Sunday, October 10, 2010

forgot how to take screenshots

The smell of thanksgiving dinner is in the air, Seabiscuit is on the tube, as good a time as any to fill you on recent AWI happenings.

Ok, just got caught up on how to do a screenshot and tag stuff.

Yesterday was the 1st annual Midland Enduro, well time will tell if its annual, I hope it is. Also it was decided that a better name would be needed. Oro-medonte off road Gran fondo will probably get people out, gotta use those buzz words.

Got to Mountainiview for the start after an awesome experience at the midland Mcdonalds, I love midland. I think 10 of us started out at 10 am. why only Ten? I have no idea, this was going to be an awesome event.

Got rolling T-dog and I knew how hard the day would be and just tried to keep the group chill, but guys were pretty keen on killing it. And it didn't take long for the group to split in half. 6 of us found ourselves up the road, Brien Ross took off on his own, but once we hit the second off road section we rolled past him. T-dog, Davis, Bretton and myself, came out. Settled into a nice sensible rythem. As Tristan regaled us with his previous nights adventures.

We got to the first section of Horseshoe valley west of 93, which has a nice paved shoulder, but within the first couple minutes we got buzzed by a truck for no reason and almost saw a head on collision, Myself being the CEO and Tristan being the COO of AWI decided to modify the route around the valley to avoid the Valley on probably the busiest day of the year. Bretton and Davis didn't put up any protest and Brien had caught back up and followed the detour which actually climbed higher than the valley on doubletrack and then cut through highland.

Hit the 6th line hike, Bretton made it the furthest on a cx bike, props for that. Filled up on a unamed great sports drink, and headed down to the Mississippi( actually i think its matheson creek) Bam, Tristan front flats, I said awesome pull out your spare lets fix this things, He replied what tube? Then my Bontrager dual action pump crapped out on me, should have got an axiom. Karma.

We got rolling Brien kept in race mode and attacked hard when T-dog flatted. Got to the river and I was totally dissapointed to see that the river had dropped about 18 inches, it was barely knee deep. I was grumpy after that.

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful except for Bretton getting buzzed by a guy in a subaru with two bikes on it on a back gravel road. yeah asshole drivers were out in full force yesterday.

Tristan started laying down some insane attacks at the end, but in the end it was Davis, Bretton and myself crossing the non-finish line, line.

Turns out a guy missed the Craighurst turn and rode the entire Horseshoe valley, which is both insane(not a local) and a nice shortcut, a formal protest was launched.

In the end everyone had a great time, Feedback was welcomed by Tim the organizer, he's committed to keep the event going.

- name change
- a couple weeks earlier
- short course option
- NOT using the horseshoe valley on a holiday weekend
- cheaper(if there is better turnout potential)

Out of the squeezer, Paris to Ancaster, the old Hardwood raid and similar point to point or big loop races/rides. This has to be my favourite, most challenging one so far. Ok the point to point Canada Cup in Fernie was pretty cool too. Lets say in Ontario it was my Favorite.

that took up some webspace ill leave it there for now, gotta fuel up for the brewery to brewery tomorrow morning,

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speedriverbicycle said...

make it a sunday, and i'm there.
hell, let the damn southerners know what the hell is going on, and i'm there.
only through random creeping of your weblog thing did i really know. yes, i could learn to check the ontariocycling site. but, that'd be smart wouldn't it? and who claimed i was that? not me ...