Wednesday, November 17, 2010

snows are on,

I usually wait for at least one sketchy drive to change out my wheels. This year I'm ahead of the curve and got them on tonight. Also have the garage set up so the car can go into garage, insane I know.

But before that, Monday I headed out to turn some laps on the baseball/snowball course, a few tweaks here and there but otherwise looking good. A nice hour riding out there, beautiful day. Before returning home for some good old fashioned chainsawing, bring it on dead trees.

Got on the road bike yesterday for a couple hours, one nice thing about late fall riding is the lack of traffic, even on the usually busier stretches. Could be the last ride on the CRR before she gets put on the rollers for the next several months, not to worry the Bucket is all ready to go fenders, 1x9 low gearing, 36 spokes in the front 35 in the back.

You may have heard of a new retailer coming to town, I didn't want to go but K dragged me in to scope it out. Not as impressed as I thought i would be. Actually quite small for what it looks like on the outside. After some perusing among lots of people in suits and ties during what appeared to be a cocktail party we jetted out of there.

Cause this is the thing to do

"Is that a Chainsaw?"
Kid in canadian tire

"yes, yes it is"


"yes, yes it is"


Peter said...

YouTube let's you resize the video select below the video and above embed code

When can we ride on 30lb bike club? I am going so easy right now

What is this retailer?

When is your cross race? I am confused with the one this last weekend

Andy said...

peter, thanks for the heads up I should proofread before logging off.

My Norco's are all well under 25 lbs. If thats cool soon.

may or may not be a cooperative mountain equipment retailer.

the BCC cross race is this Sunday, 21st, gonna be sick,

matt p said...

peter is right, resize your vids or don't post, I'm embarrassed for you....