Sunday, November 14, 2010

really running out of ideas for titles

Yesterday went very smoothly out at the sports complex, had tons of help driving stakes and even managed to nearly double the elevation gain from 5 to 10 meters of climbing. Still a little work to do some more staking, taping and maybe some snowblowing if the forecast holds.

A few folks were asking where this place is exactly here is a map

Today started with a mission to canadian tire to buy a chainsaw, semi successful until I got to hardwood after opened the box to find a used chainsaw in the box, awesome, sawdust and all. Immediately found my way onto the course to start heckling and cheering the 11:30 race on, I offered up a sweet 5 dollar challenge to the juniors to try and ride up the stairs. Bretton took on the challenge and made it clean on the third try.

The 1:00 o clock race was sweet, Box wanting his second win, Cam going for his first win, and my pick Mancini who actually took the win the day prior at the kissing bridge cross race.

First lap looked like a group ride, slackers, second lap the I planted a toonie in the run-up, (If only Canada had dollar bills) Cam picked that up while in the middle of the group avoiding taking everyone down. Then the next 5 dollar bill came out for the ride up, some tried some didn't, solid efforts by Parker, Stafford and some others, in the end Tristan Smit powered up to take his winnings.

Wasn't really paying attention to the race, I think Box and Hardinge chased Cam all day, in the end Cam came away with the win, of course the one time I don't pick him.

Out ten bucks but had some good fun cheering and heckling with the cowbell.

In other news AWI is coming closer to fruition signed another rider today, I think that makes 5 pretty solid.

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