Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The list is life the list is good.. or something like that

Still in a bad spot, actually day to day I feel fine, but whenever I try to exercise for any length of time I just feel rotten or start coughing, Luckily its been a great year for films after a couple of lame duck years. The AWI institute for art and film has come up with this years top 5 list, actually it was such a good year no less than 6 made the list.

1. Inception
No brainer one of the best films in a long long time, I'm sure after the success of the batman films Chris Nolan was given a blank check to do whatever the hell he wanted and Inception is what we got.

2. the Town
Ben Affleck has proven himself a better director than actor, with Gone Baby Gone and now the Town, which TSCE apparently didn't like, he has hit another home run.

3. The Expendables
Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Lundgren, Rourke, thats all im going to say about that.

4. True grit
Just saw this one last night, still digesting it a bit. I'm not crazy on westerns but the acting alone is worth seeing this. Barry Pepper was the best but will probably be overlooked for someone less Canadian when it comes time to give out the statues.

5. The Fighter
Actually haven't seen this one but hey do you think the entire academy watches every film they get sent in all categories? I doubt it. But whats not to love, Bale and Marky Mark in an underdog boxing movie sold.

6. Wall Street
The original was tough to follow up, kinda like trying to make a sequel to the mona lisa pretty tough to do, but it was awesome none the less.

Honorable mention to Kick Ass and the Social network.

Think i might jump on the rollers for a bit get the legs spinning a bit.