Friday, December 10, 2010

In my mind i was updating this

Everyday I was like yeah that should go in the blog, yeah,

Guess I never actually got around to it, probably cause it would have made for a weak blog(everything's relative)

Can't remember which day it was I think tuesday, hit the rollers for an hour, then hit the ball for some core stuff, decided that pushups really do suck, busted out 3 sets of 15, and now I have a torn pec or something, coupled that with shoveling and my right pectoral has been sore ever since.

I've been snowshoeing and riding(rollers) but I'm laying off anything to do with upper body i.e. skiing. Kinda bummed cause we've got some ok snow for classic. Skate is another story, Hardwood is open I think in part to the little groomer they have. Horseshoe from what I saw snowshoeing yesterday isn't open. At least there were no tracks where I was and after a couple rolls there still isn't enough for a big groomer.

....rumours swirling, well actually Nathan is organizing a new years eve CX race, St Kitts...we'll see what the weather's like.

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