Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kyle Fry was right

You know how you feel after the first day on the slopes for a season. You feel all those little muscles you never use unless your skiing. Yeah times that by two.

My first two day's in a row at joyride and I'm feeling it in places I didn't know existed.

Reason for being there was a national team training camp. Best training camp i have ever been too (2nd camp I've ever done) Basically all the riders from Ontario on the National team, plus Lespy imported from Nova Scotia.

Monday morning was back to school with Dan going into some nice detail regarding training, different workouts, learned some stuff and also was relieved that Charlie has been on the right track for the most part.

Afternoon was spent on some BMX bikes learning balance, handling, and riding with only brake. Then onto some dirtjump bikes for some drop riding. Lots of fun and really was nice to get together with everyone for some riding.

Day 2 was similar with some party room instruction and then into the newly finished training room with our trainers for some interval work, and coordination drills. Hardest efforts since worlds I think.

Some lunch and back onto the dirtjumpers for some more drills on the drop and pump tracks, everyone was riding way faster and more comfortably which was the exact time we finally jumped on our xc rigs and were all super freaked by there silly handling characteristics. But we were still able to launch of the drop with confidence on them.

Two awesome days down there, paying for it now we didn't limber up at all. But hey do you ever see a lion limber up before taking down a gazelle?

Thanks to Dan for setting it all up and flying in from the warm okanagan valley. Brendan Arnold for his BMX and general badass riding skill teaching. Oh I forgot out manual competition..... for good reason maybe.

Mike Garrigan for his help on day one, and of course to Joyride 150 for building a world class training facility,

All motivated to train now but I'm not sure my body will let me at the moment.

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Peter said...

who is charlie ?

can i race my mtb in pro at barrie cross ? I promise i won't win