Sunday, November 7, 2010


Oh baby, had a great day with the BCC crew putting together a smoking fast course at the sports complex. The course is on basically the flattest hundred acres in Simcoe County so finding some elevation was challenging. My GPS recorded an elevation gain of 5 meters over 3.35 km kilometers.

All that elevation comes from a Sunnidale esque run up (which is ride able). First half of the course is pretty flat out wide open turns, slowly turning a little more technical with some slower speed stuff to finish the lap off. We built it to be fast and flowy, I would say its more of an on the gas, aerobic engine type course, nothing to punchy. Good surface mixture, grass, gravel, fine gravel, soil, Pavement.

Definitely leaning to one end of the spectrum with this course not going to lie. If you like speedy, momentum, dirt crit type courses you will love this course.

This is a rough course map, nothing is set in stone, but it will generally look something like this.

Looking forward to putting the final touches on the course throughout the next two weeks.

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