Sunday, October 31, 2010

stuff that didn't happen and the hillbilly hustle

I know there has been a lack of posts here, sorry, actually no I'm not sorry.

Haven't really been up to much this week. Still working on the garage, getting pretty dialed. I have a crazy plan to actually park my car in the garage.

But I may have made it up to blue mountain yesterday for a ride with some misfits to three stage and back. It could have been an awesome ride, i think we pedalled for about 2 hours of it but it took us about 5 hours to complete the ride. To go into more detail would probably mean a dis-invitation for next year. I did however fully miss the evening's festivities.

This morning I awoke to a face full of sunshine and though hey what a nice day for a bike race.

got driving still nice and sunny but i realized I couldn't see the escarpment from 26. And then the road got snowier and snowier, started to wonder if the van would make it up the hill to highlands nordic.

rolled into this

Hopped out of the van Pete Mogg rode past me on a mission, turns out that mission was to get the frack out of there(smart).

Signed in said my hello's to the hillbillies and Pete who tries to be a hillbilly once a year. The juniors race and womens races were good still very snowy and hopefully it would stay like that but it looked like the snow was starting to melt.

When I got on the course it was definitely starting to turn a little soupy like it usually does for the afternoon races like these, albion 07, riverdale 08. But apparently cross racers are tough so I'm told.

Got lined up and started in short order trying to minimize standing around. Mik took the lead right way, opened a gap, I ran a little more on the off camber and closed it back up. At the top i got clipped into my pedals faster and took the lead. Tried my best to not think about the prime cause it can lead to some good blowups.

Mik came back by on the last uphill and promptly slid out on the next corner, I think we both giggled like school girls. Regained the lead and was able to hold on through the line for the prime, the one and only time i used my big ring.

Anything below the knees was basically numb from riding through the growing icy puddles, core and hands were doing ok, but my face was a little numb.

Stafford rode up to me, really I just knew i wanted to be done as soon as possible. If J-staff went by and put the hammer down cool, but it was too cold to play games.

Slowly started to open a gap over the next several laps. Nothing to exciting happened during the race, the slackers standing by the off camber stuff were super loud and weren't above throwing snowballs.

Crossed the line and straight to the van, (soft) Hands, face, and toes were totally numb, took some time to try and wrangle off my muddy clothing.

But that's what cross racing is all about right? Looking back yeah it was fun kinda, but i think the earlier races would have been a little funnerer.

Got re-awarded the jacket, and some more beer which is good cause the wellington is almost all gone.

Thanks to the hillbillies for another great day of racing,


Big Mike said...

Listen Up Pal! As a faithful reader I feel a week between posts is a bit excessive. I count on you to help make avoiding work a simple task and the vicarious thrill I get from imagining what it would be like to ride a bike for a living is important as well. I wish I had a blog so I could put you on notice.
Good luck this weekend.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

To go into more detail would probably mean a dis-invitation for next year.

phew, glad to hear you will be back. I thought our relentless racer boy comments might have scared you away for good. We harass because we care, just ask Spak.

Congrats on your hillbilly win!