Monday, December 6, 2010

its just like that movie with donnie darko

Bam right in the kisser, just like that winter has arrived with a bang. Saturday I was riding the ccx in copeland, and today I was snowshoeing with Starbuck on the same trails. Took two years but she is doing awesome, totally kicked my ass today.

That's the seasonal swing I like very little middle ground. Although THE ride is in jeopardy as it seems to be snowing everywhere a fair bit.

Horseshoe is opening up Wednesday, after one roll there isn't much base, I think there still needs to be a few more cm before its ideal.

Insane news from the Chico camp, provincials are going to be held at highlands nordic, pure insanity, but it did come at a cost Mountainview is no longer on the calender damn shame, third best o-cup course ever(since 96), behind Calabogie and Elliot lake.

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Tristan Spurr said...

The ride can still happen,Just not on the you want to do A Ride sometime later this week??