Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SLX is good stuff yeah I like it, it shifts nice

Start things off with a bit of a why? and that why is, why am I(and others) always referred to as a "Mountain biker" in the cross reports, it doesn't say road racer Derrick St John, road racer Mark Batty(who is a MTBer at heart) etc. When we are out there racing our cross bikes aren't we all cross racers?

Or does it make roadies more comfortable to remind themselves they are the normal ones?

If we crash, do we not bleed? If you smack talk, do we not smack talk in return? If you crash us into a sandpit do we not revenge?

Anyways, lots of work done yesterday before heading out to ride last night in Midhurst. It was raining nicely here in Craighurst but by the time I got a couple KM down the road it was dry as a bone. Good ride, we were graced by Ben Dawsons presence. With the leaves down we(Tristan and I) kept riding off the trail, I think of it as trail blazing. Sun is coming out nicely time for a little bikcyle ride before heading to the center of the universe to see Fubar 2, I haven't seen the first one so I hope I'm not lost.

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