Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looks like the I-phone is winning out, shame, but I asked and you have spoken.

Pleading, convincing, begging for someone to ride with today paid off with a nice wintery mtb ride in Copeland. Just the perfect amount of snow, don't get to many days like this up here, but maybe with global warming there will be more in the future. By the time noon rolled around the snow was melting, hit the berms, other fun dh, and as much flat stuff as possible. Worked on some skills for sure. Tammy's coach will be pleased.

Post ride practiced some winter driving skills, e-brake turns and such, on a closed circuit(parking lot)

Decent hours this week without any real structure, until the weather is sure what it wants to do, it will probably stay that way. Just aim for weekly hour goals. Keeping the tools in a bag for now so to speak. Actually I just got a new wicked tool bag, I can ditch the skimpy musette bag now.

Mustache is coming in strong should be prime for next November.

"Whats your last name?"


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