Saturday, October 23, 2010


After getting my equipment all ready for today I got out for a ride on the road bike which has been neglected since the brewery to brewery. Headed over to the hardwood block to ride some of the new pavement there, down the 5th over and up the 6th, never thought I'd ever see these roads not gravel. Even I think they should leave whats left gravel. A touch on the chilly side especially when it started to drizzle, would have been better if it had snowed.

Legs felt good going into today's race, all that was left was to get a good nights sleep. Left earlier than normal had to make some stops along the way, one was a kitchen store, which turns out to be right next to Bikeland. After checking out some sick neon bikes of an unnamed brand it was on the road.

Rolled into Kelso a little later than planned but I was still able to get most of a lap in on the course before the 11:30 start. Rode with Mike Dennis who talked me through all the lines, I got the impression he laid a lot of the course out.

The 11:30 races were good, saw a couple nice bails and rolled tubular's, pumped up my tires a little more, and decided to play it a little on the safer side.

Road a couple full laps to warmup, and got lined up for the start, which was good, got clipped in and off the line well. Didn't follow my plan which was to let some of the other guys set the pace. But it didn't take long for Stafford and I too expand a little gap and on a turn that I blew j-staff came by on the inside smack talking. He continued to drill it, and but me in a spot of bother. He blew another corner, I made sure to point it out, and just tucked into his wake. He shined a barrier hard, I took over the lead and tried to dish out some pain. I made myself hurt but I think Stafford was A) riding the turns better than me and B) was pretty comfortable.

After a fast corner I did a casual, look back without looking like I was looking back, to see him standing on the course. I thought he had crashed but instead just powered off his hanger.

After those two laps we had a good gap, after those efforts left me with nothing in the tank but to hold onto that gap.

Settled into a nice pace(I say that a lot) then felt what I thought was my front tire roll off, backed way off thinking it was going to come completely off. Kept checking it without looking like I was looking at my tire. Seemed to be holding on. I slowly started to ramp the corner speed back up. It was a weird couple corners but the tire is still on when I checked it at home. Weird as my prediction of Cam winning would have come true. So really it was win win.

Rolled in for my first win of the season, wasn't sure it would ever happen this season.

Thanks to speedriver for putting on another great race, and a great provincials.

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