Sunday, November 21, 2010

not enough patting of bums

Just realized there was no dugout ass grabbing today, it was the "baseball cross" and nothing about it was like baseball, No chewing tobacco, No beer, very few steroids, may need to change that name again.

It was all smiles when we headed home from the venue today after a great day of bike-cycle racing. I was extremely pleased to see so much "racing" not just solo tt'ing, Most of the categories came down to a last lap duel. Even saw some early groups of 4's and 5's not bad considering there weren't huge numbers in any one wave.

I (fully responsible) miscalculated the amount of Pylons we would need and had to do some improvising. Thank you big giant blue bins.

An interesting trend it seems is a lot fewer masters racers the past few races, only 3 M1's today one of the smallest categories for the day. Not a criticism or call out just an observation.

Would like to thank Joe Breedon out at the complex for his excitement and help with the event. There was never any second guessing what we were doing, basically as long as we stayed off the playing fields we could do whatever we wanted, we could have had a jump over the fire pit and that probably would have been cool with Joe.

"wheres my pat"
Kevin Costner


Rob said...

Thanks for setting up a good course considering there wasn't much terrain to work with. I'd say it had the best racing so far in the M3 group

Marc said...

Oh, there was beer... you just had to be out by Matt's shaggin' wagon at the barrier!