Monday, November 29, 2010

and don't call me Shirley

Good times last night at Elizabeth and Jacobs new Horseshoe pad, not bad, the spiral staircase freaks me out. Definitely solved some world issues while there. Blackberry was given a solid boost, much more business like, something I'm surprised Matt P hasn't thought about....

Got home to some bad news Leslie Nielson had passed away, bloody shame, found this video it is pretty much bang on, Buck Frobisher was his greatest role in my opinion.

Sun was shining nicely today for a nice (I say rides are nice a lot don't I) It was a nice ride, 170 minutes of matchbook building, not matches mind you, just getting that Matchbook ready to insert matches. Out into Flanders to Wasaga, north above Elmvale before heading back south to homebase. Good amount of gravel, and even some doubletrack, scoping out possible terrain for THE ride? maybe, maybe. Next sunday seems to be the targeted date.

Some x-training tomorrow, pole runnalking probably.

In the summer I love travelling, building trails and just about any sport except for swimming in the ocean—who knows what's lurking in the dark water". – Mike Garrigan

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matt p said...

Oh I thought about it, but why be business? Also, you will become addicted, turn off the phone and enjoy the world around you.