Sunday, October 3, 2010

yes two posts in a day

For this mornings post scroll down, should have written it last night but got that itch to do it this morning.

Great weekend on the bicycle, this October is shaping up a bit different than years past by this time I'd usually be starting into the Saturday game(I don't know why I'm using so many movie references lately, I think Scott Kelly will be the only one to get that last one)

Since the Bromont incident I haven't really been able to put many miles in, I just feel this urge to train now. Thats why I liked cross it was the lazy way to train. Now i actually feel motivated to do it on my own without chasing and being chased in circles by J-staff, Box, Chown, Morse.....ok now I actually miss it.

I'll be out there soon enough but before that hopefully some more rides like the past two.

Today I finished up the enduro route, the northern part is pretty straight forward lots of rolling climbs on road, some paved some gravel. 4 sectors of doubletrack, one pretty early on about 15 km it that will set the tone. Three after crossing the little Mississippi, really hope its relatively warm and sunny.

Did some math and figured out I did about 90% of the route in about 5 hours of riding.

Lots o miles beautiful colours are coming out, cool crisp clean air, never really enjoyed fall riding before this much, maybe I'm just happy to be riding at all.

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