Saturday, December 4, 2010

Still Riding

Whoever is writing the trail reports for hardwood is super die hard, not sure if its Jack or someone else but they are just chomping at the bit to get out skiing. Yeah i'd like to ski soon too but the riding is just so much fun right now, yes I'm saying MTB'ing is fun I should wash my own mouth out with soap. Usually I can't stand it. But with the unique trail conditions I'm really digging it.

This week hasn't been without its fair share of road miles to keep the week balanced. Lots of craziness thursday which kept me off anything that moved, x-mas shopping and getting into a text fight with KB.

Yesterday headed out into Oro after hearing on Ride guide that it has some smooth quiet roads, Bald guy was half right they were quiet, smooth is another story. 2 hours, trying to keep my cadence in the high 90's. Then shot into town to nail down harry potter episode 2. I think there's like 18 more to go after this.

Having not ridden my CX bike since nats I thought it might not be a bad idea to give it a shakedown ride before the race tomorrow. New cables, brake pads etc.... so good to have a ride on all that stuff. Loaded up and headed to copeland to ride. Conditions don't get much better, frozen ground and a cm of snow on top. Forgot how much fun it is to ride a CX bike on smooth fast singletrack. Super awesome cause the bars are narrow and I'm not bouncing off trees left right and left again. Hit all the flat singletrail I could with the exception of the berms. Trees still down on the doubletrack doesn't look like Horseshoe is in any rush getting them in shape for skiing. 70 minutes later after pulling myself out of the woods, should have forgotten my watch.

One last tournament tomorrow in the center of the universe.

weathernetwork next 36 hours 1-3 cm of snow

Environment Canada next 36 hours 20-35 cm of snow.

I'm seriously thinking of creating a gambling racket to put on odds and take bets. It would be awesome, they would start throwing forecasts and start calling for 30 degrees in January.

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