Sunday, December 26, 2010

Time for a science experiment

The AWI institute of learning and stuff is setting up a little experiment, after calculating that I have been out with the flu/flu like symptoms for 11.538% of the past year. I have come to the conclusion that my immune system really sucks.

After being bombarded with olympic athletes telling me that Cold FX is the cats meow, I think I'm going to see what all the hub ub is about.

So for the next 52 weeks I'm going on the coldfx diet, I have secured financing for such an endevour by selling my left kidney.

In other AWI news I made the pedal mag online poll in two sections, mtb and CX, though for some reason its not letting me vote, politicians vote for themselves not sure why I can't. I have no doubt my hillbilly win should be good enough to secure the CX award.

Weather is beauty right now, getting out daily with starbuck for short hikes and snowshoes, kinda crazy talk around these parts but with the lack of any new snow and packed trails, I'm getting tempted to bust out the MTB to see if winter riding is a possibility in the near future.

x-mas was good, for once the family actually did cut back on the whole commercialized side of things, sorry economic recovery.

Looking forward to getting into the theatre to see True Grit and The Fighter so I can put a cap on the 2010 film season. I'm already pretty sure who made the AWI top 5 this year but gotta be sure before publishing the prestigious list.

"Rodents of unusual Size? I don't think they exist"

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Tammy said...

My doc wants me to give coldfx a try due to me being 'high-risk' for getting sick as a teacher around sick kids. She has no personal experience with it, but has read promising studies.

For a much cheaper, but same ingredients product go to the health store downtown Barrie on Maple (near Dunlop)and get Health First's Cold Defense.