Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Should change my header pictures around, that hardtail is long gone, well not really its for sale in the near future.

Yesterday, got some stuff done around here which included a marathon car wash(double wash) hand wax and polish, wheel clean, tire shine, vacuum out the inside, shes looking like shes off the showroom floor except for the door marks.

After that went into Midhurst to hit up my first Monday nighter for a while. The other blogs have the highlights, but yeah I can confirm a big porcupine and many high fives.

Beauty day today, again on the cx bike trying to get those BB 30 bearings worked in, 200km of riding they are starting to free up. Did some doubletrack through Simcoe county forest to Midhurst then in the new bike lane on st vincent to my favorite Barrie hang out. Where i got attacked by a bumble bee, in fareness to the (Anonymous concept)store I was at I probably brought it in with me in my pocket. When I went to answer a stupid text from Spak bam little fracker got me. Bugger, anyway World problems solved and I was outa there to finish up through some oro hills and home.

The Phaser is going back to the future Tomorrow, so I got it all cleaned up, now anyone who knows me well knows I despise full suspension(for 2 hr xc racing) but this little gem wasn't bad, actually I really liked it, felt a lot more balanced and more progressive than any of the full squish's I've ridden before. Which were all FSR designs. The new ART is pretty slick, may be a convert to full squish who knows, can't believe I just said that.

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Matt Spak said...

Don't be blaming me for some random bee attack. You should watch more animal planet then you would have know how to avoid the vicious attack to the steriod powered bee.