Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good times

Home now enjoying a cold one which I have been trying abstain from the past couple days. In preparation for todays show, after many years of being questioned and ridiculed for not participating at cross nats (see Kabush quote as to why he didn't come here) I took part in my first cross nationals since 2005,(where i was somehow third)

Had some choices to make yesterday, and today, with last chance number pickup at 11 am, and an open course at noon for an hour, I opted to make it one long day instead of two long days on the road. If reg and the course were open all day yesterday i probably would have headed down but it wasn't till 4.

So it was a long day waiting for the 3:30 start which to credit the organizers went off right at time. Up the super sketchy hope nobody steps out in front of you start.

Getting ahead of myself got to watch some great racing in the earlier races. Pete "see I made a smart call last sunday" Mogg took another win(looked a little close to be honest) Hats off to Hardinge who had a solid shot at taking the Master B title was taken out by a spectator. Rough way to DNF, Crashes and flats are one thing but that's just crappy luck.

Also Evan and J-staff put in solid efforts with McNeely taking a comfortable win. Great to see such great talent from the young riders.

back to the 330 start. Got an ok jump off the line but got into a a spot of bother with DSJ and Blueboy#2. DSJ and myself found ourselves well out of the top ten approaching 15 ish. Not a good way to start, and with some very tight corners early on the start was very important on this course. Put in a dig to try and get onto DSJ's wheel to hopefully start working our way back up. Well he had the same plan and was able to stick to it. I however made a few passes but quickly started to fade back with some not great performance. Put it into damage control for a bit, tried to stay positive and enjoy the course and riding bikes.

Rode with Box and Mancini for a while, guys I was comfortable riding with and wasn't afraid of being taken out unlike some of the riders from east of Ontario.(scary) Started to get back into a groove and was able to make my way up to a big group and eventually moved through and past the group.

Got rolling pretty good near the end after passing Nathan and him chasing my down hard(fastest time 6th lap no big deal). Made my way up to 7th and held onto that till the end.

You always hope for more and I had a ton of support there, lots of people coming up to me asking how i felt and they had some good feelings about my chances. Thank you. Even Kyle fry was man enough to stand in the cold to cheer.

Kevin and Scott for their support mostly in life advice. Mom for the drive and bad ass sandwiches.

Does this sound like I'm done for the season? Well I could be, it was a short condensed cross season starting in mid-October till now. But i think any races post today will be fully fly by wire.

Changing gears tomorrow going to be laying out the BCC cross course. Then a two Joyride extravaganza for a national team training camp Monday and Tuesday.

Feel like there is a piece of me still plastered to the ground in Bromont. Gotta go find it.

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