Sunday, December 5, 2010

the end, finito, endo, conclusion, die end. el fin. ha sikum

Thats it folks, stick a fork in it, 2010 is over, for sure now with the cancellation of the new years eve cross race.

Glad I made the trip down today, regardless of outcome I was happy to be there, the drive down was pretty uneventful a little snow but nothing crazy, pulled off for a pumpkin spice in Barrie, and rolled in with just the perfect amount of time, not enough to get cold before the start like nats, and enough not to be rushed.

The atmosphere was super laid back, I think everyone was there for a good time, nothing to serious and hopefully raise some money for the canadian national cyclocross team for worlds. Craigs random M2 start was awesome. One weird thing i saw a few random guys riding mtb's through the park, three guys used course crossing but one guy was so pissed off with the race he rode straight through the tape it was brutal.

Also almost punched Zach in the face a couple times, before taking it onto the course for some warmup laps, where we took turns trying to crash the other out. I think we settled things. Course was good, fast and flowy they opened it up a bit from last year.

Got lined up, a few omissions, J-staff and Mogg have called it a season, (rightly so) Box, Hardinge and Chown were racing in Quahog.

Start Zach killed it, fell in behind him and Moote, Cam must have come by at some point, Followed Jeff until he slid out, mental note on that corner. I was able to catch up to Juice and Cam, they were accelerating like Juniors (or im just not all that punchy right now) Followed them for a bit until Zach went down followed closely by Cam, mental note on that corner. I took the lead it didn't take long for Cam to catch back up, never really saw Zach again.

Cam and I switched off for a few laps, he was killing me anywhere fitness was required but my Rhino's were bringing it back on anything slick or the two run/ride ups. I brake checked Cam before the first one(i really didn't but Cam said i did) I got a bit of a gap and I was able to hold that 10 seconds or so for about 2-3 laps, before it finally opened up to something a little more comfortable.

Rolled in to take the beer prize, 15 dl's of Grande Reserve Chimay. Almost got rolled for it leaving so it must be good.

Drive home was a little hairy at points, took a while and some thinking of alternatives like staying in Barrie at my brothers weekend house.

Great way to end the season, thanks to CXO and I think Midweek was a big help too, great race, great course, hope to do it again. It was nice to do a relatively flat fast race this year.

Big thanks to Jon Safka, for the Chimay I will be sure to enjoy it on a special the end of the 2010 season??

hats off to the guy who just showed up on a giant road bike and raced on 23mm slick tires. Went past him a couple times but I think he was loving every second of it.

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Big Mike said...

Nice title. Not often you see the Hebrew version in a list like that. Thanks for coming down for the Subway CX. Have a great winter.