Sunday, October 17, 2010


Upload on facebooks just failed, grumpy now.

Today wasn't a fail though, the plan was basically the same except for an earlier departure time. Got there just a hair over 11:30 to sunny skies again.

Got the camera out for some good stalker shots with the long lens, before kitting up to ride the course during intermission.

Before lining up did some media

My apologies to Peter in case he wanted something more serious.

Lined up on the right side today in between Schooler and St John and before long we started, not quite myself on the starts these days and found myself back a little bit but still lightyears ahead of usual. Got into a train just behind Nathan and J-Staff, not to long after Nathan went down hard(hope hes ok) and Stafford had nowhere to go but into him. I screamed like a little girl and managed to get by on the left, and regained some ground.

The group split with Frattini, St John and Mark, I was still a couple wheels back. Came into the chute right behind Schooler and suddenly realized I was in the air, Obviously went into it a little to hot, channeled my inner joyride to make a semi smooth landing and it was hard on the brakes, I managed to get slowed down but Schooler slid out a bit.

If memory serves thats when I managed to get into third, rode there for a lap until making a mistake in the sand pit which allowed Lalonde by, which immediately opened up a gap to the leaders. Got by him and turned it to 10.5 to try and bridge back up to Frattini and St John, not sure if they knew I was coming back or if they just didn't care. Once I was on i looked at my watch and saw 22 minutes, ouch, shouldn't have down that. St John must have watched Without Limits last night cause he was just attacking out of every corner. Hey winning any other way is just you know the line. It was all I could do to hang on and ride well and clean to stay in contact.

Counting the laps go by, it was definitely going to come down to whoever didn't make a mistake, and with a lap and bit to go, DSJ slid out after the chute which gave Frattini his opening, I got by as well and hammered it but the steam was gone, out of the sand lane, and it was just a pure guts race, Survived the final few KM for a solid 3rd.

Best overall weekend at this race since it started in 07, It was nice to be back at the cross races, I look forward to the next month of racing.

Also shout out to Bret Mathews for destroying at the Hardwood challenge today.

Thanks for the cheers and support from all my readers who were there the past couple days.

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