Wednesday, November 3, 2010

now that we are on the subject

Sitting down watching Predator in HD on the tube(good living) and its reminding me why the new predators film had potential but failed(off season film rant)

ok, yeah had a nice ride today headed out for a while west towards Orillia. Found myself on the 6th line again, flying down the road beside coffee run is pretty fun. The weather was perfect for November, sunny and no wind. A little chilly but hey that's why clothing companies make booties, gloves, and jackets.

Back to my inspiration, call it nostalgia call it sentimentalism(is that a word?) I grew up with Arnold, Sly, the Bruce, the late 80's early 90's action films always find their way onto my screen on a regular basis.

These current re-makes and sequels always fall short, the new predator flick showed some promise, jungle, big guns, great score, Robert Rodriquez etc. First big mistake having a bunch of hardcore guys plus Topher Grace in a Hoody bouncing around giggling and being the comic relief. But I got past that, all the way till the end. When Adrian Brody kicks the crap out of the predator hand to hand. Serious? your going to tell me that Arnold gets his ass handed to him by a predator but Adrian Brody can take one down.

Sorry not going to fly. They just don't make em like they used to.

back to more pressing matters i am prepared to give some predictions for saturday.

U-23 again will be an awesome race to watch, favorites include J-staff, McNeely. Guthrie is a bit of a question mark at the moment, also Morin. Fry could be a factor but will probably just sit in a car with the heat running and miss the start. I don't even want to guess an order but i'll say J-staff, Mcneely, and Guthrie will make up the top three. Others to watch Bailey, Hughes, Lespy.(who knew newfoundland had a cross scene?)

Master A: Pete "I'm too cool to be cold" Mogg,

Senior women: Pendrel, Elliot, Simms in that order

Senior Men: Time to double down, Cam for a top three, Trace and DSJ also for the top three.

In other news plan to make the trip up to the snowy (if we're lucky) north on November 21st for the 4th annual Barrie cross race, which has been moved back to Barrie....well Barrie runs the facility in Midhurst. Pre reg 25 bones which is tough to beat these days. Hot food and beverages will be on site in a covered pavilion with heated washrooms. Course is still being finalized, staircase, sand pit, are all possible. We are fully prepared for snow. just come it will be awesome. Even if its just to watch and heckle its all good.

Put on by the Barrie cycling club, non-profit, so any proceeds will be funneled back into community cycling initiatives.

"your hit, your bleeding"

"I ain't got time to bleed"

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jvk said...

Alright you can't pick yourself but what are your thoughts going into this race as, what many people believe, the favorite to win the National Jersey?