Friday, October 1, 2010

brilliant idea

After getting a taste of downhilling at blue, i had this itch to get out there without a camera crew yelling at me too hike back up a hill to do the same line 4 times.

It didn't take much arm twisting to get Matt and Tammy to join me at horseshoe for an evening, really I think I said im going with or without you and they were game.

The time was limited only 4-7 tonight so we got there at 3:30 to buy our tickets and do their stripe test of sorts, only hitch was they didn't even open the ticket counter till just before 4, but no worries it wasn't busy and we were on the lift by 4:15.

Got yelled at and warned to start on the green trails, so did some of the easier trails to get warmed up on, lots of high fives and girly screams on the way down.

The lifties (is that still an acceptable term) were super friendly, met one of the trail builders, nice guy, liked him more after he pulled a prank on me and dropped my seatpost all the way down while i was on the lift.

So a bunch of runs not sure how many but, it was a lot of fun, one bail on the last run of course.

Had a good time, we only rode three of the four runs, hopefully they can expand a little bit next year, lots of fun.

now, haven't had a quote of the day for a while but i can't not post this one

Liftie- Whats your favorite run?

Me- the one to the far right

Liftie- Time of the month

Tammy- ....actually i can't say what Tammy said, it was a good one

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Tammy said...

are you asking me or telling me? - better get the filter back on for being back in the classroom on Monday. 10 bucks says that kid will be in there.