Thursday, November 18, 2010

So it begins

I knew it was going to be chilly but, I wasn't planning on getting wet today, so i tried to squeeze in one more ride on my road bike outside.

As I was getting dressed I noticed a few random snowflakes coming down, no biggy actually its better than rain as long as it stays light. Headed out with two goals in mind(gotta have goals) #1 get 180 minutes of good old fashioned SNPD endurance done and #2 check out the new painted up ridge road.

Snow started to get a little heavier and it soon became apparent that the ride was going turn into the first man ride of the 2011 season. No fenders, dry clothing, 1 degree and saturating road surfaces. Cut the ride a bit short but still managed to ride the new shoulders on ridge, before heading back. 1 degree and wet spray is a good way to stay cool. A little chilly by the time i rolled in, actually hitting the garage door cause my hands/brakes weren't working 100%. Its wood no worries.

the tally
150 minutes =150 points
cutting planed time short -5
using poor equipment for conditions +15
Snow + 5
above 0 -5

160 -points pretty weak I know but its early.


Peter said...

hmm you know what i did today? the same frigging thing ... let's ride soon!

Matt Spak said...

must we start a separate section to keep a running total for the winter?

Peter said...

oh and thank you for the continued reference to SNPD (we no call it SNP) but in any case I know your heart is in good place and it is appreciated.

Peter said...

hmm matt spak posts at same times as me