Sunday, October 3, 2010

I swear I saw Brad Pitt fly fishing

Before heading out to preview the northern sectors of the midland enduro, thought I would give a rundown on the southern part of the route. Why am I preriding a tour route? well its nice to follow someones else's route for a change and give my map my ride account a rest.

Tristan and I headed out on course in 15 seconds from the house and had a nice warmup climb up bidwell. Took the alternate route around horseshoe valley, still not sure about that one. the route around was good some nice doubletrack climbs and the 5th has two good climbs so your not loosing much elevation gain.

Tristan lost his iphone on the 5th line in a washout(of which there are many) had to back track and luckily we found it, for no other reason but to document the upcoming sections.

6th line climb north of mt st louis road was cruel, hiked it, grade isn't a big deal but its pretty loose gravel, i don't think a two wheel car would make it up.

Then the descent down into the swamp. I swear all you needed was Gollum leading us around and we could have been in the dead marshes heading to Mordor (yeah I know). Hiked in as far as we could, but then we came to the actual river crossing. That was as far as we were going, this wasn't some little creak or a standing pool of water, this river had some flow to it.

So, cold waist deep water crossing followed by 30km of road most likely into a headwind, in october, could be interesting. Hiked back out and cut west on moonstone road until we got back on course at around the 20km mark.

Followed the route from there back to Craighurst, it followed a bunch of snowmobile trail, and road allowances, sketchy on a cross bike, lots of sandy rocky washouts, used my bar top brake levers a lot and I'm leaving those on till next weekend(Fry I'm sorry i ever doubted you)

Overall, I'd say it will be an epic day, It is NOT Paris-Ancaster, Not sure you could put more climbing into a 95 km loop in Ontario.

So there you have it October 9th, Midland-Horseshoe-Midland enduro tour, and a river runs through it.

oh, yeah last night double movie night, first The Town, take Point Break, a touch of Ronin, and the soundtrack and film style of Gone Baby Gone and voila The Town, it was awesome batting 2 for 2 with hollywood films, are they out of the slumps can it be that some good films are finally getting made? Hope so Wall Street is next, if that's solid then I think the film industry is saved.


Kyle Fry said...

its been over year since i've used those

Peter said...

Man I dunno about crossing can we go construct a bridge!? Chance we will ripen kilarney this weekend ... Weather depending at moment . Will keep you posted lemme know if you need some bromine for that next movie on ur list