Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thats the ticket

After setting up Saturday and running the race sunday myself and others im sure were pretty wasted. I was a wreck yesterday, pretty much useless during the day, did manage to give the CCX some TLC upgraded to some Shimano cables, not sure what took me so long, could be getting spoiled my MTB cables seem to get switched all the time. New smaller brake pads as well which hopefully means less being made fun of, Juniors can be very mean. Bike is all ready to race, after sitting on the sidelines for two weeks I think its about time to get back in there for the last two races, Riverdale this Sunday and Subway the following.

Last night had the BCC AGM, lots of excitement post cx race and sounds like everyone is keen to continue on in the future with it. I am apparently the Youth Development coordinator, I was told it was totally up to me what i would like to do with the position. I think I will do a Russian style program get 10 juniors together rip their legs off and hope one ends up surviving. (im kidding we'll come up with something else) MTB seems to be covered fairly well in the area with Devo, but Road and Cross could use some development in the area. I'd really like to see more cadets and juniors racing cross.

After three days off the bike but doing bike related stuff it felt good to get back on the bike for a solid 165 minutes of endurance. Got my winter bike all ready to roll, a little wd-40 here and there helped, but once she was rolling it was smooth sailing, literally the winds were a little high and I purposely choose to ride out into Flos and to Wasaga for the flat terrain. Lots of open exposed farm fields, I'm calling it new Flanders henceforth. Kyle Fry broke down into tears out there cause it was so flat and windy once, it was a sad sight. I usually avoid Wasaga in the summer but the fall is a great time to ride around the area, even ended up doing a loop I didn't know I could do. On the way back in I passed a guy in running shorts, bare legs, running shoes 15 year old rocky mountain, just loving the ride, huge smile on his face. Awesome seeing people out enjoying cycling for what it is.

A few snowflakes, not really man-ride stuff, maybe a 75 pointer not even worth mentioning.

Back to Micheal and Marions for dinner tonight to celebrate my brothers birthday, where i tried Flying Monkeys Hoptical illusion, im just not digging their brews, thats 2 for 2, maybe I'm just a simple Rickards red kinda guy.

sending some positive vibes Pete's way, had a little brush up with a car, sounds like he's in one piece.

Totally different direction, but with Ben's new purchase I thought what do I want from a car? next to the Mazda which is awesome. Didn't take long this is pretty much me, firebird on the hood and all, someday.....

"yeah so we're tossing around the idea of having propane patio heaters for the start line area"
"I have an idea just don't race your bike in friggen November"

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