Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't look at me I was all ready to go

Ill start with bailing on Riverdale tomorrow, I can't shake the memories of almost freezing to death in 08 there. My OCD was starting to kick in today big time. Basically yes I am Soft not denying that, love the course, love the organizer, dislike the lack of parking. OCD, but I turned to an unbiased source to make a final ruling and it came back "no". If im not at Subway ill kick my own ass.

Yesterday with the apparent end of the world coming the plan was to hit up Copeland for one last ride at 11 am, that came and went and found myself there at 2:30 but with a riding partner. Good ride had a weird sound coming from behind me the whole ride, kinda like a weezing, laboured breathing, I just went faster.

With a light dusting of snow today, its starting to feel a bit like winter, but not surprisingly we didn't get anywhere close to the 1000 cm predicted. Took Starbuck for a hike in Copeland, all freaked out by the cougar talk, kept looking behind me.

MTB again tomorrow, shes gonna be put away soon too(well except for joyride 300 visits) Little bit of snow should make for some nice riding.


matt p said...

I'd like to vote on your phone poll but you don't have my desired choice on the poll. Please add the following choice: normal, everyday phone with full qwerty keyboard for text.

Big Mike said...
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Big Mike said...

I am 100% on your side about parking. There is not enough of it around parks in this city and you have to compete with millions of people for it. Too stressful. There is a lot of parking at the Subway CX. Hope to see you there.