Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I never really was into these tuner cars

I am late to the party reporting on Ben's new hot rod. After a day of cleaning, scrubbing, hosing, de-thawing and a trip to newmarket I made it out to Midhurst for a ride. I went for the ride, apparently everyone else went to oogle Bens ride.

While the others got rides back and forth in the parking lot I got ready to ride. I said i didn't want to get in cause up till then the fastest car i have ever ridden in was my old Lumina and I wanted to keep it that way. But they forced me into the left hand seat(right hand drive car) Yeah its kinda fast. Still not my cup of tea if it was an old american muscle car with tons of horsepower and crappy suspension i would have been more excited.

Oh and we got out for a solid ride, not sure how many more we'll be able to do. It was pretty much at zero which means snowshoeing isn't far off. I was digging through the crawlspace for my winter clothes before heading out.

A BIG congrats to J-staff for being the OCA male MTB athlete of the year.(p.s. J-staff you are about to go on notice)

stay tuned for nationals predictions once registrations are finalized,

some more pics of the Hustle are here,

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