Thursday, October 14, 2010

you going? I don't know are you going?

Started pretty early on yesterday regarding the racing at hardwood hills(yes hills) I had just finished getting the CCX SL ready, took off the bar top brake levers. Switched the stem,bar,seatpost and the wheels.

Thought it was a good idea to get some intensity in before the races this weekend which will be awesome. A slight drizzle had started before arriving perfect fall cross weather. A few changes to the course, for the better, took out some straightaways and made the tunnel a little safer going into it.

Start was pretty much a group ride for the first lap. We were getting heckled pretty good by some spectators, Davis went to the front and took the speed up a bit, I put in an effort which seemed to explode the group. I wasn't riding the sand very good, sorry superman does good, I didn't ride the sand very well. Lots of fun and put some good efforts into the legs, enough? probably not, racing is the best training anyway I always tell myself.

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