Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hey Zach you got this today? Yeah yeah I got this

Not going to lie it was a tough one getting out of bed this morning with the pouring rain. But I figured I would be ridiculed for being soft for many moons to come. Ate my Wheaties and jumped in the Mazda for a solo mission down to Kelso today.

Rolled in and parked beside giggles, signed in watched some of the 11:30 start and got warmed up, did one lap on the course and that was enough. Legs were feeling better than yesterday.

I was determined to stick to my plan of not leading from the start, which apparently was Nathan's and he did start to finish, with Zach hot on his heels and myself in third. Thats about all she wrote, I tried a few good efforts to try and close it down and managed about 1 sec in a lap. I felt good everywhere except the paved climbs. With about 2 to go I settled into a nice tempo and just tried to work on some mud skills.

Won some wellington and gas money and headed home after another great Speedriver weekend. Time to get focused on the biggest (Bragging rights) race in Ontario cyclocross. Bring it.

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