Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The list is life the list is good.. or something like that

Still in a bad spot, actually day to day I feel fine, but whenever I try to exercise for any length of time I just feel rotten or start coughing, Luckily its been a great year for films after a couple of lame duck years. The AWI institute for art and film has come up with this years top 5 list, actually it was such a good year no less than 6 made the list.

1. Inception
No brainer one of the best films in a long long time, I'm sure after the success of the batman films Chris Nolan was given a blank check to do whatever the hell he wanted and Inception is what we got.

2. the Town
Ben Affleck has proven himself a better director than actor, with Gone Baby Gone and now the Town, which TSCE apparently didn't like, he has hit another home run.

3. The Expendables
Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Lundgren, Rourke, thats all im going to say about that.

4. True grit
Just saw this one last night, still digesting it a bit. I'm not crazy on westerns but the acting alone is worth seeing this. Barry Pepper was the best but will probably be overlooked for someone less Canadian when it comes time to give out the statues.

5. The Fighter
Actually haven't seen this one but hey do you think the entire academy watches every film they get sent in all categories? I doubt it. But whats not to love, Bale and Marky Mark in an underdog boxing movie sold.

6. Wall Street
The original was tough to follow up, kinda like trying to make a sequel to the mona lisa pretty tough to do, but it was awesome none the less.

Honorable mention to Kick Ass and the Social network.

Think i might jump on the rollers for a bit get the legs spinning a bit.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Time for a science experiment

The AWI institute of learning and stuff is setting up a little experiment, after calculating that I have been out with the flu/flu like symptoms for 11.538% of the past year. I have come to the conclusion that my immune system really sucks.

After being bombarded with olympic athletes telling me that Cold FX is the cats meow, I think I'm going to see what all the hub ub is about.

So for the next 52 weeks I'm going on the coldfx diet, I have secured financing for such an endevour by selling my left kidney.

In other AWI news I made the pedal mag online poll in two sections, mtb and CX, though for some reason its not letting me vote, politicians vote for themselves not sure why I can't. I have no doubt my hillbilly win should be good enough to secure the CX award.

Weather is beauty right now, getting out daily with starbuck for short hikes and snowshoes, kinda crazy talk around these parts but with the lack of any new snow and packed trails, I'm getting tempted to bust out the MTB to see if winter riding is a possibility in the near future.

x-mas was good, for once the family actually did cut back on the whole commercialized side of things, sorry economic recovery.

Looking forward to getting into the theatre to see True Grit and The Fighter so I can put a cap on the 2010 film season. I'm already pretty sure who made the AWI top 5 this year but gotta be sure before publishing the prestigious list.

"Rodents of unusual Size? I don't think they exist"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

glass is half full

Day 5 feeling better by the day, I was able to muster up getting on the rollers for a bit. Picked one of my favorite Christmas films, The Ice Harvest, took off any resistance type devices and spun the legs out for a while. Stiff and uncoordinated to start but by the end felt smoother.

Silver lining, I'm already down to my racing weight, awesome, and luckily for some reason I'm the only person on earth who doesn't like x-mas food, so no worries there. Should be a good start to the new year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What are they calling the Flu this year?

If they haven't come up with a name i'm calling it the cougar flu, cause it sneaks up on you and kicks your ass.

Friday felt great, nice snowshoe in Copeland with Starbuck, came home made a plan to get a few hours in on snow Saturday, went to bed and pretty much just woke up now.

thats about all i can muster up, think im going to take some more meds and hit the hay.

Friday, December 10, 2010

In my mind i was updating this

Everyday I was like yeah that should go in the blog, yeah,

Guess I never actually got around to it, probably cause it would have made for a weak blog(everything's relative)

Can't remember which day it was I think tuesday, hit the rollers for an hour, then hit the ball for some core stuff, decided that pushups really do suck, busted out 3 sets of 15, and now I have a torn pec or something, coupled that with shoveling and my right pectoral has been sore ever since.

I've been snowshoeing and riding(rollers) but I'm laying off anything to do with upper body i.e. skiing. Kinda bummed cause we've got some ok snow for classic. Skate is another story, Hardwood is open I think in part to the little groomer they have. Horseshoe from what I saw snowshoeing yesterday isn't open. At least there were no tracks where I was and after a couple rolls there still isn't enough for a big groomer.

....rumours swirling, well actually Nathan is organizing a new years eve CX race, St Kitts...we'll see what the weather's like.

Monday, December 6, 2010

its just like that movie with donnie darko

Bam right in the kisser, just like that winter has arrived with a bang. Saturday I was riding the ccx in copeland, and today I was snowshoeing with Starbuck on the same trails. Took two years but she is doing awesome, totally kicked my ass today.

That's the seasonal swing I like very little middle ground. Although THE ride is in jeopardy as it seems to be snowing everywhere a fair bit.

Horseshoe is opening up Wednesday, after one roll there isn't much base, I think there still needs to be a few more cm before its ideal.

Insane news from the Chico camp, provincials are going to be held at highlands nordic, pure insanity, but it did come at a cost Mountainview is no longer on the calender damn shame, third best o-cup course ever(since 96), behind Calabogie and Elliot lake.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

the end, finito, endo, conclusion, die end. el fin. ha sikum

Thats it folks, stick a fork in it, 2010 is over, for sure now with the cancellation of the new years eve cross race.

Glad I made the trip down today, regardless of outcome I was happy to be there, the drive down was pretty uneventful a little snow but nothing crazy, pulled off for a pumpkin spice in Barrie, and rolled in with just the perfect amount of time, not enough to get cold before the start like nats, and enough not to be rushed.

The atmosphere was super laid back, I think everyone was there for a good time, nothing to serious and hopefully raise some money for the canadian national cyclocross team for worlds. Craigs random M2 start was awesome. One weird thing i saw a few random guys riding mtb's through the park, three guys used course crossing but one guy was so pissed off with the race he rode straight through the tape it was brutal.

Also almost punched Zach in the face a couple times, before taking it onto the course for some warmup laps, where we took turns trying to crash the other out. I think we settled things. Course was good, fast and flowy they opened it up a bit from last year.

Got lined up, a few omissions, J-staff and Mogg have called it a season, (rightly so) Box, Hardinge and Chown were racing in Quahog.

Start Zach killed it, fell in behind him and Moote, Cam must have come by at some point, Followed Jeff until he slid out, mental note on that corner. I was able to catch up to Juice and Cam, they were accelerating like Juniors (or im just not all that punchy right now) Followed them for a bit until Zach went down followed closely by Cam, mental note on that corner. I took the lead it didn't take long for Cam to catch back up, never really saw Zach again.

Cam and I switched off for a few laps, he was killing me anywhere fitness was required but my Rhino's were bringing it back on anything slick or the two run/ride ups. I brake checked Cam before the first one(i really didn't but Cam said i did) I got a bit of a gap and I was able to hold that 10 seconds or so for about 2-3 laps, before it finally opened up to something a little more comfortable.

Rolled in to take the beer prize, 15 dl's of Grande Reserve Chimay. Almost got rolled for it leaving so it must be good.

Drive home was a little hairy at points, took a while and some thinking of alternatives like staying in Barrie at my brothers weekend house.

Great way to end the season, thanks to CXO and I think Midweek was a big help too, great race, great course, hope to do it again. It was nice to do a relatively flat fast race this year.

Big thanks to Jon Safka, for the Chimay I will be sure to enjoy it on a special the end of the 2010 season??

hats off to the guy who just showed up on a giant road bike and raced on 23mm slick tires. Went past him a couple times but I think he was loving every second of it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Still Riding

Whoever is writing the trail reports for hardwood is super die hard, not sure if its Jack or someone else but they are just chomping at the bit to get out skiing. Yeah i'd like to ski soon too but the riding is just so much fun right now, yes I'm saying MTB'ing is fun I should wash my own mouth out with soap. Usually I can't stand it. But with the unique trail conditions I'm really digging it.

This week hasn't been without its fair share of road miles to keep the week balanced. Lots of craziness thursday which kept me off anything that moved, x-mas shopping and getting into a text fight with KB.

Yesterday headed out into Oro after hearing on Ride guide that it has some smooth quiet roads, Bald guy was half right they were quiet, smooth is another story. 2 hours, trying to keep my cadence in the high 90's. Then shot into town to nail down harry potter episode 2. I think there's like 18 more to go after this.

Having not ridden my CX bike since nats I thought it might not be a bad idea to give it a shakedown ride before the race tomorrow. New cables, brake pads etc.... so good to have a ride on all that stuff. Loaded up and headed to copeland to ride. Conditions don't get much better, frozen ground and a cm of snow on top. Forgot how much fun it is to ride a CX bike on smooth fast singletrack. Super awesome cause the bars are narrow and I'm not bouncing off trees left right and left again. Hit all the flat singletrail I could with the exception of the berms. Trees still down on the doubletrack doesn't look like Horseshoe is in any rush getting them in shape for skiing. 70 minutes later after pulling myself out of the woods, should have forgotten my watch.

One last tournament tomorrow in the center of the universe.

weathernetwork next 36 hours 1-3 cm of snow

Environment Canada next 36 hours 20-35 cm of snow.

I'm seriously thinking of creating a gambling racket to put on odds and take bets. It would be awesome, they would start throwing forecasts and start calling for 30 degrees in January.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thought of a good title while riding today but forgot it

we'll see if i can jog my own memory. So it would appear I failed to post yesterday, I'm sure you all missed it, kinda like the way i feel when i check Tristan's blog everyday hoping, ney longing for a new post. I was pleased to see he is getting back on the blogwagon.

I didn't plan on much time exercising yesterday, got on the rollers for a nice 30 minute warmup which included some coordination, then off the bike for a solid 30 mins of core and strength. I didn't have a set routine, just worked out using the ball till 30 mins was up. Core isn't bad but my upper body is yelling at me right now. But i need to whip the old shoulders and arms into shape for the ski season which may or may not arrive sometime before spring.

Back to basics today for a 120-150 minute endurance MTB ride. When I left snow was starting to trickle down but didn't really accumulate. Rode over to copeland via bidwell, and highlands. Laid out a route in my head but quickly realized I deviated and needed to rethink, Some rejigging and I was back on track. Hit all the highlights, like logans run and Matheson's 7th circle climb, With the snow falling it was really quite beautiful in the forest today. Nice ride, doesn't really look like the weather will be closing in anytime soon so probably be getting out for a couple more rides.

regarding the poll, really starting to lean back to the old blackberry, not so much for the phone itself but whats to come from the company, if, key word if, I ever get interested in a tablet googl(...cough sorry) Rim's playbook is looking much more appealing to me with its flash and java capabilities as well as a USB port.

recovery day tomorrow, maybe some x-mas shopping before the madness starts to get to insane and i avoid any store at all costs.

more research into THE ride, looked at a calender and figured out next Sunday is the 12th. thats as far as i have gotten.