, they tried to send him out for another lap and I followed the course the way it was marked for pre-riding, Went straight into some tape, course went left, I was super confused, thought somebody was messing with me.

good stuff, same place as last year but I’m pretty sure I had a better race this time around. Was never outside the top 2, Short race 1:40 ish so my legs didn’t get a chance to be too trashed.

Results and video interviews are up in cyberspace somewhere just use your google search bar. There doesn’t seem to be any wi fi out in the middle of nowhere quebec for me to post links.

Kevin is already giving me a hard time about this post being too long. Tremblant usually has some web surfing around so Im hoping for some more regular updates this week. I hate to say it but a 3g ipad wouild hit the spot for this stuff. Yeah I just said that.

pete and adam just showed up at the coffee shop time to socialize

Sunday, May 16, 2010

found some interweb, good race 2nd,(again) plaxton won, full report to come.

also check out matt p's video's

good stuff

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, as you may have noticed my post count for the past 7 days is well down. Not a whole lot to tell, been trying to get that balance of rest and training back in check. Finally feel not jet legged and I'm sleeping normally for the most part.

Saturday I headed down to Albion to pick up my bike after Kevin working his magic on it, making it all new again, I still don't know how he does it. He must have some pixy dust or something. Actually had my fork installed, I was riding a demo fork, He told me to check the pressure, I felt it and said its good and I haven't changed a thing.

"From the factory out of the box and its dialed" Rock Shox I thought of that.

Good ride in the rain, the course was in great shape even with a small block fully ride able.

Sunday morning, awoke to some accumulation on the ground, left at 9 on the mtb taking as much gravel as I could to get down. Snowed till Beeton, and the wind was pretty good whenever I was headed west.

Arrived did the superman change into my Kyle Douglas racer/team manager transformation, and started changing wheels and pressures, mostly at random.

Good race, lap report 1-4 group of 4 at the front, lap 5, Adam at the front winning, thats really all I caught. Oh and Peter who I had bet the farm on, pulling off almost called a doctor as I have never seen that before.

Ben Dawson gets the SNPD award for best negative split lap times, managing to pick some spots off at the end.

Post race fight with Matt P, over him putting words in my e-mail, he left his helmet on, my hands are pretty bruised.

Hitched a ride home with Liz, told me some interesting things about Jacob, I never knew he had a birthmark.

Out of the country for two weeks racing,

Internet is super sketchy in Quebec so we'll see.

oh and I must apologize to all my fans out there, "I swear it was my first time, I have never taken that line before."

Friday, May 7, 2010

back to spring

Sipping on some old espresso I brewed up on the stovetop, I just added fresh espresso to my grocery list.

Not much to report, Today was nice first time since I've been home to just relax and get rolling whenever. No schedule to stick too.

Yesterday I headed down to Woodbridge for my post euro debrief/lunch. Outta there at a good hour with some more clothing that I'll need in the coming weeks. Back home I was able to unpack (why i don't know) and clean up the garage a fair bit, still have tons of stuff to get rid off, tires, parts, that are about to go in the garbage.

One mission for today, register for the hardwood c-cup, I did the two quebec cups online, but eventsonline, didn't like my e-mail address and wouldn't let me register for HH. So I printed off my forms put my visa in my pocket and rode out.

I took the standard bicycle line into the parking lot off old Barrie road out there, just as Jay and Heather were pulling in, Jay called me a cutter, I responded with the usual it wasn't tapped off response, we are awaiting a UCI ruling on this. Got registered, was hoping to see Ben, he wasn't in apparently, sigh.

Ride home, as I was coming into town I thought for a sec that i hadn't loitered in the shop for a while, but then I could see the usual afternoon wall of black rolling in from the west so i just booked it home finishing off just as the rain started.

Reading that the course will be shut down as long as its raining on the weekend i e-mailed Matt P to see what that meant for the pre-ride with the pro's(I prefer elite's) This wasn't taken well and now we need to fight, the fight with Peter ended in a draw actually with Matt F taking the brunt of it on his knee. We'll see how the Watson vs. Paziuk fight goes.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My eyes are stinging after reading an anonymous blogger's blog who uses a black background and white font, which just kills my eyes...(Stafford)

Been a crazy 24 hours, after getting unpacked and washing my mtb I headed out to the tuesday nighter at 6:30, barely made it. The ride was good pretty relaxed just a hair over 28 kph average through Oro. Then coming back into town on ridge on a slight downhill, we were cooking along I think we even had a tailwind. I was at the back chatting with Jamie and i just heard that horrible noise of a crash ahead of us further up in the group. I didn't see it happen just saw the rider coming inside sliding on the ground his bike head to the left side into some oncoming cars, so I didn't go that way. Thought for sure I was done, I have really no idea how I made it through, I think I used the shoulder. Nigel was behind me and the hole quickly closed behind me and Nigel went down as well.

Not going to get into to many details, the rider was hurt bad, I called 911, we had some folks on the ride who knew exactly what to do, and the emergency services, fire, ambulances and police were there pretty fast.

Didn't really sleep too much last night and was up early. Had a ride set up with Peter for three stage, and thought for a second about calling it, but thought it would be good to clear my head. Met up at 10 with him and Matt F for a 3.5 hour tour/getting lost and riding in circles up there. Finished and beat the rain just in time. Quick refuel in Stanyer at Coffee Culture, and headed out just ahead of the storm.

Hoping for a full recovery for Dave and his family.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sitting on the 8 hour flight from Frankfurt to Toronto, biggest plane I have ever been on I thought we were getting on a 747 with all the people that were lining up. As juice raph and I were sitting on the stairs waiting to get into the line to get into a line, I swore I saw Lt. Dualla walk by in line, I was a little far away so I was only 90% sure.(oh yeah I was totally right abouyt Paolo Pezzo asking Scott to touch her bum) Once on the plane sitting down and she walked past me, I was sure. I always thought those actors were too good to be real and they didn't really exist.

Backing up a day to the spring classic of mtbing, Houffalize. I awoke to the sound of a torrential rain storm. Just as the women were heading down to the course. Wished them luck and curled back inside. The rain quieted down and never started that hard again. But it was off and on.

The boys and I headed down around one to warm up and get our transponders. Warmup was a little difficult in the rain but I did the best I could.

Got lined up sun came out and it was baseball time. Right off the gun there was a crash on my side of the road, front row from the sounds of it. So there was a bunch of places right off the start. The start climb is actually one of the main climbs in liege-Bastogne-liege and I couldn’t imagine doing it on a road bike. I was ready for a hurt feast both physically and mentally on this start and it actually turned out to be not so bad. But when I got to the top my hr was only 170, where it should have been in the 180’s to 90’s. A good sign I wasn’t warmed up enough or cooled down to much waiting to start.

First downhill on the start loop was chaos as usually, lost my transponder at some point I think hence the lack of live timing. Found myself following the herd and cutting the course not realizing it till I was back on. I felt kinda bad, But when in Rome.

oh and they shortened our race on the line from 6 to 5 full laps. I put the hammer down and my legs were feeling weird, they would feel good for a few minutes then start to shut down a bit, like my fuel injection system wasn’t tuned up. I stuck at it and on my second lap I started to come around a bit, did a nice climb on the last climb of the course passed ten guys to be put into the tape by the 11th. Said tape does what it always does and proceeded to wrap itself around my cassette. I then lost the 10 spots plus another 5 probably taking it out.

The latter laps were just chaos, guys exploding, guys coming up from behind, guys jumping off to run up climbs that were completely ride able, it was the closest thing to nascar on a bike.

I was climbing and riding my bike well, but anything flat and soft, I was lacking the power to go through it. My cross legs haven’t arrived yet apparently.

Finished up the whole thing, I looked at this as my redemption race for Schladming last year, similar course and style where I just couldn’t pedal my bike. I was hoping for a better result for sure, but lead lap on a crazy day will have to do. I would have to say everything about Dolby was just solid, this race I was all over the map, I laughed, I cried, I bled, I nascar'd and got nascar'd in return.

So back home tonight, 5 weekends of racing in 4 countries(Hamilton counts as a country) has taken its toll, time to get some miles back in the legs.

A great trip as always, with some great team mates and amazing staff, Scotty and Kyle for keeping things light and airy(also keeping our bikes running) Amanda(not Amanda sin, well her too for being awesome but U.S. Amanda) for fixing me when I was broken, and the staff in Ottawa that helped in getting us all over there.

“you know I just wanted my bike to work in the mud, XTR, I thought of that”

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Insane race today, just got into the brussels airport hotel, a little tired.

full report in the days to come.

Home tommorow evening local time

Saturday, May 1, 2010



So, I’ve been managing to do some quick twitter updates and such via ipod touch from the village in between laps. if your not already following me my thingy is swabag

Back to things, back is solid now, Amanda our soigneur worked some magic last night and this morning I was able to ride 100% without noticing any pain. If I thought about it I could but it won’t be a factor in the race, kinda thought it was going to be for a bit.

We were up early this morning hitting the road at 8:30 to get there for course opening at 9. We managed to beat the rush, and I did 1.75 laps. Did the tech drop twice changing my line slightly on it. Slayed that dragon, hard. Second full lap I was punching the climbs to try and open up the legs a bit, hurt at first but got more comfortable by the end.

Near the end of the lap I was catching Emily up the last climb, when a course marshal stepped out to watch her without thinking to look for oncoming traffic. I was going pretty hard we did the old left right left right, then both decided to just go straight, smoked into him. I did my best “awesome” he apologized then lost his mind on the Marshall further down for not warning him I almost stopped to say it wasn’t his fault(it was Emily’s) but wanted to finish my lap and not start WWIII.

Rolled through did my Merida recon work 5 riders out at 10:10 a.m. write that down.

Riding back to the van’s I asked Scott to push me up the (start)hill so I could save my legs. The Italian womens team came by and tried to lure Scotty away by saying he could push them. Scotty stayed true. Saying they’ll be back. I swear one of them was Paolo Pezzo.

I was looking forward to using some of my Italian, Bonjourno.

possible rain tomorrow Karma has been placed on the front, Small block 8 is staying on the rear.

heading back to La Roche for some interweb, if you are reading this Saturday means it was a success.

“To properly eat a Belgian waffle you must fill in all the holes.”