Friday, April 30, 2010

friday update

So the internet withdrawal is hitting everyone pretty hard which means a good number of trips to find said internet. Actually I brought my I pad mini to use some web but the keyboard was kinda useless.

Back is feeling better today, still sore but only when I move in certain ways. Just did an easy spin down to town and back. Didn’t ride the course, don’t think my back would like that.

Home good lunch of rice, brie and avocado with balsamic vinegar. mmmmmm

found some web, sitting beside a sherman tank just learning about the battle of the bulge,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are you a history buff?

Made it to Belgium yesterday afternoon after the most stress free travel day ever, mainly cause Scott the fearless adventurer took our bikes across on the ferry, travelling with only a bag is 1000% nicer.

I loaded up with Kyle and DZ for the drive to Houffalize, while Dan took the rest in the van, we basically lost them about 1 km into the trip never to see them again until we arrived. Staying in a huge house, also the rest of the team hindered by the volcano made it, Sandra, Juice and Raph fresh off his world cup west win.

Took a tour of la roche on a food search didn’t find any but saw a American tank just sitting there. Kyle enlightened me to the fact that there was some serious ww2 battles that took place in this area.

Today(Wednesday) got up stole some food from Juice and headed to the grocery store. Got some eats back, changed and rode to the course with Kyle and Derek for a tour de Houffalize, after some inter-country help we found the altered course and turned a full lap with the three of us. Derek turned off and it was down to Kyle and me to dial it in. Good course, lots of steep climbing, there may or may not have been a Yeti sighting, came around a corner and saw someone wearing an Ontario team jersey. Said Peter should be around somewhere as well.

Some good descents as well, not a long course. Rode back out of the valley with Kyle, decided this was the life. Super sunny, warm, Belgium bike riding, food. chill.

Tough to type stuff out that may or may not make it to the interweb for days.

ouchy ouchy, so its thursday afternoon and im hurting after a nice bail on the semi sketchy rock thingy. Backing up a bit we headed down to the course at 11 to turn some laps with everyone. I headed out with Zach, Amanda and Sandra to ride the start climb and decent, the barb wire was still up yelled to Amanda just in time. Rode a pretty solid lap to get the feel for it, nailed the descents the first lap. Second lap I was a little more confident and entered the section like I was Shaun Palmer or something, thought I had it but I think the g-out at the bottom twisted my bar and hit the deck. Landed right on a rock with my left mid-back. I walked it off the best I could, decided I needed to slay the dragon then or I would be scared of it. Shortcut up to it and rode it solid one more time.

Opted to get a drive back from the course instead of ride with my back all bunged up. Now just driving to La roche in the ford to see if I can get some interweb to post this bad boy up. Just got a pic of Sir Bart riding down to la Roche.

Highlight of the day was explaining to Gunn-Rita where the course went, and her say frack theres a lot of climbing.

Monday, April 26, 2010

British stuff

Take that Iceland, (its a long one, pace yourself)

So, just sitting here in Pickering with Roddi2 Scotty, Derek, Amanda watching hot rod after a solid meal. The trip over ended up being very smooth, good flight from YYZ to Heathrow watched Up in the air thought it was appropriate for the time. Great film thinking I need to empty my backpack a little bit.

After two sketchy uk customs officers we made out second flight, somehow a 2 hour stop turned into a rush. With the customs officers, I always think honesty is the best policy but they treat you like a criminal if you’re not on business or vacation. The story from now on, I own a driving range and I’m here scooping out international driving ranges.

Also got charged twice for my bike as it’s a bike and a second bag, so that’s awesome. Second flight was my first time at the front of the plane and oh boy it was soooo nice, too bad it was only a 45 minute flight.

I found travelling with someone with elite status is almost as good as having it.

Arrived in Manchester, first people we encountered were the rental car folks, super nice accommodating went totally out of their way to get us a vehicle that would fit us and our gear. Headed out on the wrong side of the road with Derek at the helm. We made a couple wrong turns and saw some good countryside. Had a nice greasy dinner at a roadside diner, again friendly people smiling faces.

Rolled into our cottages at around 6 then headed to the venue for a quick tour, Amanda took over the driving and did a good job keeping us from crashing on the sketchy narrow forest road.

Woke up, day 3 kinda, had a quick emergency breakfast as we didn’t really have much food. Scotty and Cody popped up out of nowhere with some good adventure stories. We left three days after them and arrived before them.

Grocery run, into the coop in town, again with the friendly, patient, courteous, folks around here. Kinda nice I could get used to that.

Out to the course for a lap with Sin and Zandstra, took our time and thoroughly checked out the small short tech sections. it’s a great course, lots of fast flowing well built single-track interspersed with 10 seconds tech sections which are great for spectators. The course marshals were super friendly and didn’t hesitate for calling us out for taking any of the chicken lines, they also congratulated us on a job well done getting there. Hard to tell now while its dry but I bet it would handle rain really well fort bill style. Unlike Bromont which needs another $100 000 before it can handle the rain well.

Said hi to the Hadleys, who arrived before the volcano blew.

Rode back, its about 15 minutes from the gate of the Dalby forest to our place but its another 25 in to the 8000 acre national forest to the venue itself.

Cody was racing the sprint eliminator’s we stayed back to make some dinner so we missed the seeding runs, unfortunatly Cody well ummm….kinda sorta crashed on the first corner in front of a couple thousand people. So he didn’t qualify for the 32 person final 4 up runs.

After they rolled in we just settled in for the night which brings me to now,

Another lap or two tomorrow morning, then max chillage, then race Sunday at 2:30.

Day 4- headed to the course relatively early for pre-riding that closed at 11:30. Dan gave me his webcam..sorry helmet cam. Amanda threw on her HD hero came so Derek, Amanda and myself were well documented riding our first lap. Rolled through fully to get some good footage. I may or may not post some of it once I get some north american style interweb. Said hi to Emily who I think was happy to see some familiar faces. Home away from Home in Pickering to watch Scotty and Kyle give our bikes some lovin. Dinner then movie night I love you man, highly rated.

Day5 part 1- Morning of, sitting here everything is set the weather looks mixed with intermittent rain sprinkles. Not Ontario super storms of death though. Just some Euro drizzle. Mansfield is going off today, now I don’t have internet and I’m writing this at 10:30 my time. Pick for the win there Glassford, here I’m going with Absalon, watching this guy ride is what it must have been liked to watch Jesus walk over water.

Just recovering after a french toast and coffee feast, Roddi2 and Derek are trying to get the washer/dryer going. stoked.

So, I have come to the conclusion that was a world cup, and all the joys and tears that go along with one. Back at the cottages now, enjoying some uncle bens 2 min rice, pretty sure it’s the next best thing compared to sliced bread.

race recap, good warmup, called up basically right in the middle of the 150+ riders. Race began in typical world cup fashion guys on the right cross to the left and vice versa causing major crashes. I avoided being taken down barely, though I got caught behind one for a good while and saw some 100+ number plates go by. Bottle necks were typical but tolerable where I was at least. Finished the start loop with all my skin and feeling pretty good.

Next full lap was basically lots of track standing, running, all the way to the bottom of the course then killing it up the main climb. At one point we were singled up going into a little technical drop section, sure enough hero tries to pass, got my arm out said NO, then he said sorry excuse me, thinking I was going to just pull over and say jolly good then right on. These guys try to pass in the most stupid places cause a crash then hold everyone up. I’m all for aggressive racing especially late in the race, but whats the point in causing a guaranteed crash on the first lap.

anyway settled into what I was told around 80’s. Not exactly what I was hoping for but I was trying to be patient I knew it was going to be 2+ hours which now that I think of it I haven’t ridden that long since before pan am’s. I could ride at the pace of the group I was in but didn’t have that extra gear to make up some ground.

My spotter and Milan’s spotter got together on the wall and got on the radio Daytona style and said we should run together. Or that’s what we were both thinking at least. We both were riding the same pace through sections and never really got to far apart from one another. We were able to shake and bake a few guys through the tech sections. But got passed by a random guy every now and again on the climb. I kept her in the middle ring on everything and felt good but not world cup good.

Came into the step up climb, which I think was pretty much un rideable , at least it was with guys strewn about the rocks, Managed to lead into it one lap, didn’t even hit my brakes and with a full speed cross dismount ran it faster than I have ever run before, probably would have dropped Tim Johnson. Huge cheer to a ohhhhhh, as my chain was dropped as I remounted and basically came out to a zero sum effort.

Midway, the groups were getting smaller as guys started to crack, but me and my czech friend stayed true and kept up a good pace. We were really able to ride our own race, the whole course became the race instead of just the main climb.

Stopped getting positions, so even now I’m not even sure where I finished up. Started to feel the length of the race, looked at my watch and realized if I was at pan ams I’d be done by now. Got some good random cheers. And some none random cheers from the Batty Family. Always nice to hear some familiar voices.

pizza break…….hot tub break…

k, back, last lap nothing too different past a few more guys who cracked, the last climb I could see probably 20 positions up, kinda frustrating, finished in a four way dual to the finish. Yup world cup its not over till you cross that line doesn’t matter if your 1st, or 100th your fighting for it.

greated by Kyle and Dan who gave me a refreshing coke to sip on as I cooled down, found a water hose and doused my head in it, didn’t want to get heat stroke.

All said and down, on a scale of one to ten, I’d say that was a 5, could have been worse could have been better. Not exactly happy with it, but it is what it is. a couple days to recover get some good rides in next week and hopefully have that 6th gear working.

Not going to say what we’re doing tomorrow as by the time you read this it will be past tense, so it doesn’t make sense really.

...monday morning sitting at a hotel using some interweb, short plane ride tommorow to brussels.

good stuff.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ok so

TO - london tonight at 9, then Manchester in the a.m.

Cody and Scott somehow went from Rome to Paris to Brussels ....back to Paris. quite the adventure.

sounds like most of the canadians will make it to the start line, even if we show up haggared in jeans and t-shirts 30 minutes Before.

Derek, has been unrelenting in this quest and luckily he's been dragging me along for the ride as well, big thanks to DZ and Amanda for that.

Also Dan, Nick and Cindi have been awesome getting other things like cars and such booked.

Though, someone is trying the old Im going to lay down on your leg so you can't leave trick.

interesting first e-mail check this AM

Going to the UK,

Well Germany, then hopefully drive to the UK.

The devil has an IOU for one soul from Derek in exchange I think

TO-ottawa-Frankfurt first flight at 2:10 this afternoon,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not going to the UK,

On waiting list for Belgium

good ride tonight got the first tuesday night worlds win out of the way.

3 stage tomorrow


Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Euro Trip 2010 Day 1

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was put baking soda into vinegar and see it explode. If i could find an excuse to do that I was a happy camper.

Journey to the center of the earth by Jules Verne, good book, actually the characters enter the earth through a volcano in Iceland believe it or not.

Well my journey to the UK hasn't yet begun, I slept in this morning a bit and when I awoke sure enough canceled, can't say I was surprised, I wasn't even packed. Then a flurry of never ending e-mails and phone calls trying to sort stuff out. Luckily the cca travel agent and others were able to pull off some stuff and arrange for Amanda, Derek and myself to be booked on the same flight tomorrow at 18:15.

Scotty, and from what I gather Roddi II, are heading out tonight to Rome, Scott has arranged for an audience with his holiness to apologize for making fun of Bjork all these years.

Well Im all packed now, so I can just relax and get a ride in tomorrow. I think if we get bumped again were just going to try for Belgium early next week.

Doing some research I have gathered this Iceland volcano is a subglacial, Active, caused by divergent tectonic plates, on the reykjanes ridge. Its not all bad though Solar radiation decreases during major eruptions.

test test test

Live connected. Get Hotmail & Messenger for mobile.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

oh, how I love it so

One day a year and I get to race one point A to point B. That day was today.

Tammy and Jeremy got the place after getting a little lost, and we were loaded up in the van headed to the great Ancaster area.

Made it in lots of time to register, and drive the short way to the start line in Paris. Lots of time shortly became not much time, after some chatting, delivery/pickup of goods. Did manage to get about 8 minutes of warmup in, just rolled out the first 1km to see if there were any ginormous potholes.

Rolled.....oh wait, big thanks to the two wheel express gang for helping me out with zip ties that were more than 2 inches long...start line got called up along with some others including some of the 2010 cx worlds team, Irish national champ, and various usual shaddy suspects, Chown, Mike, Box, Mogg, juice, Stafford

Start, had a flash back as Adam Wade killed it off the front I thought it was 1998 for a sec. Onto the rail trail in good position Mogg took off with another guy who was in plain clothes not sure who it was. I fell back a little to far for comfort and made my way back to the front before the right hander climb. Two up and I was 3rd in line behind box and chown, it was just graded so it was super loose, we all got squirly and instead of running into Box and crashing in the sand(another flashback) I got off and hoofed it halfway up remounted and Didn't loose to many spots.

This is where things started to go south last year, I made the front group barely. Mogg was still off the front the other rider got gobbled up on the climb. Along with red, black and blue ranger, Carson, Tyson, Chown, Box and Stafford

Rolled around the next few km, a few rotations when the road was long enough, we weren't in a huge hurry to catch Peter, just always kept him in sight. Box was super strong anytime we hit a hard section, he would make it just that much harder. This literally separated the (old)men from the (u-23)boys. We shed two power rangers(Varga and Noble) Tyson, Carson, Stafford was able to hang on the longest.

Caught Peter as he took a wrong turn, so it was down to 5 on the front. Peter didn't stick around to long and attacked again immediately opening up a gap. 4 chasing, brought that back with some f-1 non yellow line rule complient lines. Next field section Mike powered up and I moved into 2nd and the group splintered. I bridged up to Mike on a short popper climb, while the others formed up a chase. Mike and I continued on, but my pulls got shorter and weaker. Just half a gear to hard. Hit the rail trail, took one good long hard pull and said have a good one, I was on the rivet and I really didn't want to shatter myself.

Box and Mogg rode up to me, and it was the 3 of us, with Mike powering up the railtrail.

The pace was perfect, we were able to maintain the gap but not really close it down. Got to a fallen tree that was across the trail at about neck height for me, I jumped off and ran under it, Mogg rode it somehow but Erik I think just looked at it and said frack.

Mogg and I it was, realized we were closer to the finish than i realized. Hit the first chute nailed it, just took a lucky line and got down it fast and safe. Got a gap on Peter.

Second chute didn't go as well started ok, but my front wheel found a nice perfect 700c diameter hole and I was tuck and rolling with my bike. Never really came to a stop it was pretty smooth.

Rode it into the finish, up the climb, the 36 small ring was nice on the climb, with no one back I was able to just relax.

oh boy, already long,

drive home conversation, wow this van can hold a lot of stuff, 1 minute later, oh theres tristan's subaru on the side of the 403.

long story short, picked up two more people and and a bike for the drive home.

oh so Tristan and Jacob, pulled of a 2:09:57 on a beach cruiser tandem, 135 ish overall super solid.

Dinner at Moxie's, where I had the best burger in the history of burgers. Actually I think everyone had an amazing meal.

Heathrow still closed.....stayed tuned

"Look at the sun its so pretty"

"your so pretty"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just looking at satellite images hoping the jet stream shifts north of the UK.

Quick post, Health is 99%, stomach is feeling pretty solid again, I've gotten tons of sleep so if nothing else I'm rested. Have some of my taste buds back, I had a beer couldn't taste it, realized it was a Budweiser anyway.

I rebuilt the CCX with new cables, made my tire/wheel choice. Im rolling the dice and going tubular this year. It will be the last race for these tires, they've been a good two seasons on them, but its time. Threw some Stans in for good measure and also picked up one of those goopy/co2 combo's which I have yet to hear of a single success story using one but there's a first time for everything.

Got the car in for its annual pampering at Mazda, took advantage of my gold rewards card to get a service loaner, as I wanted to get some things done around town. They used to just give me the newest dirtiest sketchiest trade in, but this time a discount rental guy came and picked me up, brought me back to the office and set me up with a pontiac G6. He said its cheaper to pay for a rental than to have customers smashing up their cars. Fair enough, yeah im not buying another american car any time soon.

I'm forgetting something,

Looks like I have the trip dialed for sunday, no need to go back to the start line this year, I hired a sherpa to drive my car back to the finish line.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Since I left you I have been feeling a bit better, got out Tuesday evening for worlds. Sat in till the end but got shelled on the final KOM. Good group out, it was a chore to keep the pace under control, Im thinking come May these rides are going to get FAST. It seems to be the year of the bike, everytime I'm out riding around here i see a dozen others out too, great to see.

It was nice to get some fresh air and chat with some people. But on the return home i was still feeling rough. A few inter-national team facebook messages confirm most people came back with some sort of stomach bug.

Yesterday, I took the day to just relax and chill to the max, started my Anti biotics i had prescribed and they seem to be working.

Today I'm feeling much better, I'm getting my appetite back, and food has a taste again. Went for a ride down to a certain store that doesn't sell Norco, to arrange a transportation system for Sunday.

The twins have been training hard, though I haven't seen either of there names on the registration list so I'm wondering if this is just a big media ploy, kinda like new diamond shaped shreddies.

So Volcano's are pretty cool, I've always been interested by them. But thinking this one in Iceland is being kinda jerkish. I think Scotty and Dan are sitting in airports wondering how fast they would be able to swim to Belgium.

Hope to get some good miles in this weekend, in a cramming kind of way, hopefully we make it to the UK and europe.

Oh and apparently Peter G and myself need to have some words when I see him next, I've never fought anyone before but I'm confident as I think i have a solid 5 pounds on him.

K i need go, split some wood, run up some mountains with russians chasing me through the snow in a Mercedes and lift a net full of rocks in a barn.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pan American Championships 2010 Guatemala

First off if you want the coles notes version of the trip I refer you to Cody Cannings blog Also known as Roddi Redux, in a star wars-Luke Skywalker-a new hope context.

Moving pretty slow still today, this may take a while. But lets get started.

Trip down was good, early morning Wednesday met the team post customs, everyone seemed to be excited and ready to rock. We had a Dh'er with us just to balance things out, Downhill Rob(fraser) he was henceforth called. Quick stop in Miami where apparently they missed an entire luggage cart of our gear. When we arrived in Guatemala city, most people had their bikes but no bag, I was left traveling light with only my backpack. But Dan was on it and made sure we had all our stuff arrive in the evening.

Thursday- Boarded a bus early to the venue, the bus in front of us ran out of gas, and in what would never be allowed in North American I think we had about 100 people on our coach bus, good times. Set up our Team Canada pit area, and headed out to ride the course, right away I felt like I was riding at Hardwood on Suzy Saunter, fast flowing singletrack super hardpacked. Or an Simcoe country forest. Started out with the boys but Raph had a good crash and finished off the lap with him. Lunch at the Venue, good music good food, kinda felt like a vacation Back to the hotel along with the armed guards and police escorts.

Friday, with some races going on at the venue and trying to keep a low stress atmosphere we headed out for an easy ride around the city, well some of the quieter parts of the city which Dan re-coned earlier. Nice ride, with some good conversation to keep us distracted from the random gutter fires. Grocery trip, then max chillage as Ricky would say, pretty much went stir crazy with nothing to do. Roddi Redux was inspired by Steve on 90210 and got Scotty to work his magic.

Saturday- Day of Focus, good bus ride out to the venue, Con(with in Spanish) Rob Jones of Canadian Cyclist. Final tune up on the course, did some race pace sections, not a full lap. My legs were feeling good, but my HR was about 15-20 beats higher at endurance and my breathing rate was high. I think it was a combo heat, and a touch of altitude. Finished off with some electrolyte drink,

Good sleep, roomed with Max and D-rock so we were in bed early, while I believe the Juniors were having some WWF type wrestling tournaments.

Boom-bam race day. I know what your thinking, just bookmark it here get a nice cold bevy, think of this as intermission........

K, the race, Arrived got all set up and kitted up, and warmed up on the cobblestone road. Warm-up started not great but by the end I felt like I had some legs under me.

Got called up front row, in between Schultz and Wells, Start was narrow and fast, I left the door open for Max going into the rooty decent, he was second row on the start. A decision that, in a Benjamin Button sense, led to his crash. I was on his wheel, going into a left hander on a fire road that had this crossfit-esque balance beams right in the middle which left two lines wide or cut it tight. Max followed the wheel wide in front of him, I thought it was getting a little crowded on that side cut tight and sure enough the guy slides out, and left Max nowhere to go but try to bunny hop his bike. That was the last I saw of Max for a while.

Got into the Derek, Shultz, JHK, couple random south americans group. I was content to just sit in for the first lap. The pace seemed to be easy but, The heat was rising and I was ok with that.

Laps are a bit of a blur, but I settled into a nice pace and we began to shed riders, pretty soon it was Derek, Sam and myself. We were getting some splits that the leaders weren't to far up, especially 3rd, but I was started to feel the race and wasn't going to try to be a hero. Sam I think was playing a bit of team anyways trying to kept Derek and I from getting together at the front. I think Wells was safe in the top 2. Heard a rider trucking it up from behind turned to see a big maple leaf coming up fast. Max was back and for a brief time there was three of us in a train, would have made for a good pic. Once he got by our group he was gone.

5th of 6 laps, left us battling for 5th. An Argentinian was really messing with the rythem of the group, he'd attack, then pull off and freewheel, why I'm not really sure. But at the top of the climb I took an inside multi-line and attacked onto the cobble road, and kept it smooth and fast on the decent to get a gap on Sam, Derek and the Argentinian. Had no idea if I'd be able to hold that for another 24 minutes but I figured it could put Derek in a good spot if i blew up and Sam chased me.

I was able to hold onto that gap for the 6th lap and crossed over in 5th. very happy with that, lets see if i can embed this video for you, my first Rob Jones interview and im hackin up a lung awesome. Plus full hand talking, ">

The whole team did awesome, Max 3rd, Derek 7th, Raph 12, Mikaela was second in u-23 women, Mical 5th as well in the womens race, Amanda 7th,

u-23's Cody was 12th, and juice who had some bad stomach problems and got attacked by a jaguar and crashed on the cobble's got up to finish.

Post race was rough, after typing up that quick post and a couple e-mails I was upchucking everything and anything, the 8-10 hours after that was me curled up into a ball trying to keep water down. Pretty sure it was just a bad case of heat stroke. Didn't make for a pleasent evening, but in the morning I felt better not great but good enough to travel. Trip home was good, no problems, just crappy flying when you feel well crappy.

a lot more to tell, but i need a break now, buy me a coffee and I'll exchange with good stories.

Again, can't say thank you enough to the Staff, they were great, a great trip all around. 132 lbs this morning new record low(for the past 15 years), I think I can see every muscle fiber in my legs, so ill be spending the next couple days drinking and eating.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

quick post

had to beat up plaxton to use his computer,

5th place, very very happy with that, a lot of firsts in this race, country, A race early, wasn't sure how i'd go.

big thanks to my teamates, great group of people who truly are a team, havy, dan, scott, and scotty for their tireless support.

hurting a bit now, i think i have a touch of heatstroke,

home late monday, so look for a full post tuesday a.m. with pics,

a great trip to start off the season.

"who the hell is that short guy beside Wells"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

well i guess that its

FFH is packed, new OGIO bag is packed, apparently there is some nitro circus connection here.

Really trying pack lighter, im always bringing way to much stuff especially for a weekend trip like this.

The warm weather helps, Always seems like im packing for anything and everything going to Europe and Quebec.

No bicycle ride today, just lots of running around doing things i should have done the last couple weeks.

No laptop, another goal was to bring nothing that needs to be plugged in....brought my garmin but only for navigational purposes and hopefully won't need charging. Not sure what the interweb situation will be like, may be able to post a little something.

Good luck to all the people racing this weekend at the 13 events this sunday, ok 3, Bronte, Hell of the north(would have been my choice) and the Mansfield 50km.

"you'll be fine just drink only beer or rum"

Monday, April 5, 2010

two rides one bike

Slept in a bit this morning, I'm trying to get up earlier so the late tuesday night departure won't be too bad.

Took my time eating, reading and sending out an e-mail or two. Then packed up and headed to copeland for, well you know what for. Toured around rediscovering all the single track, well not all but a good chunk of it. Obviously hit the bermed dh, where of course there were guys on dh bikes walking up. A new log feature at the bottom which i made a last minute decision not to do on the M-Beast.

Washed the bike and mounted some new rubber, 2.1 small block 6's a little more aggresive than the 8's. Thought I should really do a good ride on these before I pack it to make sure they seal.

May do a AW LP how to lesson on how I go about this process, this is a very personally process, with many different approaches.

You have mail: almost like i willed it to happen got a message from Tristan Midhurst 7 pm. Perfect. Quick dinner, threw my free-ride jersey and helmet in the car and headed back out. Lizard, and the twins were waiting for me patiently after I had to make a detour around a crashed up Ferndale. Good ride with them, back to normal pace, stop chat, ride, stop, chat, admire the new bikes/new paint jobs. Ride, try to crash someone else out. Stop. Rode till 8:15 no lights, not too shabby.

I wished them luck this weekend at the mainsfield 50km, Tristan came back with you too, but remember if your not first your last.

"This year should be interesting, I just have to keep it straight......well a few turns here and there"

Sunday, April 4, 2010

quantity of pictures=>temperature and UV index

Got up at dawn to eat some breaky before heading downtown for THE pancake ride. same place and time as a couple weeks ago, but much warmer, grabbed a quick americano at Casa and before long Jer and Tammy showed up, and about 18 people on cervelo's.

Got rolling at 8:31, new record for a barrie group ride only one minute behind. Eager, started telling Tammy about the ride home last night as they omitted the ride part of the night. As I was explaining the technical difficulties that we experienced very early into the ride, Tammy looks at me and says her shifter isn't working. So again 5 minutes in two people down as Jeremy and Tammy ride back to put a non frayed cable on her bike.

I thought i had a bit of a chase to get back to the group, but they were all stopped up the road. Rest of the ride out was good catching up with the rest of the Barrie bears. Got to shaws and then headed out solo for some more miles.

While out I think I saw every cyclist who owns a bike in simcoe county riding it, the twins would have had a field day out there. Met up with the Mark and Jamie on my way back in and rode with them for a bit, a few good (bad) friday stories.

In 93, stopped to say hi to my neighbor, he was having some blowout issues with his rear wheel, Gave him some new rim tape and I haven't heard any loud bangs yet so i think that worked. In exchange he let me sample some of his homemade cider, he said it was probably 8% i'm thinking well over 10.

April 4th 20 degrees(a sign later read 18) but close enough.

Trails went from snow covered to dry and dusty in 6 days,

Food, which helped negate the effects of the cider, and I was off with Starbuck for a walk, watched a bit of the Bear Creek Moto GP, No helmet guy was killing the other guy.

Whats the saying, if aliens came to this planet they'd think dogs ruled the planet.

No product placement here

A good weekend all around, last one till all the fun starts next weekend, will be my first time getting an armed escort to the venue. Unless you count Stu packing his knife.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see for myself if there is really to much snow in the copeland to ride.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pimp my ride Waubashene

Quick post before turning in for the night.

Headed up to the metropolis, village, corner of the waub, where we started the first quadannual fixie/pub ride,

rolled in to see Matts new toy, may have gotten a ribbing but in reality were all just jealous that he can just see something and decide to buy it. Myself i have my eye on a firebird with a big eagle on the front. joke was on him though as it appears there is no engine.

nice ride out, bad luck struck early and we lost two people to a flat tire. But we kept trucking, Im sure there will be other posts so i won't go into detail. It was a good ride, Culminated in what seemed like a tornado in victoria harbour.

Some adult beverages consumed good chats while waiting for the rain and wind to stop. Sure enough it did and we headed back on the wet, dark, very dark, rail trail, with control barriers that come up quick in pitch black. Random logs, and the highlight of the night was seeing a UFO, the naysayers called it a shooting star but it was unidentified and it was flying.

Tired, THE pancake ride is in the morning,

Good stuff all around,

quote of the day is from an M3 who has been away from road racing for a bit, but was in the thick of it at good friday.

"I remember when crashes were just bent cro-moly. Now everything explodes!"

Friday, April 2, 2010

Birthday Boy+ good friday UPDATED keep reading

Before I head out, I just wanted to make a special post to say happy birthday to Kevin Haviland, who i believe just turned 30.

Kevin is the man that keeps my bike tuned and my mind straight,

Happy Birthday Havy

Been looking forward to this for a while, a post race analysis and one sided perspective.

First I can't remember the last time all i needed to pack for a race was a jersey and shorts, and left the house in only shorts and t-shirt. Usually its rain jacket, leg and arm warmers, heat rub, booties, vest...touque, norco jacket, etc and thats not even cross season.

After getting through parking lot that was the QEW, avoiding the possibility of a public nudity charge i arrived, not one minute after the comments started flying, "Do you know how to use that thing" "The MTB trails are that way" "Be sure to run more than 25 psi in those tires" endless, even the OCA license check was a snap fest.

Did a Norco factory team / 3Rox warmup, where we both agreed that maybe a mtb ride would have been nicer today. While waiting to line up, got caught up with Cam, Mike, Tim, Erik, many familiar people. Unfortunately there was nasty crash at the end of the m2 race, nobody was getting up to fast so the start was pushed back to allow for the ambulances to get there. Hope everyone makes a full recovery.

Used the time to work on the tan lines and second guess our decisions to race. Got lined about an hour behind at 2:30 and with a shortened race under 100km now. May sound good but it really just meant it would be a little more aggressive and active right from the gun.

Lap 1 fairly uneventful, a few little attacks and there but nothing really sticking. Got my first look at the "drumlines" not huge but bigger than I thought to be honest. "Triple barrier coming up" I heard in my direction. Even though Box and Chown were the ones riding up the gravel.

Lap 2, a little split happened and I realized I was in the wind so I might as well move up while out there. Found myself at the front and kinda rode off the front into no mans land, looked back, nothing. And I knew I wasn't really killing it so hey why not, got in the drops, and rode up to the front group. I could hear the crackling of race radios, Yup before long it was all back together.

half a match burnt. The rest of that lap is a bit of a blur, but I think thats when a few ones and two's started going up the road and establishing a front group, which had both Jet Fuel, Louis and a few others represented. Randell was still in the main group.

Lap 3, is basically when Randell started trying to get across and everyone especially the jet fuel guys was having none of that. Randell, stuck it to everyone and guttered the entire length of brock? road, into a crosswind, single file death train, and by gutter i mean the yellow line. Basically it was ride over it and hide a bit, or stay in bounds and hang in the wind. Tough stretch.

Lap 4 Again a little hazy but I'm pretty sure this is when the main group split right down the middle. I was again in no mans land wondering if i should chase or settle back into the group assuming it would come back together. When Nathan and Randell came by they meant business and I got on that quick, that was my race right there. I made that key split, and a quick survey I realized a few people i was hoping to be in there weren't. Randell did his best to rally some people at the front, I came to giver so I made my way up and did my part along with Anton the destoryer, Kevin Davis, and Randell. i think it was lap 4. darn no it must have been 3. k disregard the lap count.

Lap 5, i don't think it ever came 100% back together, but most of the guys got caught and it was a flurry of attacks after. Randell basically attacked about 10 times in 5 minutes, before he was able to ride away on his own after tiring everyone else out. That was pretty much it. He rode across to the front group, and what was left of our group settled into a nice pace. Last few kms were pretty high, at that point I was content with were I was, and am aware of my sprinting ability rode in at the tail end of that group.

Overall, Team award goes to Jet Fuel, 1st and 3rd to show for it, Randell scored a very deserving 2nd.

Myself, I was prepared for anything from blown out the back 1st lap to just about how i did so I'm happy with that. I was able to respond to just about anything, most of all i only made one or two little tactical errors but otherwise rode a smart race. Legs were there for the full 2:20, yeah feel good heading into the MTB season. Most of all I had a blast, i don't think i have every enjoyed a road race so much,

tomorrow, not sure it will be up to the legs/8 ball.

p.s. for the power junkies still reading, i found my file for the Aurora grand prix from 2007, this is the middle bit, but you can see the kinds of repeated wattages you need to hit to just to hang on

Thursday, April 1, 2010

we'll see how good it is.

You know that saying drugs drugs drugs, some are good some are bad, starting to believe they are all bad. (except advil thats a gift from above) While waiting for the temperature to get to a nice high yesterday, I took the time to ignore Tammy's advice and pop my chloroquine.

Headed to midhurst, I was going to use a loop out there and do some race simulation. I not very good at this, but figure I need to get something like this done. After a couple good laps, the bike was flying up the hills, energy level started to drop, and started to feel a little funky. This on its own isn't really anything new. But usually once i shut it down I feel better, not this day, it was a struggle to get back to the car. I got off to jump over some fallen trees and just didn't bother getting back on, took me a minute to realize what am i doing, why am i walking. Totally stoned.

Called the doc, he said oh well that sucks try this other stuff.(which is another 100 bucks) Laid down and i was ko'd for the next few hours, woke up and felt better. Made some inquiries and looks like i was the only person on the project to even get a malaria rx. Live and learn. So thats enough of that. Im sure the doc was just being thorough but it looks like the risk is very low.

Today, I got the r-series beast all prepped put on the weapons, decided against the powertap, although a data geek, i just wanna giver, plus i've never had at my disposal a set of wheels that are actually under 2000g, so I'm going to run the da's and see what that's like. Took it out like that today to make sure the cassette and all was dialed in. Bike feels great, weight, my scales batt's died so im going to say somewhere between 15 and 20.

Legs on the other hand,and my HR was crazy low, feel a lot better than yesterday but we'll see. The key is going into it positive and fool my legs into feeling good, mind over matter type stuff.

Looks like a CX season reunion, Chown, Morse, Box, Fry flew in, heard he had to take a dog team to the sault. Anton the destroyer, the Jette, it will be nice just to see everyone again.

so, look for a post race debrief tomorrow evening. 4 months of no racing, looking forward to it....the post race report, not the actual race,