Saturday, February 27, 2010

where to start

so last i left you, i was getting ready to get ready to head down to south carolina. The plan was to leave early in the morning at 5 pick up junior and be into the house in the late evening.

I think Napolean had a good saying about battle plans and how long they last.

Apparently the uci keeps tabs on joyride hot laps
sure enough within 24 hours I was informed i needed to have a medical exam, blood tests, urine something something, and an ecg...... all to be in to the UCI by the 15th of March.

Long story short i'm not leaving tomorrow morning. I'm really glad, A) i'm not already in the US and B) i'm not flying there.

Have to wait till Monday to get in to get the tests done, but should be able to be out of the country in the early afternoon. Missing one day, and getting in super early Tuesday morning.

so yeah, super stoked. I blame Tristan, and Jacob.

In other news, I got the CRR2(forthwith to called "the beast") setup with some of my 7800 stuff. First impressions are very good. Very light considering its $2500. There would be no problem getting it down to 15 lbs with this frameset.

Compared to the CCX that I've been riding its a lot twitchier, will get some getting used too. I look forward to riding down ceasers head on this baby, last time i was down there i was on a Roubaix which although is a really nice bike, needed a lot or brute force to get around those corners.

oh and we've gotten more snow in the past couple days than we got all winter even had to use the snowblower twice, which brings the total up to 4 times this year. And i have shovel elbow i think,

I'll have my portable computing device with me for updates so stay tuned, photos are possible however the internet is sometimes not up to snuff and if your caught uploading pics, you get thrown in the lake for taking up to much bandwith.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


After some good eats this morning, I got to work cleaning and organizing the garage, so that when I get home its all ready to go. Then packed my bag for the bike park, and being the eager organized person i am, thought i would get out early and shovel the driveway, and get the cars moved around and my stuff all loaded up before the man-twins showed up. Sure enough they had the same thoughts and arrived about 30 minutes early. geeez.

Got down to Woodbridge, solved the worlds problems, though it appears Havy skipped the weekly Vaughn mills lunch trip to make sure i was all set up for the road. need to bring home some hardware to make up for it.

To the park, just after opening brought the road bike in just to be safe, I'm sure it would have been fine in the car, but having it in my possession for less than an hour I thought it would be safer inside.

Sticking with tradition, the foam pit was the first stop. good times, I have the "not clipped in use the arch or your feet roll in" perfected. jacob had some good and by good i mean sketchy runs. (there may be a video or two appear)

Turned some laps of the xc course, Mark came over and egged me on for a timed run, I've done a few informal timed hot laps but not an official one. Got warmed up, decided not to take the "unlimited" line and stuck to the set out course. 2:06 and change. I'm told thats good.

the expert skinnys are well underway and are very challenging and a little riskier. I stuck to the less sketchy ones. But i really want to get onto some of the other ones, but would be more comfortable on flat pedals and soft shoes.

Jacob was the first to call it a night, followed by myself, Tristan takes the prize for last one to tap out.

busy, snowy drive home, unloaded, brought my bike downstairs, and placed it upside down on the floor, yeah, can't trust anyone these days.

"no transfers"
(One less way for 11 year olds to show me up)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some changes

Been doing some maintenance on the blog, I have listed last seasons results in a couple pages, then just linked to that to free up some space. Jared Stafford's blog has been added, as well as my name has been removed from the notice board, Sam's is still on there. Keep an eye out for some new picture to make there way onto the collage at the top.

Today good, tempo on rollers, its really easy to get on them and do some good workouts when I know they will be my last ones this winter.

Visual distraction the xc ski relay, audio, thanks to Jared, I reminded myself to re sync to not mellow tunes.

Workout went well two long intervals, At the end I think i was underestimating my tempo power zone by about 5-10 percent. Will adjust in future.

Finally learned how to take screenshots and add captions to them, may see some power/hr graphs and such popping up here.

Warmed up on snow today, starbuck made freinds with a german sheppard whos owner must not have seen the no smoking sign into the bluffs, but it was weed so thats ok.

Beast pickup tomorrow, followed by joyride, all about two birds one stone.

(please note that when i say bucket or beast it has nothing to do with the bike, Some may think i`m badmouthing my bikes, i`m not at all)

grammer bad, know I

``Flickr Uploadr makes me want to punch someone. Why do I keep falling for it? Just lost a batch of annotated/tagged/titled photos.``

2009 Cyclocross results

Nov something Subway Cross 5th

Nov 8, BCC Hardwood Victory!!!

Nov 7, Moffat Nassawgagwgag Victory!

Nov 1, Kelso day 2 Victory

Oct 31, Kelso day 1 Victory

Oct 18 Day 2 UCI CX 9th

Oct 17 Day 1 T.O. UCI 3rd

Oct 11 ZM Turkey Cross Victory

Oct 10th Durham Classic Victory

Oct 3rd Hillbilly Hustle Victory!!!!

2009 MTB results

Sept 19, World cup finals 106th( something like that)
Sept 12 World Cup Champery 44th
Aug 30, MTB Provincials Kelso, victory
Aug 9, Ontario Cup Mountainview,Victory
Aug 2, Bromont world cup 25th
July 26, World Cup St Anne 65th
July 19, Buckwallow ocup 4th
July 11, National MTB 5th
July 5th Canada Cup 6, 2nd
June 20 Canada Cup 5 Canmore 3rd
June 13, Canada Cup 4 Edmonton VICTORY
June 6, Ontario Cup #4 Boler 2nd
May 31, Canada Cup#3 Hardwood 13th
May 23, Canada Cup #2 Tremblant 3rd
May 17, Canada Cup #1 Baie St Paul 2nd
May 10, Ontario Cup #2, 4th
May 3rd Dundalk Pursuit 2nd
April 26, Ontario Cup #1, 7th
April 19, Paris to Ancaster 10th

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


monday, afternoon was spent at the OPP detachment in midland. No i wasn't arrested. It was another rural road safety meeting. The BCC is invloved and Robb(president) couldn't make it, something about sliding down mountains on sticks. I sat in, and was very uncomfortable sitting between two officers for some reason.

Good meeting concise on point a little less drift than the previous.

Home eats then loaded up the dog for her first and last MNS snowshoe of the year. Its been pretty much one year to the day she went under the knife. And luckily we didn't have to pull a danny williams and take her to Florida.....zing.

She went nuts when she realized i wasn't taking her to the pound. The snowshoe consisted of her killing it at the front with Liz then coming back and tripping Tristan Jacob and me and then going back to the front. I expected her to be walking on three legs for a week after that but today she seems fine, maybe it just takes a year to really get back to 95%.

Today, back hitting the bricks the bricks being more intervals on the rollers, Same duration same wattage, just more of them than last time. The term vomit machine coined by another blogger was very accurate after the 5th interval and just before the 6th, yeah, ill spare you the details. Think i ate a little to close to the workout. On the plus side legs felt great hr was good and stable.

Forgot to change up the playlist on the shuffle stuck on mellow, visual distraction was ski jumping and skier cross.

Couple more days then to the sunny, kinda, hopefully South.

Want to get one more good ski in.

I think thats it.

"And i'm sure my cycling friend always has a bell on his bike?"
OPP officer
"Of course"

Monday, February 22, 2010

brief statement

Just getting ready to head to the OPP detachment in midland for a simcoe county rural road safety meeting, which i think we need to come up with a shorter name for.

But I thought i would say not to expect anything out of me about the ride yesterday, it was a fail of man ride proportions.

The plan was to do a longer ride yesterday and utilize bonus points for a back to back man ride. It was not to be. In other terms it wasn't too bad i guess.

Good walk with starbuck followed by suntanning/shoveling snow session. Before not watching the hockey game. I hear Canada lost.

that is all.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

self titled

Tired, started the day with dragging myself out of bed. Backing up yesterday was active recovery and by active recovery I mean slaving over a hot stove all day making some wicked meatballs. Actually they were overcooked and dry, but I think the recipe is good. Friends said they were great, I think they lied to me. Meatballs were for a potluck celebrating Tammy's 13th anniversary of her 20th birthday. Good stuff, many good quote of the days which i can't repeat here. Home in good time but i just couldn't get to sleep, not sure if i even got 3 hours. I think someone spiked the stuffed olives.

So waking up was an ordeal but i needed to stick to the plan. First big hiccup i was out of coffee, well real coffee, there was some pre ground maxwell house but i think it has as much caffeine as water. So that sucked. Finally got rolling, heading out onto Jamie's hilly route. again i have uploaded the route and such, but highlights include, stopping to help some guys who ditched there mazda at bass lake and the 5th. As I rolled up I noticed they were rolling on some low profile high performance tires. Standing around in some designer board wear, When they said they weren't from around here, I was so close to saying no s#%t. There was no pushing that car out and i'm pretty sure he had an app for caa so i continued on my way. A little further down the road passing about 15 people looking lost walking down the road carrying snowshoes. Was tempted to give them liz's number.

Further north, snowmobiles seemed to jump out from nowhere at great frequency. I thought to myself they are like deer and i was waiting to hit one. I am not surprised at all with the amount of serious snowmobile collisions that happen with these people.

Hit the hills, cursed Jamie's name at the top of each one. Thinking man this is a hilly ride. Coming back up the 10th towards old barrie had a LA boone experience where it was just so hard to sit down and i just kept accelerating out of the saddle, that stretch of road is just so nice.

made it home before dark barely.

the tally,

Time points full credit +300
Above freezing temperatures sun burn on cheeks and all around awesome day -10(would have been more but it was still windy)
Climbing bonuses, 3500ft, lots of climbs in short succession finished on Mapleton, +15
Stopping to push car out of ditch +5
Completely self contained with no stops +10
Sketchy roads, ingram, bass lake, 10th +5
total 325

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for hilly ride<

Not sure what will happen tomorrow the plan I had sounded a lot better in my head on Friday night. Stay tuned.

p.s. whiteout is a horrible movie,

"Does anyone know a catholic priest?"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18th 2010

Gonna try to keep things short and sweet. Yes I have lost my place in the hotseat. The dynamic duo of Jacob and Tristan, who pulled out a ride that makes Chuck Norris look soft. You can read their respective blogs for the details, after some points system negotiations the standings are AWI(note AWI is changing to a limited partnership and will reflect that soon) 260 points, Man ride productions inc. 436 points. It may be over, but im still going to put in one more (winter) ride to see what i can get. Very similar to going up against Shaun White at this point.

Starbucks, then staples to pick up a new sharpie pen, its pretty sweet, way better than the classic bic, except it doesn't fit behind my ear very well.

Then down to the AW L.P. roller room for some sub-threshold intervals. I was flexible on the day depending on how the legs felt after the test yesterday. The legs felt good, so hurty things were in order. 4 intervals, first two went well, 3rd was really good, had to talk myself down a little partway through. Good workout.

Probably going to jinx this but the next 5 days look great for riding not on the rollers. It will be nice getting down south with some good miles in the legs.

"stokededer" if its not a word it is now

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Waiting to hear news of the duo and their ride. They may have pulled it off, though they did stop for lunch so that is a huge deduction.

My day, started with a snowshoe with the dog, shes doing pretty good in the deep stuff, kinda surprised. I think she may be able to make an appearance on an MNS. It was a good hour, mainly a warmup for workout number two that i had planned. Something I had been putting off a little as I was nervous. A 20 min power test. Cause if it didn't go well it would have been tough and I probably would have cracked mentally.

On the other hand I didn't have huge expectations, having not done a whole lot of intensity since getting the swine. But I had a number that i wanted to hit. Went way better than I expected, may or may not have set a new PB for an (indoor) 20 min effort. When I started i made the mistake of getting nervous where i was riding and paced it maybe a little to much.

But its February and I don't want to get ahead of myself. So good workout, good data to set up some intensity zones, and ill leave it at that.

Also did the test with my "non-mellow" playlist on the shuffle, basically the smash album and a few other high energy tunes. While watching the sprint races, a very fitting visual for what I was doing. Those skiers just giver, makes me never want to ski ever again. I can't imagine double polling for three hundred meters like that.

In other news, I see this has been updated on the Norco site so I guess I can announce it here some team news, first, I am riding for Norco for 2010, I know huge surprise.

Second a few equipment changes, After 3 years off of the most famous shocks in the world the team and myself will be on Rockshox for 2010. Looking forward to getting back on those.

I think the Norco brass are keeping their eye on the competition (Glassford) and have secured Ergon as the grips of choice this year, never tried them but not sure i've heard a bad thing about them to date.

All the team sponsors can be seen here I'll also be updating my own page soon to reflect to same.

Trying to keep these posts short so ill leave it there for now.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

have you ever seen that episode of friends

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for cycle

Today, I knew I would get a good ride in but didn't think it would be a contender. Before heading out I "sync" ed my shuffle with a mellow playlist to match the endurance ride, sometimes those non mellow songs get me going to much. Basically this included about 90% of the miami vice soundtrack and many tracks from my John Frusciante collection.

Ride started out well, the sun was even shining a bit, the roads were good at least to start. route is posted so i won't go into details. The manly ride really kicked in the further north I went, hit some dodgy section heading up the 2nd and 1st, on the 26mm slicks. The bike was started to ice up nicely as well. Bass lake sideroad was interesting, had a couple one foot out moments. Thought I needed to really seal the deal and went all the way up to Horseshoe and crossed on highland to the 4th. After that it brings me to the title, that episode when monica gets stung by the jellyfish, yeah, but the jellyfish was ice and my cassette was her leg and skipping 8 ways from sunday. Gotta do what you gotta do. 2 km south and the roads were clear and dry, good ride all round.

So i am hereby submitting this. 4 hours, 100km, 2700 feet of climbing, sketchy roads finished with the steepest climb, and had to get creative to de-ice my cassette. Though I will openly admit it was hovering around the zero mark with little to no wind.

Jacob and Tristan will be taking a crack at it tomorrow, we'll see. I totally expect to loose my place in short order, but this was definitely good enough for the small final.

Olympics good, another gold medal, good stuff.

"Next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle gained."
Duke of Wellington

Monday, February 15, 2010

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee

Yeah, just watched "Facing Ali" very good, highly recommended as far as documentaries go.

Just got home from getting lost in the wilderness trails. I'm sure your saying didn't you have Liz with you? no, she wasn't and sure enough we went in many circles. Almost camped out for the night, On the plus side new addition didn't ditch her car this week. Legs and lungs felt good, so good in fact I think all i needed was that shut down on Saturday and a easy day yesterday.

Started to lay out some more ground rules for the man rides, and what kinds of things count or are deducted.

- Point to point with a pickup at the end is soft and worth very little man points
- solo is worth more man points than a group, a group of 3 or more is totally unacceptable.
- Losing toes and fingers to frostbite is not necessary,

Maybe I'm getting a bit of that Olympic spirit, actually i don't think i have ever watched with this much enthusiasm. Not to get all corny but I am truly impressed and proud of the Canadian athletes and how well they are performing. And holding their heads super high whenever they finish, regardless of their placing.

also got out for walk with nutbar, and a spin in on the rollers while watching the 15 km freestyle ski and listening to Jacks colorful commentary.

I plan on getting at least on man-ride in this week, I don't think it will be the gold medal winner but it will be a good one.


sending my best wishes and giver hell's out to Vancouver and Whistler.

“The only good race pace is suicide pace, and today looks like a good day to die.”
Steve Prefontaine

Sunday, February 14, 2010

rule #32: Enjoy the little things,

Pulling the plug for a couple days, yesterday I headed out on the bike with high expectations, preview of the hilly ride, again things just weren't firing properly. It wasn't just one thing everything was about 75% just like the opening ceremonies. Still did close to 3 hours, but didn't get what I wanted to do in. Though getting a cowbell rung out a window on my way up Ferndale (notice i say ferndale not mapleton) picked me up a bit, at the end of the ride.

I was hoping to get closer to my departure date to take a little time easy but, can't fight what the body is telling me. Considering I couldn't do an hour of endurance to save my life three weeks ago, I can't get to greedy now.

Couple days just chill, right now i don't think it will be a full week.

This morning I woke up and got to work oiling and cleaning my rifle for my annual cupid hunt. Almost got the little fracker last year just clipped his wing. I was pretty determined to get him in my sights this year. But an unexpected text gave him a reprieve at least for this year. Locked up the gun and took Starbuck out for a hike.

Got a hold of a copy of Zombieland, still awesome on dvd,

Now, just relaxing switching between the spring olympics and the 500,

Southland trip has been extended by a week, solid, though I think the weather may be nicer here, we'll see.

"Oh, you almost knocked over your alcohol with your knife"

Friday, February 12, 2010

couple things

friday, tired,

yesterday was another thing at the place, resolution was met but it took all day. Not much time between then and the planned evening so I just laid down for a but before heading to the homeland.

Great thai place in Bradford, thinking it could be fairly neutral ground between barrie, whitby, and orangville.....

Then to the highlight of the night, 5 pin bowling, ill spare the details. But ill say my olympic hopes and amateur status is still alive.

Home in time not to watch survivor with favorite son, who was heading to alert, or Iqaluit something like that.

Today, I headed out to ski place, to ski, skate ski, sunny, good, yeah, wasted.


not sure if ill make it to midnight

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

donkey kong

Cough Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Skate ski

CoughGarmin Connect - Activity Details for Classic ski

Pardon me, I just needed to clear that up. Good endurance day today, after consuming lots o food and coffee i headed to starbucks, walmart location, many short conversations, bcc, mcc, top secret down low provincials location that was announced, bmx/dirtjump bikes, road bikes, how crappy the skiing would be(it wasn't). etc.

Got to horseshoe with lots of time to get a dual classic/skate skis in. First the classic sticks came out, the fresh snow worked well with the waxless and I was able to get some good "kick" out of them. As you can tell from the map, i ended up doing an out and back, this wasn't the plan. I headed to the pond lookout on the bc trail, but decided it wasn't backcountry enough so i just kept heading north, the bush got kinda thick and I ended up following a game trail hoping a) not to get mowed down by bambi, and b) not to be confused for bambi by an oro couger. I came out to a clearing with a stream running through it, and the stream which was iced over was the only real way out. Made it a few feet before getting a funny feeling the ice was a little less than thick enough, jumped to safety just in time. I really only would have gotten my feet wet, but it still would have sucked. I then removed the skis to jump another stream and return via the bread crumb trail, defeated.

Headed to the west trails and did the new loop and climb up to the top of katies loop, good stuff, back down and to the car for a change of equipment and bottles.

Then headed to the south trails and the farm loop, it had stopped snowing and the sun was coming out, it was kinda like skating on angel feathers, very nice on the joints. Did 4? ish loops of the farm loop then back to the car to sign out and get changed. I noticed a opp cruiser beside a school bus in the parking lot, didn't think much of it, then when I looked again there was another cruiser, by the time i left there were three cruisers, a bus load of kids, and some older people looking kinda pissed of, thinking some school kids may be in trouble when they get home.

home, food, watched 24 on rod, now that "Vlad" has been killed off, I have no reason to watch, I was hoping for a Callum Keith Rennie and Katie Sackoff scene, though i think he must be tired of getting stabbed.

Lost, yeah, Thought they were trying to wrap the show up not make it more complex, but its all good.

Weather is looking good, hoping to do "Jamie's hilly ride" sometime soon, not long but basically head out and do the biggest climbs in oro, and curse jamie's name while doing it.

All in training for the Awenda man-ride, I have a date on my calender all penciled in for it.

Bowling tournament tomorrow, i hear there is a 50 dollar top prize.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

late afternoon post

Posting a little earlier today, why? I don't know, because I can. Got a problem with that, do you? sorry I think we got off on the wrong foot. Shorter ride today, and i have finished uploading, downloading, configuring all my polar and garmin stuff. I've been using the online garmin connect tool instead of the stock software, I find it a lot easier to deal with and has a lot more to it.

Just charging up the watch and ipod now, I've had this shuffle since November, 07 I remember just cause i won it at the superfly cross race at Albion. Probably the best most used prize i have ever received. I was thinking of replacing it with a new smaller model, but then i asked why? couldn't think of one, but now it seems to not be able to hold a charge for an entire ride or ski anymore. On the bright side, I get this good feeling when I ride something into the ground, to know that I used it to the bitter end. My 8 year old northwave road shoes are in the same boat, those things have i don't even want to know how many miles on them. The new shimano r..something something shoes are pretty sweet though, super comfy already and almost a pound lighter, and way stiffer. Who new there were shoe technology advances in the past 8 years?

Bottom line, I like using things till they are broken, except maybe on the race bike, that's a case of insurance, but day to day stuff if it aint a bad consumer, I'm sorry Canadian economy.

ride of the day was a tempo workout, first intentional one in a while. Choose the rolling ridge road, which although rough allows for a nice 45 min warm up to the stop sign at the 2nd and some undulations to keep the workout dynamic. Went well, started in the low end and built into each of the two intervals, riding the bucket so no power, just feel and hr, which lined up pretty well today. As long as they are on the shorter side I have enough confidence in feeling to do them, anything longer or harder threshold stuff I tend to use power if possible.

Roads were quiet which was nice, only downside was my bottles pretty completely freezing.

Good quality ride, it was chilly, but with the low miles and low volume, I will not be submitting this ride for consideration. By all appearances Tristan has the belt(or bragging rights) currently.

The new beast has been ordered and should be on the way, hopefully in time for my southland trip.

Haydn, if you've read this far, no worries your time is safe, it wasn't even a sub 2:10

k, getting a little long, tomorrow endurance with my Finnish friend, weather will decide what sport(s).

Monday, February 8, 2010

you win this round monday

Thing in the morning went long enough to be annoying and a complete waste of time (and tax payers dollars) but short enough I was able to saddle up and head to horseshoe for a ski.

arrived in good time and headed out, thinking tuesday wednesday thoughts, but I couldn't trick my legs, arms, and coordination, and was left a shattered man on the side of the trail, with a bunch of school kids passing me.

So the idea of making up some Saturday hours today failed, I put up the good fight hoping I just needed to warm up, but it was not to be.

Drove home with my head down, think i only clipped two cars.

Took the lapdog for a walk, now just getting ready for the crazy party at liz's place tonight, Jeremy and Tammy are still out of town so its going to be nuts.

There also appears to be little white crystal structures in the weeks forecast, kinda forget what its called.

random item of the day, looks like m night is at it again, hope he can make up for the horror that was ...I can't even remember what it was called, the one with marky mark.

There also appears to be some one up-manship in ride toughness/epicness, I have not been called out in the matter and think it may be better that way.......unless I pull off something that's worth throwing my hat in the ring. Awenda in February.....

ok, so, i think thats it, gotta get the barrie-midland map out,

"Hey Lisa, looks I have to go out and shovel 12 feet of global warming"
Homer (simpson, not the Iliad guy)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i had a good title but i forget it now, just imagine something good here

Just relaxing after a long stretching session, k-9 unit has officially laid claim to the entire bed, I don't understand how an 80 pound dog can take up so much space.

Listening to queen latifah sing what is supposed to be the American national anthem. The coaches don't look impressed.

oh whoops, nevermind that wasn't the anthem, my bad. Oh here we go Carrie Underwood is singing it....

bah ok back to more pressing matters, another day of sunny skies, clear roads and little to no wind. You know what that means, after large intake of food, lots of high gluten carbs, and getting dressed for 20 minutes, I was out on a nice jaunt through essa, springwater and of course Oro. It was such a nice day I was able to share the road with every other resident of simcoe county as well, lots of waves and smiles, some of which weren't returned, or were returned with "what the frak is that guy doing" mostly from people with skis on there cars heading to snow valley. ...coin toss.....heads, anyway. Out of the three townships springwater wins the prize for cleanest roads. Essa and Oro a tie for pretty good, except for shady areas.

Coming back through town and there was some sort of waterfront festivities going on, got to see a chopper land and take off, and with some creative detours I was able to miss most of the congestion. Looks like Second Cup suffered a broken window in some saturday night festivities. Took the manly climb back home, which has become a testing ground of sorts, not bad, got up it, finished just shy of 4 hours. sorry, 240 minutes. Again the first hour was rough going, felt sluggish and then at about 70 minutes in it was like a switch turned on and my legs loosened up and the body was firing on all 3 in line cylinders. game on........some guys are throwing a ball around chasing it....thats all i see.

Tomorrow, thing in the morning depending on how long that goes possible ski in the afternoon, if not it will be rollers and pushups.

"All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him."

Sun Tzu, the Art of War

Saturday, February 6, 2010

As promised

Going back a couple days now, but Wednesday was spent pedaling in smooth perfect(that was the goal at least) circles while going nowhere. Long stretch session after full toe touch now.

Thursday road ride, sunny, warm, nice......yeah sunny skies clear roads = road ride. Its tough sometimes as it also makes for some great skate skiing too. But if i can ride i will. Also as much as I love skiing and x training, nothing passes the time like a bike ride through the country side. Energy level was good on the ride, no bonking on this ride, but the legs were feeling heavy from days before. I kept the rpm higher to try and kept in at bay.

Which changed my plans for friday, was going to get out for a ride, but just did a short spin on the rollers, and hike with the k-9. A short rest and we were in the barrie-joyride official shuttle bus. Tristan, Matt and I opted for evening visit this time around. Rolled in for 7 and had 3 hours of anything and everything. I got into the spirit lowered my saddle and just played around. The foam pit is where I spent a lot of my time. Perfecting my seat grab, and getting darn close to sticking a 360. Then onto some skinnies, where I saw an xtr rear derailleur get destroyed, it was a sad sight.

Did a hot lap of the xc loop, time is confidential pending drug test. Still not bored of that place, Could have stayed till midnight but something about employees wanting to go home to bed.

On the way home we stopped at a tims, and were genuinely entertained by the service and other patrons,highlights include a story of a 12 year girl not wanting to run laps in gym class and wanting her lawyer to sue her gym teacher, again I could have stayed there all night but they left so we also hit the road.

Today I hit the snowshoes in the bluffs, nothing to exciting just keeping the hr in the zone and going up an down as many hills as possible in the time prescribed.

Backs a little sore, something about landing in weird position's in the foam pit.

I know i am forgetting stuff, but thats what I have for you at the moment.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

need to clear something up

The last paragraph at the bottom of my last post was the quote of the day, this caused much confusion when I didn't say that, my apologizes.

Back to other things, another day in paradise, well Oro. My alarm clock, was apparently turned off so i ended up sleeping a little later than planned but, no matter, intake of calories, packed and I was off again to the motherland that is the Horseshoe valley. I had a car full of toys, but started off with the classic skis, for a tour north to the highway then looping back via the ganny hiking trail back to the groomed trails. I found the best conditions for the waxless wonders today, man-made trackset, -3 and there was probably a humidity factor which i don't know, but they were hooking up as well as a nice pair of small blocks.

Switched off after 75 minutes to the skates, and headed south out of the valley to meadow-lands...sorry I mean the farm loop. The sun was shining I probably got a sunburn, it was crowded like meadow-lands use to be that's for sure. People coming out of the woodwork it seemed. I could have stayed up there till closing time but my h20 based drink was running low so I headed back to the car for a feed, before doing the west trails, and to my pleasant surprise they added a new 700m loop and it looks like another trail or two may be going in. Finished up with 150 minutes of skating, and was able to keep my Finnish friend from yelling too much.

Home, checked the oscar nods, 10 pictures nominated for best film. I have very unpopular views of the who will win so ill keep most of my comments to myself, as long as Waltz wins for best supporting male, then all is not lost.

Plans for tomorrow will be weather dependent, if the weatherman is right then it will be another snow day, if not.....

Also looks like another assault on the park will happen before weeks end.

todays quote of the day, best response i heard asking if Thomson seatposts are as good as sliced bread.

"The Egyptian pharoahs were buried with all of their treasures, to use in the afterlife. I'm getting buried with my Thomson posts...just in case the great LBS in the sky doesn't carry them." Pizza Royale

Monday, February 1, 2010

Does anyone have a chain in their car

First on the docket was a roller workout in the am, to get the legs going, spin ups for a warmup followed by a fastpedal then into some single leg intervals. Legs didn't feel half bad after the hilly snowshoe the day before. Maybe I'm getting back into shape? But it is a monday and to do to much on a monday is a cyclists version of eating meat on a friday(you know what i mean)

Though I did do a solid hour of stretching and contorting my body in uncomfortable ways. I can almost touch my toes, those hamstrings are getting loose.

After multiple calorie intake sessions I was off to meet up with the true MNS brethren none of this sunday afternoon business. Apparently it is becoming the MNS no tech gear allowed something, Jacob matched my plaid jacket and raised me jeans. damn.

This is about when things started sliding sideways, Tristan roles in and drives straight into a snowbank. I had flashbacks of the new mazda almost being smoked by a certain pontiac on a monday night, I really think im going to start parking somewhere else and hiking to the start point.

Then new addition roles by and im like "Hey there's Krista.....and she's stuck in the ditch". Utilizing snowshoes, a toy shovel(don't ask), a chain(don't ask) we had her out in no time. Blame was naturally dished out to Tammy and Jeremy.

Didn't waste any time and we were hitting the hills beside hardwoods hills. I always get crazy turned around in there but luckily some of us have the ability to navigate at night. After some good tree tipping, we arrived back at the cars for usual smack talk.

"I saw a guy in the middle of the road walking in circles.As I got closer I saw his car on it's roof in a swamp, road up to him asked if he was alright he said ya and was on the phone to someone so I continued on my way after all I didn't want my heart rate to drop."