Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beautiful day in Barrie tomorrow

I have the pre race jitters, hoping everything comes together nicely tomorrow, I have no doubt it will but still you start to second guess yourself. Robb has done an awesome job organizing everything and everyone around the event.

The facility starts to creep up to you with the details, lots of really unique features/challenges that we needed to consider while making the course.

Looks like it will be a clear albeit chilly day for racing.

predictions, You know I'm thinking Hughes will be a force out there, Box maybe, J-staff will be tired from getting his award tonight, if he wasn't he will be after reading this.(subconscious) Nathan will be in the mix for sure. Anyone's game really.

Post course-work hit up Starbucks with K.B. for some good livin, apparently every other person in a 10km radius had the same idea, never seen Starbucks so busy, about a 25 minute wait for a latte( I got my plain old coffee in 30 seconds)

see you tomorrow, yes YOU, what else are doing? huh? riding on a float in a Santa Clause parade? sorry that excuse is already taken.

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